Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 479

Or, is it precisely because of the appearance of such beasts that the changes in the Eastern Sea Region are driven?

In addition, Yu Bingtong only told him to come here without a clear goal.

Going to the southern front and the western front earlier, the goal is very clear.

Kill the beast.

This time is different.

Nothing was said.

“Could it be that this time is free action?”

Su Bai muttered to himself, a little puzzled.

However, based on past experience, it is speculated that after reaching the eastern sea area, he will naturally come into contact with these.

While thinking about it, the evolution in the pet space has come to an end.

“Ding, the evolution of the boiling blood feathered snake has been completed, and the innate skill of the countercurrent Tianjiao has been obtained.”

“Ding, the evolution of the Boiling Feathered Snake has been completed, and the Reincarnation Erman talent skill has been obtained.”

As the system prompts sounded one after another, in the pet space, the blood-boiling feathered snake that swallowed the scepter and heart of the Nether King woke up from the light group, showing a new posture.

The Boiled Feathered Snake that swallowed the scepter of the Nether King lost its feathers, its scales were slightly cyan, and its body was slender.

It has a pair of claws on its abdomen, each with four toes.

And the top of the head has sharp horns.

Although the appearance is fierce, but the breath is mysterious and unpredictable, not under the dark flame phoenix.

The other blood-boiling feathered snake that devoured the Nether King’s heart, although it also lost its feathers, still maintained the shape of a snake.

【Name】: Countercurrent Tianjiao

[Current level]: Diamond lower level

【Current experience】: 26330/4000000

[Talent]: 1. Divine Speed ​​(Epic) 2. Bloodline of Holy Beast (Legend) 3. Timing Domain (Myth)

[Skills]: 1. Repel enemy shock (Epic) 2. Speed ​​up (Legend) 3. Slow down (Legend) 4. Time lapse (Myth)

As expected, it was completely transformed into a time-based beast.

And the quality of talent skills is very high.

The effect of the timed field is very strong and can be called invincible, and the skills can be fixed in the field to achieve immunity to damage.

This is a real immune damage.

After all, the skills can’t hit the target, how to cause damage.

In terms of skills, the effect of retreating the enemy is simple and rude, that is, to widen the distance.

Speeding up and slowing down the flow rate is achieved by controlling the time flow rate around the target to achieve the corresponding effect, but it is not simply acceleration and deceleration, and the objects of action are different.

The passage of time is an old face, and the Dark Flame Phoenix suffered a big loss from this skill.

However, it was also a blessing in disguise, and the effect of immunity to time-based skills was obtained.

After the Boiled Feathered Snake evolved into a countercurrent Tianjiao, Su Bai obtained another trump card for dealing with powerful enemies.

Through these time-based skills, he can easily control the overall situation and arrange different tactics.

For example, slowing down the enemy’s time flow to improve the hit rate of your pet’s skills.

Or speed up your own flow rate, get faster speed and shorter reaction time.

Su Bai was full of joy.

Anti-current Tianjiao, strong and invincible.

Afterwards, Su Bai turned his attention to Samsara Eman.

【Name】: Reincarnation Ermang

[Current level]: Diamond lower level

【Current experience】: 26330/4000000

[Talent]: 1. Divine Speed ​​(Epic) 2. Disaster (Legend) 3. Reincarnation Domain (Myth) 4. Instant Death (Myth)

[Skills]: 1. Frightening Roar (Epic) 2. Curse of Death (Legend) 3. Death Shock (Legend) 4. Reincarnation Killing (Myth)

The talent of instant death was completely unexpected by Su Bai.

Unexpectedly, such a terrifying talent exists!

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

There is a certain chance to directly kill the enemy.

No matter what defensive skills the opponent has, no matter what level, as long as it is triggered, he will surely die.

Although the probability is not high, and it feels quite illusory, but as long as you keep attacking, it will trigger sooner or later.

Su Bai could not help clenching his fists, secretly rejoicing.

Fortunately, the desert **** of death did not acquire this talent, otherwise he would have been cold.

In terms of other talent skills, Divine Speed ​​is also an old friend. This time, the two Boiled Feathered Snakes have obtained this talent after their evolution, which is very practical.

The disaster star is a bit interesting. It has a disaster effect in the attack, which deteriorates the enemy’s luck to a certain extent.

In theory, the affected enemy will even encounter the bizarre event of walking and falling to death.


The domain of reincarnation is the signature of the desert **** of death. Any attack will be affected, and the energy that constitutes the skill will be split and reorganized, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the damage.

The effect is slightly inferior to the timing field, but it is also very strong.

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