Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 484

Su Bai secretly thought, why does this thing sound so familiar.

In the forbidden area of ​​the mysterious assembly, isn’t it sealed with the corpse of the Feathered Serpent God?

Could it be that there is something similar in the depths of the Eastern Sea?

In addition, this ceremony of strengthening the seal, if nothing else, among the many sacrifices, I am afraid that the corpse of the federal beastmaster has the strongest effect.

Simply outrageous.

Sibel paused and looked at Su Bai, “Do you have anything else you want to know?”

Su Bai pondered for a moment and asked, “All of your diamond-level powerhouses are in the sea?”

“Yes.” Siebel nodded, “They are usually in the deep sea and are responsible for guarding against the seals on the seabed.”

At this point, the sea clan and the federation are completely different.

The federation’s diamond-level beastmasters are basically not there. According to Yu Bingtong, they are all active in the upper space.

However, the diamond-level powerhouses of the Sea Clan stayed within their territory.

It is no wonder that every time the Sea God Festival can beat the Federation into defeat.

One side has the diamond level, the other side doesn’t, it’s really two concepts.

The higher the level, the greater the difference in combat power.

But then again, if the prediction is correct, there is no need for the mermaid to cooperate with the Federation.

The Sea God Festival has already been carried out. Shouldn’t it be time to capture the Federal Beastmaster and use it as a sacrifice to strengthen the seabed seal?

Thinking of this, Su Bai asked without looking, “¨ˇWhat’s wrong with the Naga this time at the Sea God Festival?”

Siebel’s heart froze slightly.

This young man’s intuition was terrifying, and he immediately got the idea.

But fortunately, before coming, she has been authorized, if it is to promote cooperation, she can reveal the information of the Naga tribe.

Sibel gathered his mind and said slowly, “They took refuge in the undersea evil beast.”

Su Bai then asked, “Did you initiate the Sea God Festival this time?”

“No.” Siebel shook his head and explained, “Every time it’s the Naga.”

This was beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

If the Naga people want to take refuge in the undersea evil beast, they should stop the Sea God Festival, after all, this thing is to strengthen the seal.

Aren’t they asking for trouble by launching the Sea God Festival?

“Why is that.”

Siebel hesitated for a moment, and then it was difficult to speak, “They want to unite with the undersea evil beast, kill the sea god, and obtain complete freedom.”

This answer is both unexpected and reasonable.

After thinking for a moment, Su Bai said slowly, “The essence of the Sea God’s sacrifice is actually to awaken the Sea God, and by constantly offering sacrifices to strengthen his power, the Sea God finally appears and re-seals the sea-god evil beast.”

“In other words, if the Sea God Festival is not performed, the Sea God will not appear, and there is no way to talk about killing him.”

“And every time the undersea evil beast is sealed, although it has the characteristics of immortality, it will take a long time to be reborn, almost a few decades.”

“Just in line with the interval of the Sea God Festival.”

“After the undersea evil beast is resurrected, it will impact the seal, and the Naga people will begin to prepare the sea **** sacrifice to summon the sea **** and try to kill it.”


Siebel was silent.

But Su Bai knew, he guessed right. .

Chapter 344 I am invincible

At this point, Su Bai has a preliminary understanding of the Eastern Sea Area, or the situation of the Sea Clan.

Over time, the seabed seal weakened.

The undersea evil beast also completed its rebirth and began to impact the seal.

The Naga, who are dog-legged, are naturally the first to cooperate.

The first thing to solve is the mermaid who guard the seal at the bottom of the sea.

After all, only after defeating the mermaid can they carry out the Sea God Festival to the end and summon the Sea God.

Otherwise, you will always be blocked and make a mess.

And now that the mermaid tribe has sent messengers, it means that the battle situation on the bottom of the sea is very fierce.

The mermaid couldn’t take it anymore.

Once the Mermaid Clan was defeated, the Naga Clan would land and begin to capture the Federal Beastmaster as a sacrifice.

When the number of sacrifices is enough, they will withdraw to the seabed to complete the sea **** sacrifice, and then together with the underwater evil beast, try to kill the sea god.

It’s just that from the current situation, the Sea God is very powerful, and has already repulsed the enemy several times.

But Su Bai knew that Sea God would lose sooner or later.

The reason is simple.

Why is there a sea **** festival?

Isn’t it just to wake up the Sea God and strengthen his power so that he can re-seal the underwater evil beast.

Also known as you are strengthened to go fast.

If the sea **** is really crushed by combat power, do you still need the sea **** sacrifice, and the seabed evil beast has long been beaten into a fool.

Just like the Fallen Feathered Serpent God of the Mysterious Gathering, if he is strong enough, do he still need to use the Flesh Ritual 793 to strengthen his own strength?

According to Su Bai’s calculation, the flesh-and-blood ceremony performed at the mysterious gathering was equivalent to giving the fallen Feathered Serpent God a dollar, and then the Fallen Feathered Serpent God returned eight hairs.

The remaining two cents went into the small vault of the fallen Feather Serpent.

This money is more like a processing fee.

After all, there is no way for the mysterious assembly to directly absorb the energy contained in the body of the Federal Beastmaster, and it must rely on the power of the fallen Feathered Serpent.

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