Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 177

Even the ferocious tortoise-like beast known for its defensive power would be as fragile as paper in front of it.

Gilt body and soul defense, plus elemental resistance, provide all-round protection from the inside out.

In the future, even if Su Bai faces an enemy with a soul attack, at least one of his pets will be able to fight, so that he will not lose his armor or be killed.

Illusion is a skill that disrupts the enemy’s line of sight, and can even temporarily create a clone.

Although the clone does not have combat ability, it is extremely useful at the tactical level.

Weakness is also a very powerful skill, superimposed with the Withering Domain, the platinum-level beasts will be greatly weakened.

“Strong, too strong!”

Su Bai was full of joy.

After obtaining a new pet, his evolution point once again reached 23 points, a very exaggerated number.

At this time, Su Bai felt that he was leaning against Jinshan, but he could not get any benefit.

“Upgrade, must upgrade!” Su Bai couldn’t help muttering to himself, “¨ˇ As long as you reach the gold level, you can start the next evolution of the wind and thunder war eagle and the mysterious crystal turtle.”

“The evolution of the Phantom Butterfly will also be completely completed.”

“Even, the flaming blood dragon elephant and the gilded tiger in the underworld can try to continue to evolve.”

“In this way, this evolution point seems to be too many. As long as you reach the gold level, it will soon be insufficient.”

“You must advance to the gold level before the Royal Beast Yanwu competition, complete the third round of evolution, and evolve these pets at the same time, so that you can have a chance to sprint for the gold group championship.”

“Diamond-level beast egg, I’ve got it!”

Thinking of this, Su Bai stood up. It’s been a long time since he went to Quchun Lake to play. It’s time to harvest experience again.

But before leaving, Su Bai felt that it was necessary to go to An Hezheng to say hello.

“Speaking of which, my registration seems to be lonely?”

Su Bai was dumbfounded.

Before he entered the gate of the academy, someone started a duel, and after the fight, he went with An Hezheng to get the beast egg, and then came back directly.

Thinking about it carefully, he doesn’t count as a report at all.

Returning to Zidian Academy in a hurry, Su Bai was immediately targeted by Yang Lejia and Ai Yu who had been wandering for a long time.

“Brother, where have you been?” Yang Lejia asked nervously, “The old man didn’t make things difficult for you, did he?”

Ai Yu also said, “I heard that Dean An has a very weird temper. You didn’t suffer.”

Su Bai thought for a while and said, “President An is pretty good. I have something to look for.”

Although Yang Lejia and Ai Yu were reluctant, they could only watch Su Bai leave.

“Sister-in-law, the situation is not right.” Yang Lejia said worriedly, “My eldest brother is the most elusive, and disappeared for two months after graduating from high school.”

Ai Yu also had a bad premonition, “Sir Su Bai is indeed like this. Every time I meet him, I have to rely on luck.”

The more they thought about it, the more afraid they became, and finally, after plucking up the courage to find An Hezheng, they got tragic news.

Su Bai went to Yuanshui City.

A city thousands of miles away. .

Chapter 134 Go to Yuanshui City

Su Bai sat cross-legged on the back of the Xuanjing Turtle, watching the gilded tiger in the underworld slaughter the Quartet, driving the beasts to the ground.

However, one thought lingered in my mind.

How do you feel, being trapped by the old man An Hezheng?

Recalling the scene of going to An Hezheng yesterday, Su Bai still felt like a dream.

“President An, I apply for free movement.”

After Su Bai contracted the Mingyu Gold Tiger, he came to Zidian Academy again and found An Hezheng to explain his purpose.

An Hezheng was not surprised, and even got a little impatient to wait. Hearing this, he immediately stood up.

“Very good, since you are so active, then this task will be handed over to you.”


What mission, I don’t know.

Su Bai suddenly felt bad, and just wanted to euphemistically express that he was very busy, when he heard An Hezheng smiling and saying, “I accidentally told you about the beast’s egg already given to you, and now there are a bunch of students outside who are going to look for it. You duel, you want to get platinum-level beast eggs.”

What the hell!

Su Bai jumped with anger and said angrily, “President An, you’re not being kind.”

“Oops, mistake.” An Hezheng said this, but there was no guilt on his face, “By the way, there are a lot of wind-toothed wolves in Yuanshui City, and their manpower is somewhat insufficient, so let me send A few students went over to practice their hands.”

“That’s not right.” Su Bai immediately retorted, “Although the scale of Yuanshui City is a little smaller than that of Upper East City, there are also a lot of hunting groups.”

“Even if you need assistance, you should go to the headquarters of the Wild Hunt. What are you looking for?”

An Hezheng waved his hand and said, “Don’t care about these details, I have already promised the other party.”

Depend on!

Su Bai rolled up his sleeves, and just wanted to let An Hezheng know why the flowers were so red, when he heard An Hezheng continue, “You have to think carefully, there are many people in Shangdongcheng looking for you now, even if you run out of the city, You can’t escape anyone’s stalking.”

“Where is hunting not hunting, just go to Yuanshui City to get rid of the wolves.”

“When you come back, the beast-monster martial arts will also begin, seamless.”

“It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds, so don’t be polite to me.”

Su Bai hesitated, as if that was the case.

An Hezheng is scheming and knows the truth of striking while the iron is hot, “I will send someone to notify you from your house that you are going to study in the academy, and you can’t go back for the time being.”

“It just so happens that the 13th Wilderness Hunting Regiment is also out of town for training. You have nothing to do in the Upper East City. Let’s go today. I will help you stop those people.”

Su Bai thought for a while and asked, “What about the task reward?”

“What’s the reward?” An Hezheng immediately blew his beard and stared, “Young people need to correct their mentality. I don’t give ordinary people such a good opportunity to exercise. Let’s go quickly, it will be delayed if it’s too late.”

As soon as the words fell, an assistant rushed to the door of the office and shouted eagerly, “Dean, it’s not good, the students are rushing over, and there is no way to stop it.”

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