Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 339

But deep down, Hui Jiamu also knew that he couldn’t do that.

Even if this spider lair is as expected, there are only a few hundred northern cold wind spiders.

That is also a very scary existence.

Hundreds of platinum-level beasts, coupled with the advantages of the terrain, it is impossible to complete the goal without filling in a few hundred lives.

“One wrong step, one wrong step!”

Hui Jiamu sighed with a cold expression, and turned to attack the Queen of Wanren Spider frantically.

According to the habit of beasts, once the leader is killed, it will temporarily fall into chaos.

At that time, it was their chance to escape and ascend to heaven!

The screams of dying came one after another, and the temporary upgrade to the platinum level could not withstand so many beasts.

In the chaos, the more dead and wounded, the greater the power of the burial ground.

Wanren Spider Queen’s wisdom is not low, and immediately stopped the Northland Cold Wind Spider from charging, and released the ice gun technique outside.

It could see that those skeletal creatures were indistinguishable between us and enemies, and would attack all creatures in front of them.

There are enough corpses in the hatchery now that the skeletal creatures alone will disperse the lines of these Twolegs.

Although they don’t seem to have a front.

After just a quarter of an hour of battle, the number of survivors had dropped to less than a hundred.

You know, they can be more than a thousand in number when they come.

“Redemption, what a fool!”

A half-orc sighed bitterly, then fell to the ground exhausted, and was crushed by the ice spear technique.

There are also beast masters from the Redemption Society who laughed wildly and launched a desperate charge towards the Queen of Wanren Spider.

Su Bai could see clearly in the void and sighed a little.

Human beings for wealth and birds for food and death, these people plotted platinum-level ferocious beast eggs, and paid the price of their lives for this, but they could not blame others.

The Void Curtain of the Queen of Wanren Spider made this operation impossible.

A few minutes later, there were only a few beastmasters from the Redemption Society left in the hatching room.

After all, they are long-term companions, and they cooperate more tacitly.

Tavern masters are used to fighting alone, and when faced with such a massive siege of beasts, it is inevitable that they will be at a loss.

But in the face of the massive spider army, no matter how subtle the cooperation, it can only delay the time of death.

Inside the hatching chamber, the battle between Hui Jiamu and Wanren Spider Queen also came to an end.

Hui Jiamu is indeed a strong, three-headed platinum battle pet. If he is facing other diamond lower-level beasts, he has the power to fight.

But the skills of the Queen of Ten Thousand Spiders are too rogue.

After fighting for a while and suffering a few losses, it dived directly into the Void Curtain, and then sullenly summoned the Wan Ren Guard.

Hui Jiamu wanted to vomit blood in depression.

Damn it, if I had a space-type pet, I would definitely kill you and that **** Su Bai together!

It’s a pity that he didn’t, so Hui Jiamu could only fall down with endless regrets.

From entering the spider’s lair to the present, within half an hour before and after, a thousand gold-level plus three hundred platinum-level people died in battle!

Su Bai appeared in the void, his expression neither happy nor sad.

The dead are like the wind, no matter how Hui Jiamu and others used to call the wind and call the rain, it has become the past.

Now, it’s time for him to fight!

The Queen of Wanren Spider naturally remembered him as an egg thief, and immediately made an angry cry, preparing to repeat the old trick, hiding in the void and waiting for the energy to recover.

The number of times to summon the **** is a bit too much, even if it is a diamond-level beast, the energy can’t keep up.

Su Bai would not give it this chance to summon a pet.

When the gilded tiger in the underworld went up, it was two slaps, which directly smashed the void curtain.

The Queen of Wanren Spider fell on the floor of the incubation room with a blank expression on her face.

What happened.

Although Su Bai only has a high level of gold, he is not afraid of these northern cold wind spiders.

After the fierce battle, the number of northern cold wind spiders was only a few dozen, and the number of red-bellied spiders was still around 3,000.

As for the Wan Ren Guards, there are only about ten left.

The energy of the last bone-burying ground has dissipated, and endless bones are scattered on the ground.

Su Bai didn’t care either, the Bone Ice Dragon was already condensing energy, and it was no big deal to release the Bone Burial Ground again.

The wind and thunder war eagle and other pets are eager to try, so many beasts, they can fight happily.

When Queen Wanren appeared, Queen Wanren’s eyes were all red.

If it weren’t for this egg thief, it would evolve, and it would be the Queen of Ten Thousand Ren!

Although the breeding skills are still there, it will take at least a few years to accumulate enough energy, and the Queen of Wanren Spider can’t wait that long.

After thinking about it, Wanren Spider hummed happily.

Su Bai could feel the intention contained in it.

It is ready to devour the Queen of Wanren and continue to complete its evolution!

Queen Wanren, as a member of the same clan, naturally understood the meaning of it, and suddenly became furious, waving her arthropods to summon ten Wanren guards.

Gold advanced, and its own level.

Su Bai was not surprised. As he had guessed, the Wan Ren Guard summoned was indeed a senior golden man.

And one shot is ten.

It’s just that according to the feedback from Queen Wanren, its current strength can only maintain ten Wanren guards.

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