Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 334


After Wanren Spider made a shrill cry, the Northland Cold Wind Spider immediately rushed towards the crowd, even in the face of a fatal blow, it did not evade, and assumed a fatal posture.

The battle resumed, and the Wan Ren Guard also jumped out of the void, and his hand was the Wan Ren Bone Spear.

Hui Jiamu no longer cared about where Su Bai was going, so he took back the iron-backed blue devil lizard and turned on the projection.

Then, three light blue shields appeared in front of him, blocking the attacking bone spear.

bang bang.

Two consecutive green devil shields were blasted, but they also blocked several bone spears, which were extremely powerful.

But others were not so lucky, and some were directly bombed into a hornet’s nest.

In front is the platinum high-level guard of Wan Ren, and behind it is a continuous army of spiders. This team of hundreds of people is about to be destroyed.

Hui Jiamu no longer retained his strength, and waved his hand to summon a new pet.

【Name】: Spider-eating giant scorpion

[Current Level]: Platinum Advanced

[Talent]: 1. Dexterity (rare) 2. Poison immunity (epic) 3. Damage reduction (legendary)

[Skills]: 1. Paralyzing Tail Hook (rare) 2. Giant Sweep (Epic) 3. Smooth Carapace (Epic) 4. Toxic Sandstorm (Legendary)

The third platinum pet!

A simple name, but the combat power is not simple.

This spider-eating giant scorpion is obviously the natural enemy of the spider beast, and it has been continuously adjusted in the process of evolution, and finally formed its current attributes.

When the smooth carapace faced the spider silk, it was called Shunliu, and the spider silk slid past its body directly.

And toxin immunity also makes it have no worries, and can fight all kinds of spider beasts at close range.

Even if it is a 10,000-strong bone spear, when faced with damage reduction, the damage caused is limited.

There is a weak spot to search, and it can’t be killed in one hit like before.

The spider-eating giant scorpion didn’t even hide, it just resisted.

The bone spear that is more than two meters long will lose its power when it penetrates at most halfway, and it will stay on the carapace of the spider-eating giant scorpion.

But the spider-eating giant scorpion is a behemoth of forty or fifty meters in length. This bone spear is like an embroidery needle, and it does not affect it at all.

“Everyone, spread out!”

Hui Jiamu shouted loudly, and the giant spider-eating scorpion threw a cloud of yellow sand towards the place where the enemy was most densely populated.


The sand mass spread out and immediately covered an area nearly 100 meters in diameter.

The red-bellied servant spider is only at the gold level. It can withstand the legendary skill of the highly toxic sandstorm. The carapace was immediately broken, and then the internal tissue was eroded and turned into a pool of pus and blood.

Even the northern cold wind spider, many were injured, and then collapsed to the ground, and the foul-smelling liquid continued to flow out of the wound, which was obviously highly poisoned.

“Master Holy Son is mighty!”

The members of the Redemption Society immediately burst into cheers and their momentum was like a rainbow.

Hui Jiamu waved his hand modestly, and then shouted, “Everyone, hold on for a moment, we brought space bombs, and it takes one minute to install!”

When the crowd heard it, they were mixed.

The happy thing is that the redemption will have the means to restrain the Void Curtain, and they will also have the opportunity to obtain the beast eggs.

I’m so angry that you can’t get ready earlier, so many beasts, how can they withstand a minute?

However, the redemption meeting was obviously prepared, and the survivors all took out the maddening potion, and each hand had two bottles.

The master in the tavern suddenly collapsed.

What do you mean by this?

Hui Jiamu smiled.

“Everyone, at this time of crisis, we should be in the same boat.”

“Come on, dry this bottle of maddening potion.”

What the hell!

The tavern master almost yelled.

The people of the Redemption Society are indeed out of their minds, and they take drugs at every turn.


After a large number of pets drank the maddening potion, their figure swelled uncontrollably, and their breath continued to rise.

In just a moment, more than 200 platinum pets appeared.

Then, the beastmaster of the Redemption Society turned his attention to the people in the tavern and handed over the maddening potion.

Looking at this rhythm, the tavern master knows that it is impossible not to sacrifice a pet of war.

If they dare to refuse, Redemption will definitely kill them first, and then find a chance to escape.

“Hui Jiamu, count you ruthless!”

The master of the tavern poured the maddening potion into the pet with vicious eyes.

Even a platinum-level expert summons a gold-level pet, and then drives it crazy.

People don’t care too much.

The new servant spider has arrived.

And after the Wanren spider in the void, a new batch of Wanren guards have been summoned.

“Quick, set up the bomb.”

With Hui Jiamu’s order, more than a dozen beastmasters of the Redemption Society immediately took out a large amount of equipment from the space ring, and under the protection of others, began to assemble and debug.

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