Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 397

There was another cheer.

“Young man, are you here to save the Black Deer Tribe?” The patriarch walked excitedly, rushed over and grabbed Su Bai’s hand, “Great, I knew that Elder Sun would not give up on us. .”

Although he knew that this elder grandson was not the elder grandson, Su Bai still felt uncomfortable.

He was really afraid that suddenly a monk with a hairy face and Lei Gong mouth would jump out and give him a stick. .

Chapter 287 Interest Chain

Surrounded by everyone, Su Bai was invited to the conference room as a distinguished guest.

Looking at the conference room sign at the door, Su Bai immediately concluded that this thing was definitely hung up by Sun Jianian.

In the conference room, there is a circle of cushions, with meat and fruits in the middle.

Obviously, the way the Black Deer Tribe meets is that everyone gets together to eat and drink, and then negotiate things along the way.

Meat eating is very common. There are so many beasts in the swamp, and killing one is enough to eat for a few days.

If you don’t care about the taste, most of the beasts are edible.

Fruits are relatively rare.

It is also difficult for the Black Deer Tribe, they are able to plant fruit trees in the middle of the swamp.

“These are what Elder Sun taught us.” The patriarch wiped his tears, “If it wasn’t for him to help, our Black Deer Tribe would have perished long ago.”

Su Baixin said that your current state is close to extinction.

He looked at it just now, and the entire clan had less than 200 people, including most of the old and weak women and children.

There are less than thirty strong-year-old beast masters like Yuantuo.

And the general level is low, and the platinum-level beastmaster has only 26 single digits.

Su Bai wondered how they could survive in this swamp with their strength.

“Speaking of which, Sun Jianian is so sure that I will come here?” Su Bai secretly said, “Looking at the state of these people, if I don’t show up, I’m afraid it won’t be long before I die.”

“If Sun Jianian really wants to save them, there is no reason not to tell me.”

Thinking of this, Su Bai took out the map and glanced at it again, and immediately found the answer.

Depend on.

I didn’t pay much attention to it before, but now I found out that the guy actually bolded the name of the Black Deer Tribe.

Also bolded are more than a dozen tribes such as the Walla tribe, the Bayo tribe, and the Lita tribe.

Needless to say, those must also be the tribes that were expelled from the Secret Gathering.

Su Bai sat cross-legged on the mat and asked, “Okay, now you can say what difficulties you encountered.”

The patriarch hesitated for a while, but finally summoned up his courage and said slowly, “I want to report that the southern front colluded with the secret assembly, killing the good and taking advantage.”


Su Bai was drinking water, but when he heard this, he sprayed the ground.

Fuck it.

It’s such great news.


“That’s not right.” Su Bai pointed out the crux of the problem, “There is still a big gap between your faces and ours, and the skulls are also significantly different, with an extra bone.”

“How is this fake?”

Anyway, the words have been said, and the patriarch’s heart is hesitant, and then he said, “Actually, it is not quite correct to say that, because the federation and the secret assembly are killing each other’s people.”

Su Bai was even more confused.

Come on, you aliens can learn the Federal language well, the more you hear the more confused you are.

Fortunately, Yuan Tuo, who was next to him, made a timely rescue and explained, “I don’t know if Elder Sun has mentioned it to you. Occasionally, mysterious gatherings will rush into the federal territory to slaughter cities.”

“Of course, because of the terrain, the scale of the city here is not large, and it is only tens of thousands of people in the sky.”

“So the massacre sounds exaggerated, but in fact there are not too many casualties.”

Su Bai nodded, “He did mention that it was a secret gathering to slaughter one city, and the Federation would organize troops to slaughter two…”


Su Bai swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty, “Those towns that were slaughtered, did someone deliberately set up secret gatherings?”

“The purpose is to cause Jiuxing City’s anger and increase the amount of military exploits?”

Yuantuo nodded, looking very uneasy. Although he was in his own tribe, he still felt insecure, so he couldn’t help but lower his voice, “Yes.”

“In addition, the people who were slaughtered in the mysterious gathering were all tribes that refused to let their pets kill each other.”


Su Bai almost got up and left.

He just came to the southern front to fight the fallen Feathered Serpent God, how could he be involved in such a thing again.

I still remember that when I went to Yuanshui City, I ran into the rebellion of the city lord and joined the Redemption Society.

Good guy, it’s only been a long time, and some people from the southern front and the mysterious assembly exchanged their military exploits.

All so free.

With this kung fu, it would be great to kill beasts.

“But what is the benefit of this kind of thing to the secret assembly.” Su Bai was puzzled. “The federation can say that if you have military exploits, you can exchange all kinds of rare resources. Does the secret assembly have a similar system?”

“It’s not.” Yuantuo shook his head and explained, “Our behavior is very different from the Federation, and we don’t have a real leader.”

“This has led to the fact that those large tribes are not convinced by anyone, and they cannot uniformly dispatch resources.”

Su Bai waited for the next sentence.

Yuantuo went on to explain, “But we believe in the Feathered Serpent God and have the habit of offering sacrifices.”

“As long as the sacrifices are offered, the Feathered Serpent will reciprocate and bring us good harvests and blessings.”

Su Bai raised his hand to interrupt, “As far as I know, the thing that wakes up now is not this kind of positive image.”

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