Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 197

Da da da.

Rapid footsteps from far to near.

A petite figure rushed out from behind the bushes, followed by five big men.

“Stinky girl, stop.”

“Don’t let me catch you, or I’ll rip you off.”

Looking at the little girl who came straight at him, Su Bai was numb.

Do the people of Redemption like to be young so much? .

Chapter 148: Blood Wolf Tribe

I still remember the last time the little girl was chased and killed, which led to the laboratory of the Redemption Society.

This time, the little girl fled frantically again, not knowing what to do.

But the next second, Su Bai felt that it didn’t look like it.

The little girl’s dress was completely different from that of the Federation. She was actually wearing clothes made of animal skins, and there were two red marks on the underside of her eyes.

“Will the redemption be so fun?” Su Bai secretly gave a thumbs up, “The cosplays are all out.”

“Grumbling babes ahba.”

The little girl rushed in front of Su Bai, opening her mouth with a strange string of syllables.

“The level of business is really high!” Su Bai secretly praised once again, “There will be such a skill in redemption. If you create two more fusion ants, why not worry about the big things?”


This time, the little girl finally spoke the Federal language, but it was awkward.

“I saw at a glance that you are not a normal person, you are a spy of the Redemption Society!”

Su Bai’s voice sounded like thunder, causing the little girl and the five men to stop.

“Brother, this kid seems to have a problem with his brain.” Someone among the men said, “Anyway, if you catch one, you will be caught, and if you catch two, you will be caught. If you catch one more, the Holy Maiden will reward us.”


Su Bai’s eyes narrowed.

This title, except for the Redemption Society, will not be used by others.

Because it’s too shameful.

Another man retorted, “No, the Holy Maiden needs normal people, this kid is obviously mentally retarded.”

“That’s not right,” said the third man. “He can see that we are members of the Redemption Society, and our intelligence is quite high.”

The fourth man nodded and agreed, “You’re right, why don’t you just kill it.”

“What you said is correct.” The fifth person raised his hand, “I agree with the statement upstairs.”

Su Bai blushed.

In vain, he claims to be the nemesis of redemption, and he can still admit the wrong person.

Of course, it is not excluded that these people are still acting.

Yes, it must be like this, nothing can deceive these sharp eyes.

“Boy, it’s unlucky for you to meet the five tigers dividing Yuanshui City in our redemption meeting…” the burly man said, “Although I don’t know why you want to save this little girl from the blood wolf clan, it doesn’t matter, you just need to You know, next year’s day is your death day!”

After speaking, the men waved their hands and called out their pets.

All-in-one burst wolf.

【Name】: Smashing Wolf

[Current level]: Gold lower level

[Talent]: 1. Bloodline of the Wolf King (Epic) 2. Steel Fang (Rare) 3. Ferocious (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. Explosive Slap (rare) 2. Triple Strike (Epic) 3. Bite (Normal) 4. Heavy Strike (Rare)

Except for the leader of the Broken Wolf King, who reached the lower level of gold, the remaining four were all top-level silver.

Su Bai couldn’t help but treat these five men differently. Although his words were funny, his strength was good.

“Golden Tiger in the Underworld, come out to fight.”

Su Bai summoned his pet, then looked down at the little girl and asked, “Are you also a member of the Redemption Society?”

“The Redemption Society…is the enemy!” The little girl said with deep disgust in her eyes, “My name is…Noyce, and I am a member of the Blood Wolf clan.”

Blood wolf clan?

Su Bai recalled again and again and was sure that he had never heard of such a name, but the name of the tribe was unusual.

“There are still primitive tribes in the wild now?” Su Bai was puzzled. “With the madness of beasts, how did they survive?”

On the other side, the men were furious when they saw that Su Bai ignored them so much.

“Boss, he looks down on you!” The second man started to fight. “Faced with our Redemption Association’s five tiger generals, Yuanshui City, he only sent a pet of war. I suspect that he is a black iron.”

“Second brother, what you said is wrong.” The third man shook his head, “This kid is very confident.”

“Second brother, shut up, you are raising other people’s ambitions and destroying your own prestige.” The old man scolded desperately, “Don’t talk nonsense, give it to me!”

“Breaking Slap!”

“Three hits!”

The boss laughed wildly, looking at the gilded tiger in the underworld as if he was looking at a corpse. “Take the move, my explosive slap with three consecutive hits and heavy hits, even if it is a defensive pet, don’t try to block it!”

“The boss is mighty!”

The other four complimented each other, and then commanded their own blasting wolf to keep up with the blasting slap.

It’s just that their Smashing Wolf doesn’t have the triple strike skill, and the power is much worse.


The Golden Tiger of the Underworld looked back at the Broken Wolf King who slapped its paw on its butt, but didn’t react.

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