Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 374

Su Bai, who was behind her, was chasing after him, leaving her with no chance to breathe.

“Damn the Federation, there is a chaotic space behind the fortress line of defense. The only way to enter the interior is to break through the second line of defense.”

Karina hated her heart. If there was no other way to go, why did she rush to the three cities?

While thinking about it, Karina became alert and immediately fluttered her wings into the sky.


In the sound of the explosion, the World Extinguishing Explosive Flame re-emerged, and the scorching air wave swept the sky.

The manic energy even dispelled some of the effects of the clearance bullet.

The fortress defenders hurriedly fired a new round of ammunition, which stabilized the situation.

On the second fortress, the adjutant next to Tian Haoran wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said with difficulty, “What a terrible skill.”

Tian Haoran was also deeply shocked.

He and Su Bai are both platinum-level beastmasters, so the gap is too big, right?

“Pass my order, shoot out all the clearance bombs, and be sure to limit the movement space of the winged man candidate.”

Tian Haoran decisively ordered.


Boom boom boom.

The spar cannons on the ground began to show their power, and the ammunition flew high into the sky as if they didn’t need money.

Karina immediately felt that the speed of the Frozen Dragon Eagle under her feet was greatly restricted, and it was a little difficult to maintain the flying attitude.

Without any hesitation, Karina took off immediately and gave up the Frost Dragon Eagle.

Seeing this, Su Bai asked Dark Flame Phoenix to attack the Frost Dragon Eagle, while he projected the Holy Heavenly Horse to chase after Karina.

Under the action of a large number of clearance bombs, Karina’s speed has been reduced to the lowest level, and her and Su Bai’s speed have remained at the same level.

This is an opportunity to kill.

When approaching Karina, Su Bai summoned the skeleton ice dragon, and asked Queen Wan Ren and Wan Ren guards to focus on guarding, blocking Karina’s retreat, and waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack.

Fifteen platinum lower-level Wan Ren guards, if they focus on attacking, can even cause Karina to suffer a lot of damage.

As for security, there’s not much to worry about.

Queen Wanren also has a Void Veil, which can cover the skeleton ice dragon.

Karina has no space skills, so she can only stare blankly.

After confirming the battle plan, Su Bai no longer hesitated, flew to Karina and raised his fist.

He was waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to use the clear water cage.

At this time, Karina was not distracted by his fighting rhythm. Although she could not resist his power head-on, she managed to maintain an undefeated situation with her flexible body…

However, the Frozen Dragon Eagle next to him was not so lucky.

Although the excess clearance bullet also affected the speed of the Dark Flame Phoenix, it was in a much better situation than the Frozen Dragon Eagle.

Even with the anti-magic scales, the Frost Dragon Eagle couldn’t resist the world-annihilating explosion, not to mention the Dark Flame Phoenix would release the soul-burning dark flame when it was busy defending, making the Frozen Dragon Eagle tremble every time it hit.

Without Soul Defense skills, Soul Burning Dark Flame is insoluble.

The swirling ice air mass and the rage of the wind constantly collided, and the dragon breath technique madly counteracted the explosion of the world.

But it is still not the opponent of Dark Flame Phoenix.

The essence of this pet has already surpassed the platinum level, and its potential is unpredictable. Su Bai himself does not know where its upper limit is.

It won’t be diamond grade anyway.

call out.

Thousands of bone spears shot towards, Karina could only do her best to dodge to the side, but she dodged the bone spear focus fire, but did not completely escape Su Bai’s attack range.

The violent fist wind brushed across her abdomen, tearing off a large piece of flesh and blood in an instant.


Karina was hit hard and cried out angrily.

Her defense is low, speed and attack power are her strengths.

But both were temporarily restrained.

The effect of the clearance bomb made it impossible for her to fly at a high speed, otherwise she would hit the turbulent airflow, and she would be able to hit her head and bleed without anyone else’s action.

And no matter how strong the attack power is, it will be futile in the face of Su Bai’s perverted resilience.

She can’t kill a man who can even resist the Dragon Breath technique head-on.

Taking advantage of the 1.4 card 1.4 Rena’s unsteady figure, Su Bai switched the projection and raised his hand to see the clear water cage.

The sharp water curtain made Karina dare not rush out directly.

Just when she was about to release the Dragon Breath technique to break the clear water cage, a fist broke through the water curtain and came towards her head.

The water flow that formed the clear water cage cut Su Bai’s skin, but he didn’t care, and unswervingly punched.

Resilience means being able to do whatever you want.

Karina felt the aura of death looming over her, and let out a terrified cry, barely turning her head to avoid the fatal blow.

But the wings behind her were hit hard, and Qigan broke on the spot.

Su Bai kept moving, threw out another fist and broke the second wing.

Although Karina has four wings on her back, one pair is auxiliary, and more of it is to change direction.

Now her main flight wings were broken, and she could no longer maintain her flying attitude and fell directly. .

Chapter 272 The third candidate for the hand blade

When Karina lands, her end is doomed.

Once they lose the high mobility that they depend on for survival, the winged people are actually very weak.

Even compared to half-orcs of the same level, their energy output and storage are at a disadvantage.

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