Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 462

It’s just a matter of time.

On the other hand, the skills were sealed, which the Desert Death God did not expect.

It knew that Pluto’s scepter had a special effect, but it didn’t expect it to have such an effect.

The desert **** of death actually wanted to take off the scepter, but Su Bai was so powerful that he smashed the scepter into flesh and blood.

Moreover, the scepter is still drilling deep into the flesh and blood, and it reaches the heart in a very short time.

This time, the desert **** of death will not want to take out the scepter unless he breaks his chest.

Although it is constantly mobilizing its power and trying to squeeze the scepter out, from the feedback, it will take a long time.

The passage of time is sealed, but the desert death **** is not worried, there are many more skills.

His own attributes have also reached the peak of the diamond level, and he is only half a step away from the star level.

Originally, the desert **** of death planned to condense energy to hit the star level, and then set off to destroy the sand tribe.

But because it felt the resurrection of the Nether King, it had to act in advance.

For that person, the desert **** of death is very afraid.

Facts have proved that it is indeed its nemesis.

Even if it is calculated from perception, the Nether King was killed again after being resurrected.

But his scepter still abolished its 783 strongest skills.

And the human who got the scepter gave it a bad feeling.

It is the smell of a strong enemy.

Moreover, the beastmaster’s pet is also unexpectedly powerful, especially the bird of prey, which can give him a splitting headache every time he attacks.

This is the manifestation of the soul being hurt.

Even if there is soul defense and parallel thinking, it is still unable to resist the damage, nor can it disperse the bone-eroding pain.

The desert **** of death resisted the headache and launched the flames of his soul, and the turbulent light blue flame burned on the icon of divine grace and the black tortoise, which slightly hindered their movements.

But the desert **** of death doesn’t think it’s right, how can its soul flame be so small.

This is a powerful skill that can easily kill a diamond level in seconds. How to hit the giant elephant and giant tortoise is like tickling.

Is their soul defense so powerful?

Soul Flame burns your own soul, causing equal damage to the enemy.

Due to the existence of the lord of the natural legion, the desert **** of death can mobilize the soul energy of the desert legion under his command to replace himself, so he is not afraid of consumption at all.

In the past years, even if it encountered a strong enemy that was temporarily difficult to defeat, with the endless flames of the soul, it could achieve the final victory.

But now, it has produced a sense of powerlessness.

The soul of the opposing pet is too stable, and has already formed an indestructible defensive shield, which is not afraid of the attack of the soul’s flames.

Since Soul Flame is ineffective, Soul Destruction Smash will not work either.

After all, these two skills are both attacks against the soul, and there is no difference in essence.

As for poisonous sandstorms and quicksand traps, you don’t even need to try them.

The sacred energy circulating on the surface of those pets can isolate negative damage, and the effect of spraying out the poisonous quicksand is not as good as a punch.

The Desert Death God was surprised to find that in this battle, its biggest reliance turned out to be the amount of violent violence contained in its huge body.

In the distance, Su Bai was actually on alert.

According to his observation, the skills of the pets such as the Dark Flame Phoenix will be weakened by the reincarnation field around them before they hit the Desert Death God.

But because of the existence of real damage, it can still cause damage.

Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be unscathed until now.

“Real harm, so terrifying.”

Su Bai sighed very much.

More and more I feel that it is a wise move to advance to the diamond level and challenge again.

Otherwise, it is impossible to penetrate the domain of reincarnation just by ruling.

go ahead…

A loud noise sounded in the distance, Su Bai looked in the direction and was stunned for a moment.

At least 200,000 Sand Race Beastmasters are charging here.

For a while, Su Bai was not sure whether these were to attack the desert **** of death or to attack him.

“It’s the enemy of the Desert Death God.” Yu Bingtong said in a timely manner, “But don’t relax, the worshipers of the Desert Death God will also come soon.”

Su Bai suddenly felt a lot of pressure.

Now there are hundreds of thousands of desert legions, plus the sand tribe, I am afraid that millions of troops will bleed in this sand sea.

“The battle must be ended as soon as possible.” Yu Bingtong’s expression was a little dignified, “Once the number of deaths is too large, along with the power of death, the desert **** of death will activate the rebirth and be promoted to the star level.”


Su Bai was stunned.

Now things are in trouble.

But the sand tribe army could not retreat just by his word.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if the Sand Race Beastmaster, who is the enemy of the Desert Death God, is willing to retreat, those worshipers of the Desert Death God will not.

Even more excited to rush over to contribute to the promotion of the desert **** of death.

Boom boom boom.

Accompanied by the sound of the cannon, a large number of dragon boats rushed over from far away, and the dragon guns kept firing.

Su Bai took a closer look, but found that they were not a group. They appeared here after fighting all the way.

The sides of many dragon-catching boats were broken with huge openings, quicksand poured into the cabins continuously, and the speed decreased accordingly.

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