Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 296

Individuals with poor psychological endurance will simply pass out.

The treasures of heaven and earth that they have been searching for for many years actually appeared in Jiuxing City, but they came a step late and were already in the bag.

Tears flowed with regret.

If I knew it earlier, I would hurry up and rush directly to Jiuxing City.

The disturbance from the outside world has nothing to do with Su Bai. He is pressing the holy beast on the neck of the holy beast at the training ground and pouring the holy beast’s secret tears into its mouth.

The Holy Heavenly Horse rarely came out for a walk, so I was very happy. I heard that I wanted to drink the secret tears of the holy beast, and I was even more happy.

However, when the three barrels of holy beast secret tears were placed in front of it, it flinched.

If you drink all this, you will definitely die!

Unfortunately, in the face of Su Bai’s terrifying power, the Holy Heavenly Horse had no resistance at all, and was abruptly filled with water.

Sow the law.

Holy Pegasus snorted and shed tears of remorse.

“Ding, swallow the secret tears of the holy beast, upgrade the holy field, and chant halo (legend).”

The moment the prompt sounded, Su Bai could already feel the obvious difference.

Soft and divine power circulated on the surface of his body, and there seemed to be singing lingering in his ears.

Anthem Aura can not only greatly reduce negative damage, but also increase his basic attributes.

This skill is actually similar to the group version of Divine Grace, but the effect is weaker.

But it is still much stronger than the holy realm.

Although 30 million contribution points were spent, Su Bai didn’t care too much.

It’s worth the money to improve.

Originally, if he wanted to strengthen the Holy Pegasus, he had to invest in evolution points.

But after the number of pets continues to increase, the evolution point will become stretched sooner or later, and he must use the resources on the edge.

As the old saying goes, a problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.

Compared to the evolution points saved, the 30 million contribution points are nothing at all.

The most important thing is that these contribution points are basically contributed by Bieqizhi and Shihuatian.

Su Bai is doing business without capital, so he naturally doesn’t feel distressed when he spends his contribution points.

After the holy beast’s secret tears were absorbed, Holy Pegasus didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore, although the sound of water was still in his stomach when he walked, but it was in a happy mood.

According to its meaning, in fact, it is also possible to pour two more mouths.

However, there were only so many secret tears of the holy beast, and Su Bai couldn’t pour it even if he wanted to. He took the holy heavenly horse back to the pet space, and left the training ground and returned to his residence.

When Sun Jianian heard the door open, he walked over and said, “The first round of duels will begin in two days.”

“Okay, I see.” Su Bai nodded.

Apparently, it’s almost here.

Those who haven’t come, either abstain or die on the way.

As for those who are really too far away and still halfway, they can only consider themselves unlucky.

Luck is also a part of strength. The Federation does not recognize this kind of genius.

The battle between the imperial beasts and the martial arts held in the Nine Star City was far more intense than the confrontation within each city.

Even the silver group game was very lively.

Those genius Beastmasters, their pets are all top-quality pets with excellent talent and skills, and their combat power is far beyond ordinary gold-level Beastmasters.

Of course, in front of the gold-level contestants from various cities, these silver-level geniuses are not enough to see.

Since the championship reward is a diamond-level beast egg, the battle in the gold group is extremely brutal, and every battle is led by a platinum-level beastmaster to ensure that the two sides of the battle will not be in danger.

Even so, many pets were seriously injured or even killed.

If it hadn’t been for Yu Bingtong’s explanation of the deeper plan of the beast-fighting martial arts, Su Bai would have thought that the upper echelons of the federation would be convulsed.

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

So many talented people have been beaten to death on their own territory.

However, considering that the twelve candidates of the Beast Kingdom are all high-level Platinum or above, it is to protect them that these less powerful Beast Masters are screened twice.

And according to Sun Jianian, the internal competition of alien races is even more cruel, and you will die if you take action.

【Name】: Lost Soul Black Smoke Python

[Current Level]: Gold Advanced

[Talent]: 1. Giant Power (Epic) 2. Elemental Protection (Legend) 3. Jiao Hua (Legend)

[Skills]: 1. Strangulation (rare) 2. Missing Smoke (Epic) 3. Lost Soul Gaze (Legend) 4. Hell Dead Soul Cannon (Legend)

Su Bai’s first opponent was Zhang Lishan, a beastmaster from Wenxin City.


In addition to this main battle pet, he also has a gold intermediate battle pet named Iron Armored War Bear.

Su Bai summoned the wind and thunder war eagle and the gilded tiger in the underworld to fight.

The Void Eye of the Wind and Thunder Eagle is very useful in the face of the missing smoke, and it will not lose the target at all.

And the gilded tiger in the underworld is going to fight hand-to-hand with the iron armored bear.

The iron armored war bear is indeed worthy of its name, and its defense is terrifyingly strong.

Even the gilded tiger in the underworld had to fight for a few minutes before finding a chance to stun it.

The Soulless Smoke Python’s attack power is very strong. Although the missing smoke has been cracked, the Soulless Gaze and Hell Death Soul Cannon are both attacks against the soul.

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