Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 303

“Ding, kill the platinum lower-level giant-winged vulture, and gain a total of 615 experience points.”

There are not only wind and thunder war eagles in the sky, but also flying-type battle pets of other beastmasters. More than a dozen giant-winged vultures could not wait to slash their wings, and in the end, only two escaped.

Battles on the ground were particularly brutal.

The half-orcs have an advantage in numbers, constantly squeezing the original federal beastmaster’s activity area, and also assigning some people to focus on the teleportation slate.

Another flash of white light flashed, but this time the newcomers were all ready.

Obviously, the news here has been sent back to Nine Star City in time.

Su Bai didn’t know the situation of the other five fortresses, and he didn’t have time to find out.

Two platinum junior orcs had their eyes on him.

These two people are snake-headed people, with a snake’s tail behind them, and the fusion is an inverse training one-horned python.

Su Bai had seen this kind of beast before, after all, Leng Su’s platinum pet was it.

Obviously, Leng Su was the one-horned python that he obtained in reverse training on the northern front, and then rotated in the four major fronts, and finally returned to the inland of the Federation, and became the commander of the city defense army in the upper east city.

Reverse training the unicorn python has two killer moves: corrosive breath and petrified stare, Su Bai immediately switched to the flaming blood dragon elephant projection, and fought with the two half-orcs under the protection of divine grace. .

Chapter 225 Million Army

These two snake-headed and half-orcs should be brothers, they look basically the same, and they cooperate extremely well under the same mind.

Coupled with the strength of his own to reach the lower level of platinum, he is in no position to be disadvantaged on the battlefield.

After observing for a while, they immediately found Su Bai.

This beastmaster is very strong, with two pets, an eagle and a tiger, his combat power is far beyond the gold level.

Even a top-level orc with gold would have difficulty surviving ten seconds under his attack.


“Agreed, sizzle, kill this genius!”

Hearing this voice, Su Bai immediately got goosebumps.

Damn it, kill someone~ Kill someone, don’t talk!

The two snake-headed half-orcs sprayed out a light green mist at the same time, shrouding Su Bai in it.

Su Bai is not afraid of such things as poison, he rushed out as if nothing was wrong, and his hand was Liuli Yehuo.

One of the snake people couldn’t dodge, and his arm was burned directly.

But after being hit hard, he didn’t scream in pain, but lunged at him with his big mouth open.

Obviously, he wanted to kill Su Bai directly, and even if he couldn’t kill him, he would have to inject venom.

Naturally, Su Bai would not let him do as he wished, so he switched to the Queen of Shadows and flashed directly behind him.

Then he put his hand on the back of the snake man, switched to the flaming blood dragon elephant, and released the glazed karmic fire to burn his heart to the side, and the entire upper body was quickly burned to ashes.

The unicorn python is not a defensive beast, and when attacked at such a close range, the snake man could not resist it and died on the spot.

“Ding, kill the platinum low-level orcs, activate the blood enemy, and gain a total of 615 experience points.”

Seeing that the snake’s tail was still squirming on the ground, Su Bai filled up the fire again, and this suppressed the discomfort in his heart.

Not to mention the strength of these half-orcs, let’s just say that this shape is really ugly and indescribable.

Ugly refuse.

Su Bai didn’t want to fight at close range with such an enemy, so he immediately called back the gilded tiger in the underworld.

The gilded tiger in Mingyu was cold, spit out the werewolf head in his mouth, and came excitedly with his tail.

The snake man was furious, but his pet of war did not come, so he could only resist the gilded tiger in the underworld.

“Hiss, cunning federal lackey, have the ability to fight me to the death!”

The Snake Man speaks the Commonwealth language well, articulates clearly, and his words are eloquent.

Su Bainiao didn’t ignore him, and quickly glanced at the situation.

Overall, evenly matched.

Although the geniuses who have been teleported are only at the gold level, their combat power cannot be regarded as common sense.

After experiencing the initial panic, the results they achieved even surpassed the senior beastmasters sent by the No. 1 fortress.

Even if the candidates for the beast kingdom have mobilized a lot of platinum-level orcs, they still cannot achieve much.

Su Bai hesitated for a while, but finally did not summon the Bone Ice Dragon.

Although the burial ground is strong, the handling of the corpse is indistinguishable between us and the enemy. If the body of the Federal Beastmaster’s corpse is erected, it will inevitably be criticized.

As more beastmasters were sent from the Nine Stars City, the Orcs’ desperate raid was completely declared bankrupt.

But their attack was not without results.

According to preliminary estimates, more than 300 beastmasters died in this attack.

Half of them came from Nine Star City.

Although nearly a thousand and a half orcs did not survive, in a sense, the beast kingdom still made a profit.

Most of these half-orcs have already reached the level limit and cannot go further.

Exchange their lives with the Federation’s genius beastmaster, even if the battle loss ratio is close to three for one, it is still not a loss.

The battle ends when the last orc falls.

“Pack up and prepare to go back to the fortress.”

Among the team of beastmasters who were in charge of the response, there was a platinum senior beastmaster who stood up and gave orders. He was the commander of the team.

The survivors had no time to feel sad, gathered up the bodies of their comrades and marched towards the tall fortress in the distance.

The ground here is covered with snow and ice, looking out, the earth is white and vast.

The No. 1 fortress is several kilometers away, and the outline is still clearly visible.

In addition to the largest fortress No. 1, there are dozens of smaller troops lined up.

Farther away, the black city wall traverses the field of vision, roughly estimated to stretch for hundreds of kilometers!

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