Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 216

“Ding, kill the silver high-level mutant wolf dog and get 250 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the silver intermediate mutant wolf dog and get 115 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the silver top mutant wolf dog and get 280 experience points.”

Su Bai frowned slightly as he looked at the wreckage on the ground.

In less than one night, the number of these mutant wolf dogs seemed to be out of control.

He had only walked for less than half an hour when he encountered hundreds of mutant wolf dogs.

But Su Bai can also understand.

Although the mutated wolf dog’s talent and skills are not strong at the gold level, it is more than enough to slaughter silver-level beasts.

Around Yuanshui City, there are countless silver-level wind-toothed wolves and blasting wolves. As long as they are bitten by mutant wolf dogs, they will be assimilated.

And the original mutant wolf dog, there are a thousand heads!

“Look at the ghost wolf and ask if there is a way to control the growth rate of the mutant wolf dog.”

After making up his mind, Su Bai went straight to the blood wolf tribe valley.

At the mouth of the valley, there are dozens of Cangyan Thunder Shadow Wolves. After seeing Su Bai, they first let out a low whimper, and then slowly moved out of the way.

These were all attacking the Redemption Association base with the Ghost Wolf, and naturally they remembered the smell on Su Bai’s body.

Walking into the valley, Noyce was running with the ghost wolf.

“Lord Shen Shu, 693 you are finally here.” Noyce showed a happy smile, “I said you will come back, Xiao Hei still doesn’t believe it.”

Su Bai squinted at the ghost wolf, and found that there was disappointment in this guy’s eyes.

Could this guy want me to die outside? Su Bai secretly complained, although the intelligence of high-level beasts is indeed not low, but this ghost wolf is a little too clever.

“Young man, you’re here.” The patriarch walked over leaning on crutches, “I forgot to ask before, have you met that witch?”

“Demon girl?” Su Bai thought for a while, then gestured at Shi Huantian’s figure with his hand, “Is it like this?”

The patriarch’s eyes showed piercing hatred, “Yes, it’s her. If she hadn’t secretly attacked and killed the three chief warriors, our blood wolf clan would not have collapsed and fallen so quickly.”

Su Bai really wanted to say that with Shi Huantian’s strength, even if you didn’t make a sneak attack, you wouldn’t be able to beat her.

It’s just that considering the age of the patriarch, it would be no fun if he was stimulated to burp.

Although the members of these tribes are all silver and gold, they are at the top of gold, and it is not realistic to fight against Shi Huantian.

Even if you don’t need skills and only rely on normal attacks, the platinum lower-level Xuande Sable is not something that the gold-level wolf king can resist.

Previously, Su Bai observed outside the valley, and if there were no flashes, he would not have been able to escape its secret attack.

Shadow escape is really hard to guard against. .

Chapter 163 Support (added for book friend hzcjxy1)

Gao Shunfei is an elite member of the fifty-seventh famine hunting regiment, a lower-level beastmaster of silver.

The 57th regiment he belonged to had a total of 300 people, the regiment leader plus two deputy regiments, and the quartermaster, all of whom were gold-level beastmasters.

Down below are a total of sixty silver-level members, divided into six teams.

It wasn’t long before Gao Shunfei entered the silver level, and his strength was not in place, so naturally he couldn’t be a team leader.

But being an elite team member is not bad, and the pay is very generous.

Secondly, there are more than 200 bronze-level ordinary members, who are responsible for assisting the elite members.

The 57th Regiment has three affiliated regiments, all of which are black iron and bronze-level beastmasters. Their usual task is to maintain the hunting grounds of the 57th Regiment.

Hunting grounds are the main source of income for the hunting group.

This time, I heard that there were mutant wolf dogs outside Yuanshui City. The 57th regiment, the 7th regiment, the 8th regiment, and the 122nd regiment were dispatched at the same time. Together with the subordinate affiliated regiments, the total number exceeded 2,000.

With such a big battle, Gao Shunfei felt that the city owner was making a fuss.

Isn’t it just wolves, there are many outside Yuanshui City, and they will flood every few years. As long as they kill each other inside, the number will naturally decline.

It’s just that the order is down, and they have to obey.

There should have been a city defense army fighting together.

Who would have thought that the city wall on the sixth ring had exploded, and the beast rushed in through the gap, killing more than 20,000 people.

Even if the truth cannot be investigated as soon as possible, Commander Xie will be impeached and demoted.

While Gao Shunfei was thinking about it, a comrade in arms walked beside him.

“Xiao Gao, have you heard that everyone from this redemption meeting is here.”

“Really?” Gao Shunfei had never fought against the members of the Redemption Society before, so he couldn’t help but get excited and said again and again, “I heard that the achievements in killing the members of the Redemption Society are very rich, I must kill two more.”

“That’s not right.” Someone came over next to him, “The head of the 1st, 2nd and 2nd regiments was just because they participated in the battle with the Redemption Society and obtained the silver-level ferocious beast eggs by virtue of their military exploits. The single Black Flame Wolf cub is now a Gold Intermediate!”

Gao Shunfei didn’t know about such a secret, and he was even more excited now.

Between the conversations, a burly man came over.

“You bastards, what are you talking about…”

“Ah, I have seen the deputy head, we are talking about mutant wolf dogs.”

The other people hurriedly made excuses to get away.

“Shunfei, please order with me during this time, and your sister asks me to take care of you.” The deputy head of the group, Zhu Kuan, smiled, “When I go back to the city this time and go home for dinner, your sister has been talking about you for a long time.”

Gao Shunfei touched his head and showed a simple and honest smile, “Okay, deputy head.”

“You kid, what can you say to my brother-in-law, we are not in the city, so we don’t need to pay so much attention.” Zhu Kuan shook his head helplessly, “I heard that the head of the regiment is planning to expand, I will help you find a captain’s post when the time comes, and work hard. , you will be promoted to Gold Rank as soon as possible, and you will have the position of Deputy Head.”

“Many thanks to the deputy regiment… Thank you brother-in-law for your kindness.” Gao Shunfei was a little bit awkward, not used to this kind of thing.

Just as Zhu Kuan was about to speak, a sharp horn sounded suddenly in his ears.

“Enemy attack, prepare for battle!” Zhu Kuan shouted loudly in a conditioned reflex, “Maintain the front line and fire flares!”

call out…

A red signal flare shot up into the sky, blasting a striking light cluster.

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