Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 223

Sure enough, Xuan Sheng Diao directly attacked the explosive flame Huiyuanshi by relying on the shadow escape.

The only thing that is gratifying is that the lion’s body is too big, and the body of the sable is too small, so the damage it can cause is limited.

But if it wasn’t for the explosive flame Huiyuan Lion reaching the lower level of platinum, it would have killed it in one fell swoop.

The abdomen was injured, affecting its flexibility.

“Shi Huantian, you are courting death!” Geng Chun was furious, his dark face flushed, “I originally let you go because you didn’t provoke Yuanshui City, but I didn’t expect you to be so mad, so don’t blame me. Ruthless!”

“This is the best joke I’ve ever heard.” Shi Huantian laughed loudly, “If you can’t beat it, you can’t beat it. Why are you looking for so many reasons!”

“Xuanyu Mink, summon meteorites!”

Su Bai’s heart was beating wildly, and his sense of danger was brought to the extreme.

Summoning Meteorite is a legendary skill. Even if there is no talent bonus, the power will be extremely terrifying if it is released by the platinum subordinate Xuanzang Sable.

“Don’t think about it!” Geng Chun was furious, turning on the projection and rushing towards Shi Huantian.

The blasting flame Huiyuan lion also spewed out fire again and again, attacking Xuanzang mink.

However, Xuanzang Sable hid directly in the shadows, and the fireball hit it, except for the mud and splashes, it could not cause any damage to it at all.

What a strong skill!

Su Bai’s heart skipped a beat, he didn’t feel anything when the ghost wolf and Xuanzang were fighting before.

Now it seems that this Xuansang Sable just can’t beat the Ghost Wolf. When facing the Blazing Flame Huiyuan Lion, although the talent and skills are not strong, it is very restrained against this type of pet.

In just an instant, Xuanzang Miner completed the summoning of the meteorite, and a huge stone with a diameter of tens of meters appeared in the sky and smashed to the ground with firelight.

The target is the central area of ​​the combat force.

If this is true, the silver-level beastmaster will not even think of surviving, and even the gold-level beastmaster will be seriously injured.

At the critical moment, Xie Hongjun summoned his pets and threw out the ice spear technique one after another.

Under the continuous ice spear technique, the fire on the meteorite’s surface gradually extinguished, and then, with the assistance of other gold-level beastmasters, it directly smashed the huge meteorite into the air.

The calamity of the combat troops has been avoided, but the battle is still going on, and the mutant wolf dog is the biggest enemy.

A large number of mutant wolf dogs are coming in the distance, but there is no reinforcements on the human side!

Xie Hongjun’s pet is a huge spider with a light blue body and a dazzling luster.

【Name】: Northland cold wind spider

[Current level]: Platinum lower level

[Talent]: 1. Icy Bloodline (Legendary) 2. Hardened Carapace (Rare) 3. Poison Immunity (Epic) 4. Lurking (Rare)

[Skills]: 1. Poison Fang (rare) 2. Ice Lance (Epic) 3. Ice Protection (Epic) 4. Acceleration (Rare) 5. Refractor Mirror (Rare)

The overall attributes are a bit worse than those of the Exploding Flame Huiyuan Lion, but the ice spear and ice body protection will greatly improve the attack and defense capabilities of the Northland Cold Wind Spider with the blessing of the cold blood.

In fact, the two sides are still on a par.

One thing that made Su Bai more concerned was the ability to refract the magic mirror. He felt that this skill would make Shi Huantian suffer a big loss.

“Refractive mirror…~!”

Xie Hongjun gave the order.

Mirrors formed by countless smooth ice surfaces appeared in mid-air, refracting sunlight from different angles.

“Fuck, shadowless lamp!”

Su Bai was stunned, this skill is really Tian Ke Xuan’s death.

There is no shadow at all, and you still have a hair?

Shi Huantian released his skills and shattered the refraction mirror, but soon, a new mirror appeared.

“I really underestimate you.” Shi Huantian sneered, “It seems that you are not going to be real, you can’t be solved.”

“Reproachful ghost scorpion.”

Following Shi Huantian’s voice, a huge scorpion with a length of more than 30 meters appeared behind her.

The dark and shiny carapace, huge and powerful pincers, and sharp tail hooks all show the horror of this pet.

【Name】: Guilty Scorpion

[Current Level]: Platinum Intermediate

[Talent]: 1. Cursed Domain (Legend) 2. Hardened Carapace (Rare) 3. Ghost Body (Epic) 4. Poison Enhancement (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. Armor Break (Epic) 2. Giant Power (Epic) 3. Sweep (Rare) 4. Heavy Strike (Rare) 5. Bone-turning Scorpion Venom (Epic)

Platinum Intermediate!

Su Bai finally knew why Shi Huantian dared to appear alone.

She actually has two platinum-level pets!

And the main pet has reached the platinum intermediate level!

Geng Chun and Xie Hongjun’s faces became extremely ugly.

The battle pets of the two of them can be evenly matched in the face of Xuanzang Sable, but it is not enough to fight against this resentful ghost scorpion.

But things have come to this point, can only bite the bullet.

Fortunately, there was only one person in Shi Huantian, and after Geng Chun and Xie Hongjun turned on the projection, their combat power was not weak, and they were barely able to maintain the situation.

Geng Chun returned to Yuanshi with Explosive Flame to find the Ghost Scorpion of Resentment, while the Northland Cold Wind Spider was staring at Xuansang Diao.

Xie Hongjun found Shi Huantian himself.

He doesn’t believe that Shi Huantian can still have a third platinum-level pet.

Everyone’s projection pets are gold-level, and there will be no repressive difference in combat power.

The battle between the platinum level will be indistinguishable for a while.

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