Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 480

Skills are all aimed at the life and soul, and it is extremely difficult to defend.

Su Bai became more and more excited.

Before he reached the eastern seas, getting such a boost would be of great benefit to the next battle.

Collecting his thoughts, Su Bai saw the city appearing in the distance.

The name is Klee City, which is built on a cliff facing the sea.

The city wall facing the sea is covered with spar cannons, and the base is huge and sturdy.

Compared with the spar guns commonly used in the inland, the power is several times greater.

But considering the huge size of the sea clan, it is understandable that the Federation made such changes to the spar cannon.

Marine life has always been larger than land life, which is determined by the growth environment.


With a long sound, a thick water column shot straight into the sky on the endless sea.

Among the waves, there are big fish looming.

“Good guy, the biggest blue whale on earth is like a baby in front of this guy.”

Su Bai secretly complained.

On second thought, his sacred icon and negative picture black turtle are not small.

The body length is hundreds of meters, which is many times larger than the blue whale of thirty or forty meters.

As expected of a world where beasts exist.

Thinking about it, only the recovery of spiritual energy can support the survival of these behemoths. predict.

Chapter 341 Poseidon Festival

Su Bai landed outside the city of Keli, and the city lord and the commander of the city defense army were already waiting below.

At the level of the Dark Flame Phoenix, you will be discovered wherever you go.

“Dare to ask, is it Lord Su Bai?” The city lord spoke first, with a respectful expression on his face, “In the next moment, this is Guan Yongxin, the commander of the city defense army.”

“Long time for a long time.” Su Bai cupped his hands, with a smile on his face, “I heard that the sea clan has changed recently?”

Shi Yizhi nodded again and again and said, “Yes, the Sea Clan held the Sea God Festival, which attracted a large number of beasts.”

“Sea God Festival?” Su Bai was stunned for a moment, then asked, “I’ve never heard of this before, I’d like to hear more about it.”

Guan Yongxin next to him smiled and said, “Let’s stop standing here and go back to the city to talk about it.”

“Also, Lord Su Bai has come from a long way, so we should be able to fulfill the friendship of the landlords.”

This proposal is not bad, and Su Bai will not refuse it.

Everyone came to the City Lord’s Mansion and took their seats in the conference room.

Klee City is already the easternmost city in the Federation. Here, Su Bai’s sense of rejection has dropped to the lowest point, and even if he doesn’t feel it carefully, he will ignore it.

This situation was obviously not normal, but Su Bai didn’t have time to take care of it for the time being, and he was more concerned about the Seagod Festival now.

The changes that were about to happen in the eastern sea area and the reason why Yu Bingtong brought him here were all related to the Sea God Festival.

“Lord Su Bai, the Federation has always known very little about the Sea God Festival, because the Sea God Festival is held every few decades.”

Shiyizhi explained.

“Since the establishment of the Federation, there have been only three records of the Sea God Festival, and now it is the fourth time.”

“But according to the records, the first three caused heavy casualties, and even the entire eastern region was destroyed.”

“If you want to talk about the Sea God Festival, you have to talk about the sea clan in the eastern seas first.”

“There are 100,000 islands in the eastern sea, plus the endless deep sea, the territory is several times that of the Federation, and the sea clan lives in them.”

“They have a completely different appearance from us. If they say it hard, they are a bit like the snake people among the half-orcs, but they are different.”

“Snake people are snake-headed people, while the sea people are the opposite. They have a snake-like lower body and a human-shaped upper body. The main body is covered with scales, and the face is hideous and ugly.

“The sea clan is actually completely different from other alien races. They don’t have a pet, but they will summon sea beasts to fight together.”

“This is the information collected by the Federation in the first three Sea God Festivals.”

“We used to think that the Sea Clan was one race, but through this Sea God Festival, we know that in the deep sea, there are two forces.”

“Mermaid and Naga.”

Su Bai was stunned for a moment and asked, “What’s the difference. Also, how did you find out?”

Shi Yizhi lowered his voice, “About this point, perhaps it will be more convincing to ask the person concerned to explain to you.”

“Oh?” Su Bai didn’t change his expression, “Which force has contacted the Federation.”

“Mermaid.” Guan Yongxin said beside him, “They sent messengers, hoping to expel the Naga together with the power of the Federation.”

Su Bai was silent for a while, then slowly said, “That messenger is a woman?”

Shi Yizhi gave him a thumbs up, “As expected of Master Su Bai, you are a clear spy.”

For this evaluation, Su Bai absolutely dare not take it.

He just subconsciously felt that this messenger had something to do with the mermaid that Yu Bingtong said, so he casually mentioned it.

But judging from Shiyi’s reaction, it seems to be true.

Shi Yizhi summoned the affairs officer and ordered, “Go and invite the distinguished guests of the mermaid tribe and tell them that the representatives of the Federation are here.”

After the affairs officer left, Su Bai frowned and said, “I will represent the federation, isn’t it right?”

Shi Yizhi couldn’t compare, and smiled, “Sir Su Bai is too modest. It’s not wrong to use your strength as a representative.”

“To tell you the truth, we have reported the details to Jiuxing City, and the reply to us is to wait with peace of mind.”

“Then, here you are.”

“Obviously, you are the designated representative of Nine Star City.”

Su Bai did not expect such an appearance.

So, is Yu Bingtong going to leave this matter to him?

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