Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 179

The experience value is rising, is there anything happier than this?

And thanks to the synchronization of levels, the Xuanjing Turtle and the Nether Realm Gilded Tiger fight at the same time, and the speed of gaining experience points is directly doubled.

Don’t look at the silver intermediate level upgrade requires 480,000 experience points, when two pets are fighting at the same time, the upgrade speed is faster.

“If I reach the gold level, contract two war pets again, and at the same time find a place with no one to recruit all the war pets, can the upgrade speed not take off directly?”

The more Su Bai thought about it, the more excited he became, and suddenly felt that being famous was indeed a burden.

Otherwise, the wind and thunder war eagle is called directly, and the speed can be a little faster.

He was hesitating whether to call out the Wind Thunder War Eagle and the Flame Blood Dragon Elephant when no one was around, when Su Bai’s ears moved, he heard a few people’s comments.

“Brother, are you sure you want to rob this kid?”

“Yes, those turtles and tigers are not easy to mess with at first sight.”

“What do you know, it’s such a master who has a lot of oil and water on his body. Those free beast masters, don’t look at those who shout and drink, one is poorer than the other.”

“Second brother, what the boss said seems to make sense.”

“Third brother, I think so too.”

“The three of us are all silver top beast masters. That kid can kill the silver level, fight three to one, and still lose?”

Su Bai is happy, is this world already so difficult, even the top silver beast masters are doing robbery.

Could it be that these three are members of the Redemption Society?

Thinking of this, Su Bai couldn’t help but be cautious.

“Boy, are you still rude when you see Lord Su Bai?”

Three figures appeared in the middle of the road, all in their thirties.

Su Bai was stunned by their words.

what’s the situation.

The second brother of the three pointed to the eldest brother at the front and said, “Boy, you are lucky enough to meet the legendary Lord Su Bai, why don’t you come to salute?”

Su Bai decided to play with these three stupid thieves, showing a hesitant expression, “I heard that Lord Su Bai is a teenager, this one has wrinkles on his face, it doesn’t look like him.”

The third one got a stab in the neck and said angrily, “Your Excellency accidentally hurt your face, and now it’s the recovery period.”

“Third brother, don’t talk nonsense.” The boss glared back, put on a friendly smile, and said, “You also said it was a rumor, but it’s all wrong. I’m Su Bai, I’m just a fake.”

“Really?” Su Bai showed an expression of disbelief, “You said you were Su Bai, what about your Wind Thunder War Eagle?”

“By the way, and the Holy Pegasus, they are all called out for me to see.”

The boss laughed and said, “What’s the harm in letting you know?”

After speaking, the boss summoned two pets.

When Su Bai saw it, he almost burst out laughing.

Good guy, why do you smell like an ostrich, you wind and thunder war eagle.

And the Holy Pegasus, the wings were installed recently, and the wound at the joint hasn’t healed yet.

【Name】: Guankong Ostrich

[Current Level]: Silver Top

[Talent]: 1. Elemental Defense (Epic) 2. Strong (Rare)

[Skills]: 1. Peck (common) 2. Flutter (rare) 3. Rock armor (rare)

【Name】: chasing horse

[Current level]: Silver lower level

[Talent]: 1. Haste (Rare) 2. Walking on Water (Epic)

[Skill]: 1. Bite (common) 2. Trample (common) 3. Speed ​​burst (rare)

Yes, it’s really an ostrich.

“Are you really Lord Su Bai?” Su Bai always felt that this sentence was a little awkward.

It felt weird to call my own name.

“It’s a must.” The boss admitted it without hesitation, showing an impatient look, “Why are you so ink-stained, you don’t come down to salute when you see me?”

“Okay.” Su Bai jumped off the back of the Xuanjing Turtle and walked towards the three of them.

Anyway, I am idle, and it is good to play with them to pass the time.

When Su Bai walked five meters in front of the boss, the boss withdrew his fake smile and turned hideous, “Attack!”

The other two immediately summoned their pets and released their skills.

・・・・ Asking for flowers・・・

Although Su Bai didn’t project the Mysterious Crystal Turtle at this time, he smiled lightly in the face of the skills coming towards him, and directly resisted with his body.

From the boss’s point of view, this is just being scared and foolish, and he can’t help but secretly complacent. Unexpectedly, Su Bai’s name is very useful, and they have all succeeded a few times.

Du, a bone arrow pierced Su Bai’s chest, then split into three pieces and fell to the ground.

The wind blade next to him hit him on the neck, not even a single hair was knocked out.

After two rounds of evolution, Su Bai’s physical strength has reached an incredible level.

This kind of skill without talent blessing can’t even break through his own defense.


The boss is a knowledgeable person, so he turned around and ran away.

The second and third are also covered in chills, and they know that they have provoked an existence that they should not provoked.


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