Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 31

“More than a hundred.” Su Bai said casually, feeling a little strange, these people’s problems are really similar.

Sister Li was quick-witted, took advantage of Yu Nan’s unpreparedness, grabbed the backpack and pulled it away, and was immediately frightened by the full spar.

Although she is already a top silver beastmaster, she also came from the black iron level, so she naturally knows how difficult the battle of the black iron level beastmaster is.

Most of the black iron-level beasts are in a state of high defense and low attack. After the body has been baptized with spiritual energy, the strength has been greatly improved, but the attack methods have not changed much.

Battle pets inherit the characteristics of fierce beasts, and the same is true. Even if they have battle pet skills, their power is limited.

Anyway, it took a lot of effort for her wind-toothed wolf to kill the beasts of the same level.

In Sister Li’s memory, when she was at the black iron level, she killed up to twenty beasts a day, almost exhausting the wind-toothed wolf to death.

But how long did it take Su Bai to leave the camp, maybe four hours at most.

As a result, he brought back so many spar, what kind of terrifying efficiency is this!

“Little Brother Su, your Sky Steel Crow, don’t you need to consume stamina when you release the wind blade?”

Sister Li asked with difficulty.

“It should be needed, but the Sky Steel Raven has good physical strength.”

Su Bai found that his performance seemed to be a little too much beyond the average person, and he secretly decided that he could only take out a part of the spar.

“Okay, my vacant pet slot will be reserved for the Sky Steel Crow.” Sister Li said firmly, “When I collect the contribution points, I will exchange it for the Sky Steel Crow cub.”

Su Bai asked, “Contribution point? What is that?”

“This is the point used by the Federal Wilderness Hunting Group, which is similar to the federal currency.” Yu Nan explained, “Like a beast spar, it can be converted into contribution points, and there is a fixed exchange rate.”

“High-grade black iron spar can be exchanged for 5 contribution points, and top-grade black iron can be exchanged for 8 points.”

“Contribution points can be exchanged for various materials. If the federal warehouse does not have it, you can also issue a commission to let other senior beastmasters help you find it.”.

Chapter 23 Gold-level flame turtle

After Yu Nan’s explanation, Su Bai understood the role of contribution points.

Simply put, it is very valuable.

After all, the top black iron spar worth five hundred federal coins can only be exchanged for 8 contribution points, so the value is needless to say.

Moreover, the Contribution Points can be exchanged for the Federation Coins at any time, but the Contribution Points cannot be exchanged with the Federation Coins.

It can be said that it is a currency that only circulates among senior beastmasters.

“Boy Su, do you want to replace all of them with contribution points?” Yu Nan asked, his expression a little nervous, as if he was afraid that Su Bai would say no.

“I have this plan.” Su Bai said, “I originally planned to sell it directly. Since I can exchange contribution points, it would be better.”

Su Bai also realized the importance of contribution points. Some top-level materials can only be purchased with contribution points.

Anyway, for him, it is very simple to make money, go out and kill some beasts, and you can get a lot of spar.

“If I want to invite a gold-level beastmaster, how many contribution points will I need?” Su Bai asked.

“The price is variable, it depends on the difficulty of the task, but the minimum contribution point is 50,000.” Yu Nan was familiar with these things, and said casually, “There is no ceiling.”

Although Su Bai was mentally prepared, he was still frightened by the price.

Fifty thousand contribution points is equivalent to three or four million federal dollars.

As expected of the elite class, you can earn money that ordinary people can’t earn in a lifetime!

“It’s so exaggerated.” Su Bai was speechless.

“It’s okay, when you reach the gold level, you will know that this is nothing.” Yu Nan said with a smile.

In the words, it has been confirmed that Su Bai can become a gold-level beastmaster.

Su Bai’s heart ignited a raging fighting spirit.

The world is really huge, and I have to keep up with it in order to see all the scenery in the world.

“Okay, let’s go to Zhang Maodian.” Yu Nan took Su Bai’s hand and went straight to the quarters.

Zhang Maodian was a man in his thirties, wearing golden glasses, very gentle.

This is simply an alternative in the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment, and Su Bai couldn’t help but take a second glance.

“Why, you also feel the pressure?” Yu Nan said, “The quartermaster Zhang is a golden junior beastmaster.”

Gold level!

Su Bai was startled, the gentleman in front of him was actually a gold-level man? !

The first time he saw the legendary elite class, Su Bai was very curious. Some wanted to see the pets of war, but he didn’t know how to speak.

Zhang Maodian seemed to see what Su Bai was thinking, and said with a smile, “Flaming Turtle, come out.”

A giant tortoise with a carapace of more than 20 meters in diameter appeared in the clearing, like a hill.

The body of the flame turtle is red and black, and there seems to be lava flowing on the turtle shell.

As soon as this big guy appeared, the surrounding air began to heat up rapidly, and Ye Bai was sweating profusely.

Su Bai understood why the camp was built so big, and the members’ living quarters were all at the very edge, and there was no building in the middle of the camp.

With this size, no matter how big the house is, it will be crowded.

The data is in front of you.

【Name】: Flame Turtle

[Current level]: Gold lower level

[Talent]: 1. Son of Fire (Epic) 2. Toughness (Rare) 3. Undying Blood (Legendary)

[Skills]: 1. Flame Shock (Rare) 2. Tortoise Shell Defense (Rare) 3. Earthquake (Epic) 4. Bite (Normal) 5. Turtle Breath (Rare)

There is a legendary talent!

There is also an epic talent.

There are also tons of skills, mostly a mix of rare and epic.

Incomparably powerful!

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