Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 383

And looking at his appearance, it is obviously not the great commander.

How strong is the commander?

With the appearance of this unknown beastmaster, the three candidates immediately felt enormous pressure and couldn’t help but retreat.

“Purple Smoke Red Thunder Wolf… You are Si Jingcheng!”

Ramden obviously knew the goods, and immediately recognized the identity of the person who came.

Su Bai suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Asi, who is the federation?

How the candidates know more than him.

Si Jingcheng snorted and asked, “You know me?”

Ramden said bitterly, “It took you thirty years to behead the candidates of our clan. If it wasn’t for our clan’s second candidate, I would have been defeated in the Beastmaster battle long ago!”

What the hell!

The news shocked everyone in the fortress to numb their scalps.

What do you mean, there was a Beastmaster battle thirty years ago?

But that’s right, the Beastmaster is not immortal. Since there is a Beastmaster battle this time, it’s reasonable to push forward the previous generation’s Beastmaster battle.

Su Bai was stunned for a moment. Thirty years ago, the Federation also had activities similar to the beasts and martial arts?

Otherwise, how to resist the impact of the Beastmaster battle.

Damn, how many years has the northern front fought, how come even the last Beastmaster battle appeared.

Si Jingcheng rubbed his helmet, showing a tone of sudden realization, “Oh, I remembered it. From the looks of you, are you Priestley’s descendants?”

This half-orc named Priestley was obviously the candidate who was beheaded by Si Jingcheng.

Chebman showed a look of hatred, “Yes, Priestley is our father.”

Su Bai immediately showed an expression of interest.

Good guy, it’s still the father-destroying plot.

It’s a pity that Si Jingcheng doesn’t have much interest in revisiting old things, and waved his hands, “So are you ready to take revenge?”

“Declare in advance, I will not be merciful.”

Ramden knew the reason to keep the green hills without worrying about burning wood, so he turned around and left behind the seven evil black-winged lions.

Chebman followed.

However, when he left, Ramden still let out a harsh word.

“When I solve the underground kingdom, I will definitely come to you for revenge!”

Then it flew away.

In an instant, Jerome was the only one left among the three candidates.

Seeing that everyone’s eyes were focused on him, Jerome shuddered and ran away on the Yanluo Xingchen Tiger.

While running, he secretly turned his head, for fear that the beastmaster named Si Jingcheng would come after him.

Although he is a low-level diamond, the opposite is a high-level diamond, and there may be other diamond-level pets.

And the troublesome Su Bai, who would wait if he didn’t leave at this time.

Having said that, the Federation has such a terrifying beastmaster, which I have never heard of before.

Jerome thought to himself that he had to strengthen his intelligence work after he went back, and he even missed such important information.

Seeing the three major candidates leave immediately, Su Bai couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.

The battle is gone.

“You are Su Bai?” Si Jingcheng’s voice sounded, with strong curiosity, “Yes, he is indeed a good seedling.”

Su Bai was startled, he didn’t even notice when this person came behind him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not your enemy.” Si Jingcheng’s tone was joking with 757, “As expected, your kid is as timid as the rumors.”

Su Bai asked back, “Where did you hear the rumor?”

Yu Bingtong came over, “I told them.”

Su Bai immediately gave a thumbs up, “I guess so too.”

This is, cheers suddenly came from the fourth fortress, Su Bai listened for a moment and was stunned.

The Bearman candidates of the fifth fortress were killed. Hundreds of nine-star city contestants who had been promoted to platinum level attacked, and they fought for several hours before they were killed.

In this way, three candidates for returning to the Beast Kingdom are removed.

There are not a single candidate alive on the frontal battlefield of the Northern Front.

Doesn’t it mean that the beast-monster martial arts is over?

Yu Bingtong stretched and said lightly, “It’s finally over, you can sleep late.”

Shit, it really is.

Su Bai felt that this ended too suddenly.

However, the three diamond-level candidates returned to the beast kingdom to fight the underground spider kingdom. If they wanted to kill them, they had to go deep behind the enemy.

This difficulty seems to be a bit high.

Just as the Federation has hidden masters like Si Jingcheng, the Beast Kingdom must have similar combat power.

It doesn’t matter if you fight each other on the northern front, but if you want to go deep into the territory to kill candidates, you will inevitably suffer their crazy revenge.

In this case, it seems that the beast-monster martial arts can only be ended.

After thinking about it, Su Bai was happy again.

Although something went wrong, he was already the champion of the gold group.

As for the platinum group, the champion actually fell on Yu Bingtong’s head.

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