Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 290

To talk about the Federation’s achievements in prosthetics, it is many times stronger than Earth.

After all, when fighting beasts, it is common to lack arms and legs, so the technology in this area has developed rapidly.

In just a few hours, Sha Yangzhi limped out of the operating room. Although it was a little inconvenient to move, as long as he practiced more, it would not be much worse than the original real legs.

Here, everyone will be separated.

Mulina and Bu Jianbai will look for a suitable caravan, continue to advance along the business road, and finally return to Lingfeng City.


And Su Bai, Sun Jianian, and Sha Yangzhi will go directly to Jiuxing City.

At the gate of the city, everyone separates.

“Sha Yangzhi, are you really not going with us?” Mu Lina finally tried, “Your elder brother is gone. If you sacrificed too, your family will be sad.”

Sha Yangzhi shook his head, “I have made up my mind. If I go back like this, my family will be even more sad.”

Bu Jianbai stretched out his hand to hold Mu Lina’s shoulder, shook his head, and signaled that Mu Lina didn’t need to say anything more.

“There will be a period later.” Sha Yangzhi waved his hand and was pulled by Su Bai and jumped onto the back of the Wind and Thunder War Eagle.

Afterwards, the wind and thunder war eagle and the nine-flame thunderbolt soared into the sky, causing bursts of cheers.

Although the civilians in this city don’t know who the masters of these two pets are, they know that these two are geniuses who went to Jiuxing City to participate in the martial arts of the beasts.

They are the hope of the Federation!

Bu Jianbai stood where he was, looking at the figure receding in the sunset, with loneliness in his eyes.

At this moment, he knew that some people were existences that he could never catch up with in his life.

Not even qualified to be parallel with the other party.

Mu Lina took Bu Jianbai’s arm and said softly, “Senior, after we go back, let’s get married.”

“Okay.” Bu Jianbai nodded.

He suddenly felt that being an ordinary person in the city seemed like a good choice.

Bu Jianbai said slowly, “When I complete the entrustment of Sha Yangzhi, let’s go to a new city.”

Mulina nodded obediently, “I listen to you.” Bu.

Chapter 216 Arriving at Jiuxing City (added for book friend xiaoren77527)

With the arrogance of the wind and thunder war eagle, it is naturally unwilling for others to step on its back.

Fortunately, Jiuyan Thunderbolt is easy to talk, and it only takes one more person, so it doesn’t get in the way.

The three did not stop all the way, and rushed directly to Jiuxing City.

Then, they were all shocked by this giant city.

A full twelve ring areas!

And unlike other cities, each ring area of ​​Nine Star City is a standard ring, without any support, directly built on the vast plain.

Federal cities, all backed by natural barriers, expand outward in a fan shape.

The only difference is the size of the included angle.

But Nine Star City is not. It is a ring with a ring, with twelve ring areas, and the area is beyond imagination.

“Before I came, I heard that the Nine-Star City is huge. What I saw with my own eyes was more exaggerated than I imagined.” Sun Jianian sighed very much, “How much effort does it take to build such a giant city?”

Sha Yangzhi said next to him, “It’s not something that can be achieved by manpower. It is said that Jiuxing City is still preparing to build a new ring area today.”

“Those prominent areas are prepared for this.”

Su Bai also saw the prominent areas around the twelfth ring city wall, which were protected by tall city walls.

In detail, the outermost periphery of Jiuxing City is like a gear, bumpy and bumpy.

“I am afraid that most of these areas are used to station the hunting group.” Su Bai said, “Nine Star City is too big, and the hunting group’s station is located in the city, and it is too cumbersome to mobilize.”

“Facing the fierce beast rushing into the city, it is impossible to respond in time.”

Sun Jianian thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement, “It should be like this, and these protruding areas take care of each other, the fierce beasts rush into the recessed area, but will be attacked by the spar cannons on the three walls at the same time.”

“This design is really exquisite.”

The three landed a few miles away from the city wall and summoned their respective mounts and pets to head towards the city gate.

“Brother Su, this is the famous holy horse.” Sun Jianian looked at the white war horse with an envious look, “This kind of beast is the nemesis of mysterious gatherings, if you go to the southern front, you will definitely be able to mix well. rise.”

Su Bai smiled, “I don’t dare to talk about the wind and water, I just try my best to protect myself. As for the southern front, I will go to the platinum level sooner or later.”

“That’s true.” Sun Jianian nodded, “With Brother Su’s strength, platinum level is just around the corner.”

“Brother Sun, you’re not bad either, the complete nine-flame thunderbolt is a platinum-level beast.” Sha Yangzhi said next to him, “And with your strength, after you advance to the platinum level, you will definitely be able to obtain stronger pets, and then It is not impossible to further advance to the diamond level.”

In a few days, Sha Yangzhi had initially stepped out of the shadows.

The accident of losing his brother did not knock him down, but instead made his will firmer, and his fighting spirit was high, like a sharp blade unsheathed.

It was only recently that Su Bai came to know that above the platinum level is the diamond level, the top is the star level, and the top is the king level.

In other words, the divine fire Honghu seen in the Nether Realm before is so powerful that it can be called destroying the sky and destroying the earth.

And the huge white-boned palm, with a casual wave, can send such a level of beasts directly into the void, I am afraid that the real strength has completely surpassed the king level.

But Sun Jianian and Sha Yangzhi didn’t know what was above the king level.

They only know the king level from a few words, but such an existence has never been seen before.

Not to mention king-level, they have never even seen diamond-level beasts.

At this point, Su Bai is quite experienced.

He has not only seen the king-level, but also fought with diamond-level beasts.

Not only did he not win, but he almost lost.

While joking, the three arrived at the gate of the twelfth ring of Nine Stars City.

Handing over the ID card, the guard asked, “Are the three adults here to participate in the Imperial Beast Demonstration?”

“Exactly.” Sun Jianian nodded, “How many people have come?”

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