Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 481

But isn’t she afraid of him messing around?

Su Bai’s heart moved. Could it be that Yu Bingtong hoped that he would muddy the water at will.

Are there any of them here too?

While thinking, footsteps approached.

Although he hasn’t seen the so-called representative of the mermaid, Su Bai has already heard something different from the sound of footsteps.

The footsteps were incoherent.

Obviously, although these mermaids can temporarily go ashore, their actions are not comparable to normal humans.

Tuk Tuk Tuk.

After the knock on the door, several big men with green skin walked into the conference room first, guarding a young woman with fair skin and beautiful skin.

Only in appearance, she is not much different from a Commonwealth civilian.

The hair color is the biggest difference…

It is golden yellow, and Yuyu shines.

【Name】: Sibel

[Current Level]: Platinum Intermediate

【Race】: Mermaid

[Talent]: 1. Sea God’s Blessing (Myth)

[Skill]: 1. Sleeping Magic Song (Myth)

Such a data panel is rather peculiar, with the emphasis on race, which has never appeared before.

As for the talent skills, it is impossible to see, it is too bad, and there is no combat power at all.

In a real fight, Su Bai could kill ten with one punch.

Su Bai decided to strike first and asked, “Your name is Sibel? What is the purpose of coming to the Federation.”

The young woman was silent for a moment, and asked, “I don’t know your honorable name, and how did you know my name? Do you have any connection with the Naga tribe?”

Hearing the Naga clan, the mermaid clan on the opposite side was obviously nervous.

Shi Yizhi stood up in time to smooth things out, “The messenger of the mermaid race, this is Master Su Bai, the most talented beastmaster in the Federation.”

“Lord Su Bai, this is the messenger of the mermaid and her guard. She used to call herself Hill, but what you just said is her real name.”

Guan Yongxin snorted coldly, with a murderous look on his face, “People who are not my race will have different hearts. They want to find cooperation with the Federation, but they have to hide their names. Do you despise our Federation by acting like this?”

Su Bai secretly praised that this commander Guan’s acting skills were good, and he could make a golden man.

In cooperation, Su Bai also sank his face, stood up and said, “I came to the 1.4 eastern sea area this time, and I was ordered to come to clear the sea clan, the so-called mermaid clan and Naga clan, in my eyes, there is no difference. .”

“If nothing happens, I’m ready to go to sea to fight.”

Before Siebel could speak, the mermaid guard was furious and shouted, “Human, you are too arrogant!”

“In front of Lord Siebel, dare to be so rude, such sins, must be washed with blood!”

“The district federation is completely vulnerable in front of the sea clan!”

Tuk Tuk Tuk.

The knock on the door sounded again, temporarily easing the tense situation.

An affairs officer shouted at the door, “Sir City Lord, Jiuxing City has sent a notice.”

Shi Yizhi said, “Read.”

“It has been confirmed that the beastmaster Su Bai has killed the star-level beast Desert Death God the day before yesterday.”

“I hereby report to share the glory with you.”


The meeting room is quiet. .

Chapter 342 comes with sincerity

Although Hibel didn’t know what the Desert Death God was, after all, there was a federation between the Eastern Sea and the Thirty-Six Nations.

But the grades are the same.

Xingyao-level beasts, which are considered to be extremely strong in the deep sea.

Such a beast was beheaded by the young beastmaster in front of him, which is unimaginable.

Judging from his age, it is only a few years before the contracted war pet is so powerful.

Siebel suddenly felt the need to re-evaluate the Commonwealth.

In the first three Poseidon Festivals, the Federation suffered heavy losses, so whether it was the Mermaid or the Naga race, they all despised the Federation.

These human beings who only hop on land are simply vulnerable.

It’s just that the Naga tribe’s offensive is too fierce, and the mermaid tribe can’t resist it. They sent messengers with the attitude of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, hoping to borrow some troops from the Federation.

Although most of the beastmasters couldn’t go into the water to fight, there was always a suitable candidate.

But deep down, Siebel resisted the mission.

Such a weak federation, what is there to go to?

Siebel has been in Cleary for several days, but has not received a definite answer.

Every time she looked for the city owner, the other party would politely tell her that she had already reported to Jiuxing City and was waiting for a reply.

Originally she was going to go back at 26, but I heard that a big man came.

Then I heard the report again, and Sibel knew that the reply from Nine Star City had come.

Mostly, this young man is solely responsible.

In other cases, Siebel must feel that the other party is too young to decide such a big event.

But if it is a powerhouse who kills a star-level beast, then there is nothing wrong with it.

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