Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 46

Su Bai was ecstatic.

“Ding, the current pet level is too low to continue to evolve!”

Su Bai tried to continue investing in the evolution point with an unwilling attitude, but was ruthlessly rejected by the system.

But he doesn’t care, there are still evolution points left, and he now has four pets, and every time he upgrades after that, he will get another 4 evolution points. As long as he reaches the silver level, he can evolve crazy again.

At this time, the size of the ice turtle has increased again. The diameter of the turtle shell is almost eight meters. If it is recruited in the camp, it will definitely shock everyone’s attention.

After evolution, the attributes of the ice turtle have also changed to some extent.

【Name】: Ice turtle

[Current level]: Bronze lower level

[Current experience]: 0/60000

[Talent]: 1. Frost Field (Epic) 2. Toughness (Rare) 3. Hardened Carapace (Rare) 4. Cold Bloodline (Legendary)

[Skills]: 1. Bite (Normal) 2. Ice Wind (Rare) 3. Frost Arrow (Rare) 4. Turtle Breath (Rare) 5. Auto Defense (Epic)

[Blood Awakening]: Mysterious Crystal Turtle (50%)


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Unlike the Sky Steel Crow, the Ice Armor Turtle has an automatic defense skill when the bloodline is activated to 50%, and it is still epic.

Can be rated as epic, the effect is needless to say.

This skill can automatically strengthen the defense ability of the attacked part before Su Bai can react, and further improve the defense ability on the basis of the original defense of the ice turtle.

What is invincible, this is invincible.

But even so, this skill has not reached the legendary level. Su Bai guessed that there should be certain restrictions. For example, it cannot resist the sneak attacks of senior beastmasters, and there is a certain number of restrictions.

However, below the gold level, it can definitely be blocked with closed eyes.

Watching the ice-armored turtle walking back and forth in the pet space, curious about everything, Su Bai turned on the projection.

This is the strongest support for him to walk in the wild in the future, and he must thoroughly master the ability after projection.

The figure of the ice turtle became illusory, and at the same time, Su Bai’s body temperature kept dropping, and he couldn’t help shivering.

“This should be the effect of the Ice Domain.” Su Bai secretly said, “As expected of a defensive pet, I feel that my body is full of power.”

Projection can allow the beastmaster to use the skills of the pet, although the effect is not as good as the release of the pet itself, but it can improve a lot of combat power in battle.

And unlike the Phantom Butterfly, which has a very single talent skill, the Ice Armor Turtle has four talents and five skills!

It can be said that after projecting the ice-armored turtle, Su Bai has transformed into a human-shaped tank, and can fight with the crystal crocodile only with physical strength.

“Ice Wind Technique!”

Su Bai activated his skills, and a cold wind mixed with sharp ice blades blew out from his palm, directly turning the quilt into ice cubes, which were then cut into several pieces by the ice blades.

The fracture was as clean as a mirror, and it could even reflect Su Bai’s expression of crying and laughing.


Su Bai was too remorseful and careless, how could he sleep this night.

Although he lost the quilt, Su Bai was very excited. With the blessing of the Ice Domain and the Cold Bloodline, the Ice Wind Art took into account both the control effect and the damage ability, which would definitely make any enemy who wanted to fight him suffer a big loss.

Su Bai wanted to experiment with the power of Frostbolt, but Su Bai, who suffered a loss, could only temporarily suppress this idea, he was afraid that he would accidentally demolish the residence.

“Duration remaining 11:49.”

Su Bai moved for a while, then checked the remaining time of the projection, nodded with satisfaction, very good, can project for twelve hours.

Enough for him to operate for a long time in the wild.

It’s a pity that there is no way to test the defense ability. After all, Su Bai can’t find a spar gun to shoot at himself.

But he felt that it was difficult to break through his defense with the same level of attack skills.

“Cool!” Su Bai laughed and released the projection.

After dealing with the ice-armored turtle, Su Bai looked at the holy Pegasus after the level synchronization, which was his main mount for future activities in the wild.

【Name】:Holy Pegasus

[Current level]: Bronze lower level

[Current experience]: 0/60000

[Talent]: 1. Holy Field (Epic) 2. Flight (Epic)

[Skill]: 1. Bite (Normal) 2. Trample (Normal)

A very simple attribute, but as a mount-type pet, it is enough.

Even a little too luxurious.

Two epic talents, appearing on a mount-type pet, may make those battle-type pets jump with anger.

“It’s just that with this attribute, how can other beast masters be upgraded to the platinum level after contracting the holy heavenly horse.” Su Bai secretly said, “Is it possible to let it grow naturally?”

Unlike combat pets, Holy Pegasus basically has no means of attack. The two skills are more like ordinary attacks.

After all, when a horse wants to attack a predator, isn’t it just a kick or a bite.

Generally speaking, if you want to upgrade your pet, you need to keep fighting, then swallow the beast spar to accumulate energy, and finally increase the level.

But the Holy Pegasus is basically not aggressive, so could it swallow the beast spar?

Su Bai was a little puzzled, but it didn’t matter, anyway, he had level synchronization, not to mention that even if he couldn’t level up, as a mount, the attributes of the Holy Heavenly Horse were enough.

Most importantly, it can fly.

Originally, Su Bai’s plan was to wait until the Sky Steel Crow’s level was higher, and after his strength increased, he would be able to fly with him.

Now that he has accidentally obtained the Holy Pegasus, he can let the Tiangang Crow fight with peace of mind.

“In the future, I will ride the holy heavenly horse, project the ice-armored turtle, follow the Tiangang crow, and then call out the phantom butterfly. This picture is too beautiful, I can’t imagine it.” Su Bai laughed.

After being happy, the problem of sleeping has not been solved.

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