Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 286

“Besides, you haven’t undressed just now. I only showed up after seeing the situation clearly.”

Su Bai secretly gave a thumbs up, good brother, you are really a man!

“You said it!” The flat girl rolled up her sleeves and was about to hit someone.

“Ms. Mu, don’t be impatient for a while, and ask the matter clearly first.” A young man next to her stopped her and took two steps forward, “My friend, I think you need to give us an explanation.”

Sun Jianian said truthfully, “I was lost. I happened to see this girl, so I went up to ask for directions. I didn’t expect her to turn around and give me a slap, and I left.”

“Xuemei Mu, is that so?” the young man asked in a gentle tone.

The flat girl hesitated for a moment, then nodded, “It’s roughly the same.”

“Look, this is a misunderstanding.” Sun Jianian said quickly, “and you are too peaceful, I don’t like it.”


Su Bai suddenly felt that if he wanted to do things for the sky himself and kill this guy, forget it.

The young man pretended not to hear it, coughed and said, “Did you two also go to Jiuxing City to participate in the Imperial Beast Demonstration?”



Sun Jianian looked at Su Bai and asked inexplicably, “Brother, I see your age and state, you must be a genius in a certain city, why didn’t you participate in the imperial beasts and martial arts?”

Su Bai could not wait to punch this fool to death.

Damn it, I said that just because I didn’t want to get involved with you guys!

The young man didn’t care, smiled and said, “You should be more careful when you are out.”

“My name is Bu Jianbai and I come from Lingfeng City. These three are my juniors and juniors. Let’s go to Jiuxing City together.”

“This is Mu Lina, this is the two brothers Sha Yangping and Sha Yangzhi. 723”

Sun Jianian nodded and said, “Next Sun Jianian, from Shouyun City.”

After all, the five people turned their attention to Su Bai.

Su Bai sighed in his heart and said slowly, “My name is Su Bai, and I come from Upper East City.”

“Fuck, are you Su Bai?”

Sun Jianian made a foul language, grabbed Su Bai’s arm, and said hurriedly, “Brother, how did you kill Shi Huantian?”

Has this thing spread so widely?

Su Bai was a little puzzled.

Bu Jianbai was also a little stunned and asked, “Brother, is this true?”

“Can this be fake?” Su Bai asked rhetorically.

“Uh.” Bu Jianbai was stunned for a moment, then smiled apologetically, “Brother Su Bai, don’t take offense, it is true that we encountered several waves of robbery on the way, all of them using the name of Su Bai.”

What the hell!

Su Bai jumped up in anger and said angrily, “Who is it that ruins my reputation outside!”

Seeing this performance, Bu Jianbai felt that the person in front of him was probably the deity, and quickly said, “Brother Su, don’t be angry, we have already taught them a lesson.”

“That’s good.” Su Bai said fiercely before his anger subsided, “If I run into it, I have to beat him to death.”

After speaking, Su Bai clapped his hands, “Okay, everyone has introduced each other, and then we will go our separate ways.”


Sun Jianian stretched out his hand to hold his shoulder, “Hold on.”.

Chapter two hundred and thirteenth nine flames and thunder

Su Bai responded very directly to Sun Jianian’s actions, he picked up his fist and hit it.

“Good day!” Sun Jianian laughed heartily.

Then he was punched away.

Mulina chuckled, “Good fight.”

Sun Jianian, who flew more than ten meters away, stood up like nothing else, patted the soil on his body, and praised, “It’s really strong!”

Su Bai was a little surprised. The strength he used was not small, but this Sun Jianian was unscathed, and the right cheek that directly touched the fist didn’t have any scars.

It’s so thick skinned.

“Brother Su, your punch is stronger than our city lord.” Sun Jianian gave a thumbs up, “As expected of the recipient of the Federal Guardian Medal, it’s amazing.”

Su Bai was a little surprised, “How do you know?”

“Hey, you don’t know?” Sun Jianian was stunned for a moment, and explained, “For an honor like this, it needs to be notified to the whole of the Federation.”

“I see.” Su Bai nodded, “So you pulled me just to get punched?”

Sun Jianian waved his hands again and again and said, “No, I want to ask you, how did you defeat Shi Huantian?”

“I am now at a high level of gold, and I can tie with ordinary platinum intermediate-level beastmasters, but it is extremely difficult to win.”

“I heard that when you killed Shi Huantian, there were only gold subordinates, how did you do it?”

Su Bai’s expression was very casual, “It’s nothing, just fight normally.”

Mulina snorted disdainfully and pouted, “What is the normal fight, I think someone secretly shot it, and then put the credit on you.”

Bu Jianbai shook his head again and again, and said, “Ms. Mu, don’t talk nonsense. As far as I know, in Yuanshui City at that time, only Commander Xie was left with a platinum-level beastmaster, and he was not Shi Huantian’s opponent.”

Su Bai didn’t care about the opinions of these people, “It’s been a long time, so why bother to mention it again, if there’s nothing to do, I’ll go first.”

Sun Jianian said quickly, “Brother Su, let’s go together, we can still chat on the way.”

Su Bai summoned the Wind and Thunder War Eagle and jumped on it, “I’m used to acting alone…”


A huge bird of prey appeared next to it, with a wingspan of over thirty meters.

Sun Jianian jumped up and said with a smile, “I heard that Brother Su’s Wind and Thunder Eagle is extremely powerful, I’ve always wanted to see it.”

【Name】: Nine-flame thunderbolt

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