Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 505

No way, the hearing is too strong.

Strachey was obviously persuaded, but it was a bit embarrassing to let him retreat like this.

After hesitating, a guard ran over and said loudly after saluting, “Your Majesty, the commanders of the city defense army want you to go and rearrange the defense.”

Strachey got off the donkey, snorted and turned away.

As for the ferocious beast eggs that Su Bai mentioned, he is not ready to entangle them.

He has figured it out.

What if the beast eggs are sent out, anyway, they can’t make a contract with the mermaid.

Moreover, it has been more than ten thousand years, and the fierce beast egg has not hatched. Obviously, it is impossible to do it with the means of the mermaid.

Simply let Heloise give this human beastmaster as a reward.

After the king wakes up, he can use this to attack, and Heloise must pay the price.

With this thought in mind, Strachey suddenly felt that the pressure was gone, and his steps were relaxed.

Heloise also thought about it.

But she had a different idea.

She knew that even if the king was not in a coma, after seeing Su Bai’s fighting power, he would definitely make the same decision.

Compared with the safety of the mermaid, the mere beast eggs are not worth mentioning at all.

In addition, Heloise also wanted to know what the beast egg was.

With the power of the beastmaster, it may be possible to activate it.

When Strachey walked away, Heloise smiled, “I’ve made you wait for a long time, the Naga family is no longer a concern, we will go to the treasure house now.”

Su Bai also smiled.

He was looking forward to it.

The most important thing is that after contracting a new pet, he can obtain evolution points and complete the evolution of the Sky Shattering Tiger.

Under the leadership of Heloise, Su Bai followed to the depths of the palace, continued down the winding secret road, and finally arrived in front of the two black gates.

“Heloise, why are you here?”

Along with an old voice, a figure emerged from the shadows.

【Name】: Thorndike

[Current level]: Diamond top

【Race】: Naga

[Talent]: 1. Stealth (Epic) 2. Isolation Detection (Legend) 3. Chaos Domain (Myth)

[Skills]: 1. Backstab (Epic) 2. Ignore Defense (Legend) 3. Corrosion (Legend) 4

. Whispers of the Cthulhu (Myth)

It has the strength of the top diamond.

The most important thing is that this turned out to be a Naga!

This is outrageous.

“Grandpa Thorndike, long time no see.”

Heloise greeted her with a happy smile on her face, very sincere.

Obviously, she has a good relationship with this Naga tribe.

Su Bai was stunned.

Thorndike grinned, and it was ugly, but it was obvious that he was happy…

“The aura of this human…is the Beastmaster.” Thorndike showed a surprised expression, “Have they appeared again?”

Su Bai asked curiously, “Didn’t you meet the Federation two hundred years ago? Why do you look surprised when you look at it?”

Thorndike shook his head, “It’s not this time, it’s when we were still elves, we met a beastmaster.”


Damn, that was at least 10,000 years ago, or even longer.

At that time, they met the beastmaster?

Also, how long did this Naga live?

Could it be that there is something wrong with Yu Bingtong’s inference, the lifespan of a diamond-level powerhouse is more than a thousand years?

As if seeing Su Bai’s doubts, Thorndike explained, “The elves are actually immortal. Although I lost this ability after becoming a sea clan, I became immortal because of the underwater evil beast.”

I see.

It is said that this elves are a bit domineering, starting with immortality.

Su Bai then asked, “Where is the beastmaster you met back then?”

Thorndike showed a contemplative look, and finally shook his head helplessly, “I can’t remember. The evil spirit’s whispers continue to erode my thinking, and I can’t remember many things.”

“Evil God?” Su Bai was a little surprised and asked, “Is he the king of the undersea evil beasts?”

“Yes, and no.” Thorndike said this, and then stopped talking, looking at Heloise, “Little guy, do you want to enter the treasure house, do you have the king’s will?”

Heloise shook her head, “Father is in a coma, this is my own decision.”

Hearing Heloise’s answer, Thorndike was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t say much, but said meaningfully, “Every decision will have different consequences, you must think clearly.”

“I’ve already decided that this time I’m here to get that ferocious beast egg.” Heloise’s tone was firm.

1.4 Thorndike shrugged, turned and walked towards the gate, taking out a metal plate and pressing it into the groove of the gate.

After a jaw-dropping sound, the door slid to the sides, revealing a view of the treasure trove.

The most notable feature is its size.

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