Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 23

The only exception is Yang Lejia.

He directly asked for half a month’s leave, and when he came back, he turned into a senior black iron, but judging from his haggard expression, he must have suffered a lot.

This made Su Bai a little surprised that this guy was able to persevere.

The college entrance examination passed smoothly like this. Su Bai’s grades were high, but it was not too exaggerated. It was in his plan.

“Brother, which college did you apply for?” Yang Lejia asked excitedly.

“Purple Electric Beastmaster Academy.”.

Chapter 17 Wild Hunt Camp

Yu Nan did what she said. Within two days after the college entrance examination, she and Xiong Xingbang appeared at the door of the house on time.


Just one word.

Su Bai was not surprised. Instead, he was a little excited. Finally, he was able to let go of his hands and feet completely and start fighting.

He has been to the federal training ground and the hunting ground, and he has only one feeling.


The vicious beasts inside are too low in aggression, and there are only a few types. His Sky Steel Crow entered a one-sided slaughter, with no fighting passion at all.

Mei Pingliang was a little worried, but didn’t say anything, just told Su Bai to eat on time.

Su Jiangang’s eyes were full of relief that his child had grown up.

Su Yan’s face was flushed, and he was more excited than going to the wasteland himself.

“The admission letter of Zidian Beastmaster Academy has arrived. When I’m not here, you can go to see the house and bring me a message. I’ll go directly when the time comes.” Su Bai said.

“Xiao Bai, we’ll wait for you.” Mei Pingliang insisted, “We’ll be here waiting for you to come back.”

“Okay.” Su Bai nodded, stopped talking, and followed Yu Nan into the car.

After Su Bai left, Mei Pingliang’s tears could no longer be stopped.

“Boy Su, don’t be so rigid.” Yu Nan sat in the co-pilot, looked back at Su Bai and said, “We’ll be at the station of our regiment soon, so be happy.”

Su Bai thought about it and said sincerely, “I’m thinking about a question, is the head of the regiment there?”

Until now, Su Bai has not forgotten why he joined the thirteenth hunting group in the first place, wasn’t it all because of the words of the leader.

“I’m sorry to tell you, I’m not here,” Yu Nan explained, “Our head will only appear when the king of beasts is finally hunted, and he rarely comes to hunt the desert.”

Su Bai was speechless, it was a good time to be a shopkeeper, it was too comfortable.

“Is there anything I need to pay attention to about opening a hunting ground?” Su Bai asked. Although he checked some information, he found very little.

“Just a little bit, save your life.” Yu Nan’s expression was serious, “No matter how powerful the beastmaster is, he can’t resist the attack of the beast tide, so don’t provoke the beast group.”

“In addition, when the wasteland is reclaimed, there will be free beastmasters who will come to hunt and kill the beasts in exchange for rewards.”

“Little Su, remember, sometimes, humans are more dangerous than beasts. Don’t expose your cards easily.”

Su Bai was startled, even Yun Nan said so, it seems that the internal struggle of mankind is still very fierce.

“Of course, you are a black iron-level beastmaster. As long as you don’t cause trouble, no one will care about you.” Yu Nan smiled.

Su Bai pursed his lips secretly, thinking in his heart, you are an intermediate silver beastmaster, and you are only seven levels higher than me…

Xiong Xingbang drove directly out of the city, and there were few people along the way.

Most humans would not leave the city unless it was absolutely necessary. Even in the place next to the city wall, there might be high-level beasts lurking, ready to hunt and kill humans at any time.

This was very common in the past, and although it has become much safer in recent years, it is not foolproof.

Go straight all the way, and soon come to a huge camp.

There are pets everywhere, flying in the sky and running on the ground.

If you don’t know it, you might even think that you are in the gathering place of beasts.

Su Bai was a little surprised.

Yu Nan explained, “Out of the city, you don’t need to abide by federal laws. Most beastmasters take their pets with them just in case.”

It turned out that, Su Bai nodded clearly.

When Yu Nan got off the car, someone next to him shouted, “Beauty Yu, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I miss you so much.”

“Bah, you can’t wait for me to die outside!” Yu Nan directly pointed his **** back, and his sturdy aura was undoubtedly revealed.

“Old Bear, go for a drink tonight.” Someone came over to say hello.

The three of them walked forward slowly. Next to this camp, there was a smaller camp.

This should be the temporary base of the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment. Compared with the messy camp next to it, it is simply outrageous.

“Guys, come out quickly, our new members are here.” Xiong Xingbang’s broken gongs made Su Bai dizzy.

In a moment, twenty or so beastmasters appeared out of nowhere, searching around with excited eyes.

“Where is it?”

“I heard that he is a handsome guy. Our team is about to be decided. Don’t grab it.”

“Sister Li, what you said is too much. Our team is also short of people.”

“Captain Guan Penghai is right, Sister Li, you are a little unruly.”

“Bah, two little bastards, dare to refute Sister Li, don’t you remember who raised you?”

“Damn it, Sister Li, what do you mean by that, am I older than you!”

Hearing the messy quarrel in his ears, Yu Nan felt a little ashamed.

“Shut up, look at your appearance, people will be scared away by you!”

To be honest, Su Bai was a little scared.

Is this into a hunting group?

This is really into a den of thieves!

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