Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 212

“It should be, I think he is the rank of second lieutenant.” Su Bai said.

“That’s him, I haven’t received any relevant news here, you wait a moment.” The affairs officer recruited others to explain a few words, and then said, “I have asked my colleagues to investigate, and the results will be available soon.”

An ominous premonition floated in Su Bai’s heart.

After two minutes, the person sent by the affairs officer came back and said, “I asked the city defense army, but I didn’t receive a report from Chen Tianhua.”


Su Bai was a little puzzled, but now is not the time to worry about it, “I need to meet the city owner, the matter is urgent.”

The affairs officer showed a professional smile, “This lord, what’s the matter?”

“Redemption will appear.” Su Bai said.

He knew that if he didn’t tell the story, the affairs officer would not inform the city lord.

In the depths of the affairs officer’s eyes, he could see panic and unease. Obviously, he was extremely resistant to waking up the city lord.

“The Redemption Society.” The affairs officer was startled, then quickly calmed down, “The Redemption Society only operates outside the city, and they can’t enter Yuanshui City.”

“Only the Redemption Society naturally doesn’t need to worry about it.” Su Bai suppressed his anger and said, “But the Redemption Society created a worm by imitating the gluttonous blood vine, which can raise the level of the beast.”

“There are also mutant wolf dogs, which have assimilation skills. Canine beasts bitten by them will be assimilated into mutant wolf dogs.”

The affairs officer looked at Su Bai with the eyes of a fool, obviously not believing it.

Redemption will have this technology, can the Federation know?

Xiao Manyu couldn’t stand it any longer, and said on the side, “You just need to inform the city lord. Just tell the city lord what you said. The city lord will decide whether to meet us or not.”

The affairs officer was a little embarrassed. Xiao Manyu was the dean of the Mercury Academy, with a high status, and he himself reached the top level of gold. He was one of the most important figures in Yuanshui City.

But to wake up the city lord, the affairs officer refused.

“We haven’t received any relevant reports from the City Defense Army and the Wild Hunting Corps, so we can’t make a decision based on this gentleman’s words alone.” “

“If anything happens, please come back tomorrow morning.”

Su Bai was speechless.

This Yuanshui City is too outrageous, and it is so perfunctory when it comes to the redemption meeting.

Xiao Manyu was also a little sullen, “What if I have to see the city owner?”

The affairs officer still had a professional smile, “I also ask Dean Xiao not to embarrass us.”

When everyone was deadlocked, several people ran over quickly, and one of them turned out to be the adjutant who had just left.

“Sir, you’re here, it’s great.” The adjutant looked a little flustered, and said quickly, “When I went back, I saw that there was a change in the fifth ring. I went to check, but found that Second Lieutenant Chen was attacked and killed.”

Su Bai was shocked.

Chen Tianhua is dead?

Or die in the city?

This time, the affairs officer also discovered the seriousness of the matter.

Although Chen Tianhua is only the commander of the city defense army in the sixth ring, he also represents the official of Yuanshui City no matter what.

Now he was assassinated in the fifth ring.

In addition to the fact that this young man kept saying that redemption would appear, could it be said that there was also a redemption meeting in the city?

“Quick, inform the Lord of the City!” The affairs officer was a little flustered, “President Xiao, please come with me.”

Just as everyone was about to enter the City Lord’s Mansion, they suddenly heard an earth-shattering sound behind them.

Immediately afterwards, a violent shock wave swept through.

Su Bai stabilized his body, turned his head to look, and was immediately shocked by the scene in front of him.

There was an explosion on the city wall of the sixth ring, and several explosions occurred at the same time. In the sky-high fire, you could see a huge gap in the city wall.

Near the city wall, the houses have all collapsed, and countless civilians are wailing in the ruins.

More, it was covered in blood, lying motionless on the ground, and most of them were directly killed by the shock.


Countless flares shot up into the sky, and obviously, the city defense army in the sixth ring suffered a lot of attacks.

The harsh siren also came.

It’s a beast!

The situation was obvious. The Redemption Society blew up the city wall by some means, and the beasts outside the city naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity, rushing directly into the sixth ring and slaughtering frantically.

This time, the situation was more dangerous than the beast tide in the Upper East City.

The Upper East City fought against the beasts by relying on the city wall. Even so, there were still tens of thousands of casualties.

This time, the sixth ring city wall of Yuanshui City was directly bombed, although there were only a few gaps, not all of them collapsed.

But in this level of explosion, the city defense forces stationed behind the city walls will be devastated.

To mobilize an effective defense, it must be mobilized from a more inner ring.

Over and over again, casualties will increase dramatically.

This time, the entire Yuanshui City woke up.

“Who dares to be presumptuous here!”

An angry roar sounded from the city lord’s mansion, and a burly body broke out of the window and flew towards the sixth ring.

“It’s Lord City Lord!” The affairs officer seemed to have found the backbone and said again and again, “The Lord City Lord has taken action, and things will calm down soon.”

At the same time as the city lord appeared, another person also flew up, and at the same time, a large number of city defense troops marched towards the outer ring area.

“It’s Lord Xie Hongjun, the commander of the city defense army.” The office officer’s excited words were not easy. “The mere redemption meeting will soon be eliminated.”

Su Bai didn’t think so.

From the death of Chen Tianhua to the explosion of the city wall, there is a strangeness everywhere.

After the platinum-level city lord and the city defense army commander shot, the unrest in the sixth ring quickly subsided.

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