Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 351

Su Bai was puzzled.

Morgton laughed, “Kill them and you’ll be promoted to Platinum.”

“It takes a little time to consolidate to the platinum level. How long will it take you?”

“Don’t worry, the snake people won’t attack until you finish the promotion.”

A series of words made Su Bai a little stunned.

The behavior of this snake man candidate made him extremely uncomfortable.

Those kobolds are also members of the beast kingdom, so let him kill them?

Morgton seemed to see Su Bai’s confusion, and hissed and sneered, “The weak are only worthy of being the cornerstone of the strong.”

“In this Beastmaster battle, the kobolds have no candidates, so they can only be our food and contribute to our candidates.”

“I originally planned to kill them during the general attack. Since you need a 1.4 promotion, I will send it to you.”

“Don’t worry, we will mobilize new kobolds over here.”

Simple words, full of blood.

Su Bai was expressionless and asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you after I get promoted?”

Morgan was stunned for a moment, then asked, “What should I be afraid of?”

“If I die in your hands, it will only prove that I am not worthy of being the Beastmaster.”

“As for why you have to wait for your promotion.”

“It’s very simple, killing a Gold rank will damage my face.”

Amon next to him echoed, “Yes, if you make a sneak attack in advance because you are afraid that you will be promoted to the platinum level, the beast kingdom will not admit such a candidate.”

“We only admit the real strong!”

The werewolves and snakemen on the battlefield shouted wildly.


“Power! Glory!”

Su Bai didn’t say much. He instructed the Wind and Thunder War Eagle to throw down the Wind and Thunder Killing Formation. Then he took a deep breath and said slowly, “Three days later, I will kill you!”

Morgton and Amon’s eyes lit up.

“Very well, we are waiting for you!”


The horn sounded, and the Orc army retreated to the buffer zone. .

Chapter 257 Promotion! Dark Flame Phoenix!

The orcs retreated without hesitation.

The fortress defenders did not pursue, and retreated in an orderly manner.

Just kidding, two candidates appear at the same time, chase what, the enemy does not attack it is not bad.

Back at the fortress, Commander Qi Chenghua came over immediately, “Su Bai, are you sure?”

Su Bai’s expression was calm, he nodded, and answered succinctly, “Yes.”

Qi Chenghua immediately recruited his adjutant, “Send someone to clean the battlefield and prepare the venue for the duel in three days.”

The adjutant was a little puzzled and asked, “Commander, won’t the orcs make a sneak attack?”

Qi Chenghua shook his head, “Although the beast kingdom is an enemy, I can tell you with certainty that it won’t.”

“The senior half-orcs are very particular about fighting honors, especially the candidates. They have received the attention of the entire beast kingdom. Their every move represents the face of the beast kingdom.”

“After the nine-star city contestants came to the front line, why did they withdraw from the camp, have you thought about it?”

The adjutant flashed an aura, showing an unbelievable look, and said slowly, “Are they waiting for the contestants to challenge?”

Qi Chenghua nodded and said with some emotion, “In this regard, the beast kingdom is actually more particular, their tradition is to worship the strong.”26

Su Bai next to him could not help but sigh, “It is indeed a respectable enemy.”

Qi Chenghua smiled and then said, “It’s just this time.”

“No matter what the outcome of this blood fight is, when the beast king candidate is confirmed, the half-orcs will use the strength of the whole country to launch a general attack and send a blood gift for the birth of the new king.”

This news made the hearts of everyone present feel heavy.

At that time, will the northern front still be able to withstand the enemy?

“Okay, that’s all for the future.” Qi Chenghua waved his hand, looked at Su Bai, and said seriously, “Go ahead and complete the promotion, I won’t let anyone disturb you.”

Su Bai nodded, “Thank you.”

After speaking, Su Bai went back to the fortress and found an empty room.

Qi Chenghua appointed several top platinum beastmasters to guard outside the door.

He had a feeling that Su Bai would be the hope to resolve the crisis on the Northern Front!

In the room, Su Bai sat cross-legged on the bed, checking the pet space.

In the battle pet space, the eight-headed battle pets are surging with surging power, and Yuanyuan Haoran is unmatched.

“Ding, the experience value is full, do you want to upgrade the level?”


“Ding, the level of the wind and thunder war eagle has been improved, the current level is platinum, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the Queen of Shadows level is completed synchronously, the current level is platinum, and you get 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the Mysterious Crystal Turtle level has been completed simultaneously, the current level is Platinum, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the holy Pegasus level has been completed simultaneously, the current level is platinum, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the Yanxue Dragon Elephant level has been completed synchronously, the current level is Platinum, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the gilded tiger level in the underworld has been completed simultaneously, and the current level is platinum lower, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

“Ding, the Bone Ice Dragon level has been completed simultaneously, the current level is Platinum, and you will gain 1 evolution point.”

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