Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 265

“Kong…” Su Bai was speechless and asked, “Don’t tell me, there is a junior in the family of Deputy Commander Kong, who is studying at Zidian Academy, and his name is Kong Xinran.”

“Uh, I really can’t hide anything from the adults.” The sergeant was a little embarrassed and coughed a few times, “Kong Xin is the nephew of Deputy Commander Kong, and Deputy Commander Kong has not married or had children yet, so he is very caring for this nephew.”

“The Cang Yan Thunder Shadow Wolf beast egg you won is a birthday present from Deputy Commander Kong to Kong Xinran.”

Su Bai weakly covered his forehead, too lazy to complain.

Axi, it’s really a pain in the ass.

“City Lord Ran… Forget it, the city lord is probably too busy for the trials for the beasts and martial arts.” Su Bai was a little helpless, “So Deputy Commander Kong took advantage of this gap and was going to give me a show? “

The non-commissioned officer nodded, “Mostly so, your letter of appointment has actually been signed by City Lord Ran, just waiting for it to be officially entered into the Wild Hunting Group system.”

“But before that, it has to be signed off by several deputy commanders.”

Su Bai nodded. This is the right thing to do. It is impossible for the city owner to have the final say in such a large organization as the hunting group, and there must be some restraint.

“So, now only Deputy Commander Kong has not signed?” Su Bai asked.

The non-commissioned officer heard the words with a strange expression, “Two.”


Su Bai was stunned.

710 He is such a handsome young man, when did he provoke the two deputy commanders?

“The other one is Deputy Commander Yu Deze.” The sergeant seemed to hold back his smile again, “Deputy Commander Yu said that you took away his niece’s soul, and he wants to play against you.”

Yu Deze…

The corners of Su Bai’s mouth twitched, and he asked bravely, “Then Deputy Commander Yu, his niece, is it Yu Nan?”

“Master is wise!”

The non-commissioned officer immediately complimented him, but his expression was distorted, obviously he couldn’t hold back.

Su Bai jumped up and said angrily, “What does Yu Deze mean, what do you mean by me taking away his niece’s soul?”

“I am such a good young man, but I can’t listen to this!”

The non-commissioned officer was a little surprised and asked, “Lord Su Bai, don’t you know?”

Su Bai said angrily, “What do I know?”

“Uh, Captain Yu once gave a prophecy to Yu Da, saying that a person riding a holy Pegasus would marry her.” The sergeant said slowly, “Isn’t your pet of war a holy Pegasus?”

“That’s true, but there is no necessary connection between the two.” Su Bai’s voice suddenly increased eight volumes, “Whoever said this, whoever broke my innocence!”

“President An.” The non-commissioned officer answered any questions he had, and answered honestly, “At the banquet in the City Lord’s Mansion, the old man said it.”

“And the head of the fish is the proud student of Dean An, so this matter is very credible and it has already spread.”

What the hell! .

Chapter 198 Deputy Commander

After the three non-commissioned officers left, Su Bai rushed to Zidian Academy for the first time, ready to find Old Man An to practice.

However, he was told by the secretary that President An went to the City Lord’s Mansion to discuss the matter of imperial beasts and martial arts.

“Depend on!”

Su Bai walked out of Zidian Academy and raised his **** to the sky.

Talking about a hair, obviously avoiding him.

“No wonder Yu Nan’s attitude towards me changed a bit after returning from the gravel beach. It turned out to be the case.”

Su Bai understood a little.

But I was surprised.

Why did Yu Bingtong give such a prophecy?

According to his speculation, prophecy has great limitations. For such trivial matters, it is reasonable to say that there is no need to use the skill of prophecy.

“But why, with Yu Bingtong’s strength, the Yu family has nothing worthy of her planning.”

Su Bai frowned slightly, thinking secretly.

Yu Bingtong obviously belongs to the kind of person who is determined after planning and acts with a strong purpose.

In particular, she has the skill of prophecy, which occupies an innate advantage. It is too simple to want to calculate others.

“A lot of help to me can be understood as an early investment. When my strength reaches a certain level, she needs my help.”

“Yu’s family, or Yu Nan’s most prominent advantage, is the pet phantom fox, which can reach platinum level.”

“But it’s not worth the trouble. A platinum-level beastmaster is not worth mentioning in Yu Bingtong’s eyes.”

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand at all.”

Su Bai sighed and wanted to ask Yu Bingtong to clarify, but thinking of An Hezheng, they would meet in Jiuxing City, so he could only temporarily suppress his plans.

Silent all night.

Early the next morning, Su Bai came to the branch of the Wilderness Hunting Group in the Upper East City.

This is a complex of buildings also located in the second ring, adhering to the consistent style of federal official buildings.

Just one word, big.

The central area is obviously the high-rise office area of ​​the deputy commander, and the buildings are particularly tall and mighty.

Surrounded by auxiliary facilities, a large number of soldiers of the logistics system work here.

Su Bai came to the large conference room under the leadership of yesterday’s non-commissioned officer.

This is a large conference room large enough to accommodate hundreds of people, but at this time only seven people were seated in the front podium.

They vary in age, but they are generally in their 50s and above, with a firm expression and no anger.

Wearing the uniforms of the hunting group, from the badges on their shoulders, they are the deputy commanders.

“Su Bai, deputy head of the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment, has met all the officers…”

Su Bai bowed.

“You are Su Bai. You are indeed a young talent. You are too young.”

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