Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 187

“This dagger is soaked with bone-eating venom, you die…”

Under Li Cuilian’s horrified gaze, Su Bai patted his **** and stood up.

“I didn’t believe you in the first place.” Su Bai said lightly, “I never believe in coincidences.”

“It’s not realistic for you to escape the attack of the fusion queen just because you are old and young.”

“You’re not Li Ming’s granddaughter, are you?”

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

Li Cuilian’s eyes flashed fiercely, and she summoned her pet.

【Name】: Soul Reaper Red Snake

[Current level]: Gold lower level

[Talent]: 1. Latent (rare) 2. Poisonous (Epic) 3. Poison Immunity (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. Soul Reaper (Epic) 2. Bone-Eating Venom (Epic) 3. Acceleration (Rare) 4. Piercing (Rare)

A red and black two-meter-long poisonous snake was entangled on Li Cuilian’s shoulders, spitting out letters.

Li Cuilian was very puzzled, stared at Su Bai and said, “Very poisonous and bone-eroding venom, why can you live?”

“I am lucky.” Su Bai said lightly, “Actually, I am immune to all poisons.”

“Impossible!” Li Cuilian screamed, “No one can survive the attack of my Soul Repelling Red Snake.”


“That’s it?” Su Bai curled his lips in disdain, and said, “Among the people I’ve ever met, the Huahualess Rock Turtle of the Holy Son of Redemption will be able to beat you to death.”

“You mean Bie Qizhi?” Li Cuilian’s eyes flashed fiercely, “No wonder he didn’t show up for so long, he really betrayed the Redemption Society after he got the Flaming Blood Dragon Elephant!”

“That’s right.” Su Bai nodded and said, “He is Ran Hongji’s guest now.”

“Damn it!” Li Cuilian screamed again and again, smashing Li Ming’s head with one foot, “Damn it all!”

Su Bai was in a rage. Li Ming was bewitched by Soul Seizure and took Li Cuilian as his granddaughter. Under the pursuit of the ant colony, he even wanted to use his body to delay Li Cuilian.

Now it has ended up like this.

The people of the Redemption Society should be killed.

Feeling Su Bai’s killing intent, Li Cuilian was stunned for a moment, then laughed wildly, “Are you sympathizing with this old man? No, you met him by chance, are you sympathizing with him?”

“This hypocritical emotion is disgusting!”

“This group of people broke into the forbidden area of ​​my redemption meeting. It’s not a pity to die. I originally wanted to tease him again, but I didn’t expect you to appear, so I changed my mind and played a scene to attract you.”

“But I don’t want to, this is actually self-destruction.”

Su Bai looked indifferent and raised his right hand, “I am a hypocritical person, and I cannot abandon these so-called hypocritical feelings, so I am destined to become an enemy with your redemption.”

“Blast Slash!”

A wind blade flashed by, Li Cuilian clutched her throat, and when she was dying, a glimmer of enlightenment flashed in her eyes.

“You are… Su…”

With a plop, the headless body fell to the ground. predict.

Chapter 141 Candy

After killing the beastmaster of the Redemption Society, Su Bai found the space ring and pinched it, and gained about 200,000 contribution points.

“No wonder it’s so chaotic in the wild, it’s much faster than hunting beasts to earn money.”

After processing the materials, Su Bai found a cave nearby and meandered underground.

This is obviously the laboratory of the Redemption Society. There are a lot of corpse fragments stored in the corner with ice-based skills. In a transparent container, strange-shaped fusion creatures are soaked.

After confirming that there is no valuable material, Su Bai released Liuli Industry Fire and burned everything here.

“These people have gone to great lengths to create fusion ants here, obviously not for fun.”

Su Bai secretly said, “The ability of the fusion queen to summon the ant colony should not be underestimated. There are so many silver low-level gold-devouring ants. In the case of a sneak attack, it is not a problem to directly break through the stronghold.”

“But when the flame-blood dragon elephant fought before, why didn’t the Redemption Society send these fusion queens?”

“There was chaos at the time, and there were two or three thousand silver-level gold-devouring ants, enough to break through the defense line of the federal beastmaster, causing a lot of casualties.”

“Unless, they’re not a gang.”

“Then Li Cuilian directly called the Holy Son Bie Qizhi’s name without any sense of respect. It is reasonable to infer that she belongs to another force within the Redemption Society.”

“In other words, the laboratory here actually belongs to a senior member of the Redemption Society whose status is no weaker than that of the Son of God.”

“Further speculating, judging from the style of the Redemption Society, could it be said that the wolf pack outside Yuanshui City is also a good thing they did?”

In the sky-high firelight, Su Bai stood on top of Xuanjing’s head, pondering, and continued to set off towards Yuanshui City.

No matter what, he will continue to upgrade, and the destruction of the laboratory of the Redemption Society this time is purely accidental.

If it weren’t for Li Cuilian’s nonsense, he wouldn’t have discovered this place at all.

Therefore, when encountering an enemy, you must not ink it, directly kill it and pull it down, it is easy to overturn the car.

Li Cuilian is the best example.

If she directly killed Li Ming and others near Han Vanilla, how could there be so many things behind?

Su Bai looked up to the sky and sighed, “If you don’t die, you won’t die, so be warned.”

Two hours after Su Bai left, a group of beastmasters wearing redemption cloaks appeared from the jungle, looking at the ruins burned by the fire, silent.

“who is it!”

The leading beastmaster shouted angrily, listening to the voice, it was a young woman.

A beastmaster behind her said, “My Lady, could it be that the lackeys of the Federation discovered this place and sent people to attack while we were away?”

Another beastmaster shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. The eyeliners we placed in the Upper East City and nearby strongholds did not issue a warning, indicating that there was no group of hunters dispatched.”

“Don’t you want to say that a passing senior beastmaster did it?” The previous beastmaster expressed doubts, and his tone was arrogant, “We have six fusion ant queens here, and two gold-level beasts. division.”

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