Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 354

But given the effect of the evolution point, Su Bai was not too entangled. He felt that the subsequent evolution would not be bad.

From a certain level, returning from the ice attribute to the water attribute has the meaning of returning to the source.

And Su Bai really needs a pet that specializes in defense.

You can’t rely on the shadow queen’s flicker every time you fight, although it is really useful, you can beat the enemy with a big bag every time.

However, when Su Bai was in Jiuxing City, Yu Bingtong mentioned that there are skills to block space.

In that area, the Blink ability will not work.

If you do encounter it, you can only confront the enemy head-on.

There is a problem with the ice defense skills.

too hard.

Or too strong, there is no room to turn around.

Either stand up or be beaten.

When he was in the Nether Realm, the skeletal tyrannosaurus directly shattered the ice barrier one second before the teleportation, and then gave Su Bai a cut.

If it weren’t for his hard life, I’m afraid it would be cold.

Although the soft water shield is very soft, it is very tough because of this.

There is a saying that softness overcomes rigidity, and blind pursuit of hardness cannot bring about the strongest defense.

On the other hand, the new mythical-level talent holy beast was something Su Bai didn’t expect.

With the black-bellied nature of the Xuanjing Turtle, it seems that it can’t match the holy beast.

But thinking that this evolution can delete all ice-type skills, Su Bai felt that more of these things would be nothing.

The flame blood dragon elephant has a talent, the bloodline of the holy beast, which is legendary.

Before obtaining divine grace, the Flaming Blood Dragon Elephant already had a strong ability to resist negative damage.

The mythical holy beast will definitely be stronger.

At least resisting the poisonous attack of the heart-piercing red jade snake should not be a problem.

Su Bai could only think so.

The evolution has been completed, and there is no way to go back.

“¨ˇ Speaking of which, the skill of space stagnation is a bit interesting.” Su Bai pinched his chin, secretly said, “It turned out to be aimed at the space system skill.”

Su Bai happily patted his thigh.

Wouldn’t the heart-piercing red jade snake travel through the void, the space will be stagnant for you, see how you wear it.

However, space stagnation is not a blockade after all, and it cannot be completely locked.

But with the void-shattering skills, the void shuttle basically fails.

very perfect.

Knockback and Healing are functional skills with low levels, but very practical.

With Su Bai’s strength, if the attack comes with the knockback attribute, he can easily break the defensive posture with one punch and blow his head with two punches.

Healing is also very good, what is the injury, throw a skill, and heal while spraying blood.

The picture is too beautiful to imagine.

The battle is getting more and more intense now, and getting injured is a common occurrence.

In particular, the Flaming Blood Dragon Elephant is the largest and most likely to be caught fire.

And due to the problem of its own defense, every time the injury is the heaviest, this skill is tailor-made for it.

“Hey, could it be said that the relationship between the flaming blood dragon elephant and the mysterious crystal turtle is the best?”.

Chapter 259 The evolution is complete, ready to fight

After completing the evolution of the three-headed pet, Su Bai gathered his mind and quietly waited for his own evolution to complete.

In this fourth round of evolution, it can be clearly felt that in addition to the strengthening of the physical body, it pays more attention to the interior, which is strengthened at the cellular level.

It’s a bit like reshaping the body.

With the continuous progress of evolution, a large amount of filth was continuously discharged from the pores around Su Bai’s body.

After that, blood poured out.

Just looking at the shape is terrifying.

It is easy to think of Qiqiao bleeding to death on the spot.

But Su Bai’s chest was still rising and falling regularly, proving that he was still alive.

Three days passed quickly.

Just as Commander Qi Chenghua guessed, the tens of thousands of orcs outside the fortress did not attack from beginning to end.

But he knew that the real battle would break out at the same moment when the duel began!

The candidates followed the tradition of the Beast Kingdom and chose Su Bai as a target they thought was worth fighting for blood, but this did not mean that they would give up their plans to attack the fortress.

The blood fight is not only the battle of the candidates, but also the opportunity to launch the general attack.

After all, even if they were stronger than the candidates, it was impossible to defeat the fortress defenders head-on with the vanguard alone.

They need time to wait for the follow-up army to arrive.

However, under the restraint of the buffer belt beastmaster, the marching speed of the army will be greatly slowed down.

It is impossible for candidates to understand this truth.

In case of dragging to Jiuxing City to send a large army to support, let alone attack the fortress, it will even be counterattacked into the territory of the beast kingdom.

At that time, Morgton and Amon, let alone ascending the throne of the Beastmaster, would be fine if they did not commit suicide on the spot.

So they simply counted 750 and had a bloodbath before the war.

Look, we’re following the tradition and having a big fight.

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