Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 34

More than 20 high-level beastmasters, and even gold-level beastmasters, have never drunk a freshly graduated high school student!

If other hunting groups know about it, how will they get along?

Can’t say, can’t say if killed! .

Chapter 25 What about the stone crystal crocodile here?

The next afternoon, when Su Bai appeared at the 13th Wilderness Hunting Regiment camp, everyone shivered subconsciously when they saw him.

I have to admit that senior beastmasters are different.

At least this sobering speed is definitely not something that ordinary people can achieve.

I was so drunk a few hours ago, and this will be all refreshed.

“Boy Su.” Yu Nan’s voice was a little lazy, he walked out of the residence, looked at Su Bai and asked, “Are you dressed up to go out?”

Su Bai nodded and said, “I’m going to go to Shijing Crocodile to take a walk. After a long rest, it’s enough.”

“You really don’t stop.” Yu Nan said angrily, “You have to combine work and rest.”

“I think you are too comfortable.” Zhang Maodian came over, grabbed Yu Nan’s shoulder, and said, “Go hunt and kill beasts with me.”

Yu Nan’s face turned pale, and he said in a trembling voice, “Qianda Quartermaster, please forgive me.”

“Every time you go to places where gold-level beasts are haunted, I’m just a small silver intermediate, and I’m just a child!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, go.” Zhang Maodian was unmoved and dragged Yu Nan away.

Looking at Yu Nan who was struggling but to no avail, Su Bai couldn’t help but gloat over his misfortune.

When the two were far away, Su Bai also left the camp.

It was rare to find an excellent place to upgrade. He had to hurry up and clean up the group of stone crystal crocodiles.

Coming to the familiar river, Su Bai hid in the corner and observed for a while.

Still can’t see a single figure.

In fact, it is understandable that most beastmasters at the black iron level will not leave the city easily. They would rather go to the hunting grounds that have already been opened, and do not want to take huge risks to open up the hunting grounds.

In the camp next to the station, basically all bronze-level beastmasters started.

With the second pet, the life-saving ability of the beastmaster has been greatly improved, and this is the time for them to show their skills outside the city.

“Speaking of which, I haven’t tried projection yet.” Su Bai secretly said, “Although theoretically, only bronze-level beastmasters can project, but that’s because bronze-level only has a second pet, and I already have one. Well, it should be possible.”

“Projection Phantom Butterfly.” Su Bai said silently in his heart.

A magical thing happened, the phantom butterfly body in the pet space became illusory, and at the same time, an unspeakable force appeared in Su Bai’s body.

Although he has no experience, Su Bai can be sure that his projection was successful.

“Phantom Dust!”

Since the projection is successful, you must try the Phantom Butterfly’s signature, Phantom Dust.

This is also Su Bai’s life-saving means in the future, which must be fully mastered.

The scene in front of him became blurred, but Su Bai quickly got used to it.

“Ding, turn on the phantom dust, the duration is five minutes, and the cooling time is twelve hours.”

A system beep sounds, explaining the details of the phantom dust.

Su Bai tried to take two steps, but nothing changed even when he stepped on the flowers.

“No wonder it can escape detection.” Su Bai secretly said, “This is not only a stealth skill, it also seems to have a certain spatial attribute.”

If it is just stealth, then there will still be traces when walking. Now, once the phantom dust is released, he can act with confidence and boldness, and he does not need to worry about revealing his whereabouts at all.

It is indeed a super rare beast, no wonder the beastmaster has been around for two hundred years, and there are only a few beastmasters who can successfully contract the Phantom Butterfly.

This skill is so insane!

After waiting quietly for five minutes, Su Bai’s figure appeared out of thin air, and he stepped on the grass under his feet with two marks.

At the same time, the phantom butterfly body in the pet space became solid again, but the spirit was a little sluggish.

Obviously this skill consumes a lot, and the cooldown time of 12 hours is very reasonable.

After the test, Su Bai recruited the Sky Steel Crow and started today’s upgrade journey.

After the tragic death of hundreds of their partners, the stone crystal crocodiles finally realized that the bird came again yesterday!

Old rules, withdraw.

Seeing the crystal crocodile hiding at the bottom of the river, although Su Bai was a little unfulfilled, he could only give up.

After recovering the spar, he threw away a dozen pieces for Tiangang Crow as a snack, and after a while to appease, he took Tiangang Crow back to the pet space.

After one afternoon’s killing, Sky Steel Crow’s experience value came to 6530/25000, very quickly.

Judging from this progress, it will take three more days to upgrade.

Fortunately, there are enough stone crystal crocodiles here, barely able to support him to upgrade.

At this time, Su Bai began to think about a problem.

After upgrading again, he is a bronze-level beastmaster and can contract new pets, but so far, he has no good plan.

First of all, his contribution points are not enough to exchange the eggs of high-level beasts with the federation.

Secondly, he was a little confused and didn’t know how to choose a new pet.

“Hey, what am I worried about here.” Su Bai patted his head, “There are so many senior beastmasters in the camp, just ask them if they can.”

“The flame tortoise in Zhang Maodian is very strong. I don’t know where it came from. If I can get one too, that would be great.”

The flame turtle left an extremely deep impression on Su Bai. It was too strong, and it was definitely the best.

Back at the camp, Zhang Maodian and Yu Nan hadn’t returned yet, so Su Bai’s spar could not be exchanged for contribution points for the time being, so it could only be placed in the room first.

But here is the resident of the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment, so there is no need to worry about the frivolous juniors coming to steal things.

Just kidding, come here to steal something, once you get caught, the end is absolutely miserable.

The king of thieves dare not come here to be presumptuous.

The camp was a little deserted, most of the team members went out, only a few team members were left who had not completely sobered up. Su Bai was not very familiar with them, and had no intention of chatting there.

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