Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 231

The Corps of Skeletons appeared.

Due to the unremitting efforts of the mutant wolf dogs, the number of beast corpses in the valley has increased wildly. At first glance, there are at least 50,000 skeleton creatures.

The gilded tiger in the underworld was immediately submerged in the bones.

But Su Bai was not worried.

The defense of the gilded tiger in the underworld is very strong. These are only silver-level skeletal creatures and cannot cause damage to it.

Not even the corrosive poisonous mist of fusion worms.

As for the mourning faces on the fusion worm, that little mental pollution is nothing to the gilded tiger of the underworld with soul defense.

The gilded tiger in the underworld is huge in size and flexible in movement. It jumps back and forth between the skeletal creatures, and can smash a lot of it every time it hits the ground.


Flesh and blood flew all over the fusion worm, and Su Bai couldn’t stand it, let alone the fusion worm. .

Chapter 174: The Last Battle of Ghost Wolf

The ghost wolf was covered in blood, staring at the two pets in front of him.

It’s reaching its limit.

One-on-one, even that platinum intermediate-level scorpion, it can defeat it.

Coupled with Xuanzang Mink, it can be barely tied.

But with Shi Huantian, it’s different.

Equivalent to one against three.

This pursuit, from the beginning to the present, has only been half a day, but it can feel that it is coming to an end.

“Little black, run away.”

Noyce was guarded by dozens of Cangyan Thunder Shadow Wolves and Black Flame Wolves, and looked at the Ghost Wolf with tears in his eyes.

She is the last blood wolf clan member.

This demon girl attacked them with the lackeys of the Redemption Society. The patriarch died, and the rest of the elderly and children died.

She was the only one left, and was rescued by Xiao Hei.

For this, more than 30 Cangyan Thunder Shadow Wolves paid the price with their lives and stayed behind.

Noyce knew that with Xiao Hei’s strength, he wanted to escape easily.

But in order to save her, it chose to retreat while fighting.

There are less than 40 of the wolf **** guards with a total of more than 300 left, and all the others died on the way.

The culprit who caused everything was the woman in front of him.

Her strength is unbelievable, that huge scorpion, even Xiao Hei can’t resist.

If the wolf **** hadn’t protected Xiao Hei, it would have fallen long ago.

But the battle has now reached its limit, and even standing is 700 tired.

“Xiao Hei, let’s go and leave me alone.” Noyce’s eyes flashed decisively, he took out a dagger from his bosom and pressed it to his throat, “As long as I die, you will be free.”

Ow ooh.

The ghost wolf let out a hurried howl, urging his subordinates to grab the dagger.

But they were all entangled by the beastmasters of the Redemption Society, and it was a little difficult to maintain the defensive formation. It was too late to turn around and grab the dagger!

Shi Huantian laughed wildly, “It’s really touching, little girl, don’t worry, you will walk together on Huangquan Road!”

call out…

clap clap.

The continuous signal bombs exploded, and everyone present was stunned for a moment. When Black Flame Wolf took the opportunity to grab Noyce’s dagger, Ghost Wolf breathed a sigh of relief.

Shi Huantian was shocked.

Fusion Worms Happened!

With such a dense number of flares, unless it is life and death, her subordinates will not be so gaffe!

“But how is that possible!” Shi Huantian gritted his teeth, “Xie Hongjun was confined in Yuanshui City and couldn’t move. Even if the city defense army came out in full force, they wouldn’t even want to touch the fusion worm.”

“In the end what happened?”

Shi Huantian suddenly felt blessed and thought of a person.

Su Bai.

Although according to the information, he was locked in Zidian Academy by An Hezheng, but based on Shi Huantian’s understanding of An Hezheng, that old fox would not do such a boring thing.

If Su Bai was not in Zidian Academy, where would he be?

In order for Su Bai to represent Zidian Academy, An Hezheng did not hesitate to take out a platinum-level beast egg.

And Su Bai’s three-headed pets are already full, and it is impossible to contract again.

Unless, he is promoted to gold level.

The best way to level up quickly is to fight.

The beasts outside Shangdong City suffered repeated blows, and even the king of the beasts, Yanxue Longxiang, was killed.

And with that kid’s popularity, it’s obviously unrealistic to want to hunt safely around the Upper East City.

Well, there is only one answer.

Yuanshui City.

Due to the appearance of the ghost wolf, the number of wolves increased sharply, Yuanshui City sent a signal for help, and the surrounding cities sent support.

Xiao Manyu is An Hezheng’s proud student. If she makes a request, An Hezheng will not sit idly by.

When other students came to Yuanshui City, they made up the numbers, and it was a question whether they could even get there.

Only that Su Bai, whose fighting power was unbelievably strong, could travel alone thousands of miles of wilderness to reach Yuanshui City.

Although the other party only has the silver level in the intelligence, Shi Huantian will not take it lightly. She suspects that the holy son Bieqizhi has suffered a big loss in his hands, so he has not appeared so far.

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