Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 171

“I’m a lower level of silver, I heard that you have reached the intermediate level of silver, so you can’t refuse.”

Kong Xinran was obviously prepared, with his hands on his back, his expression very proud.

“Of course, if you’re afraid, you can just admit defeat.”

Su Bai suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the federal regulations. If every low-level silver beastmaster came here, he wouldn’t think about doing anything else.

In addition, did the content of his agreement with An Hezheng spread too quickly? How does it feel that everyone knows about it?

“Who said my big brother is afraid, my big brother doesn’t want to waste time, you are also worthy of a duel with big brother?”

Yang Lejia thought he was Su Bai’s number one younger brother, so he stood up decisively and said arrogantly, “My eldest brother never beats him for nothing. If you don’t have anything of value, get out of here and don’t be ashamed.”

Ai Yu also chimed in, “Yes, with your strength, would you dare to challenge Su Bai to a duel?”

“It’s just a matter of fighting the python eagle, and you also want to compete with the wind and thunder war eagle?”

Kong Xinran was stunned by the two people’s singing and sing, and his face was red with anger, and he took out a key from the space ring without hesitation.

“This is the key to the Federal Bank’s safe. There is a fierce beast egg of the Blue Flame Thunder Shadow Wolf. It was originally intended to be used by myself, but since you claim that you are not free, then I will take it out as a bet.”

“You win, this is yours. If you lose, you will voluntarily give up Dean An’s beast egg. You are not worthy.”

It turned out to be the Cang Yan Thunder Shadow Wolf.

Thinking that it was the alternative pet of the Holy Son before, Su Bai felt that the combat power of this beast should be among the best among gold-level beasts.

At the same time, Kong Xinran’s words also made him a little uncomfortable.

What makes me unworthy, today I will show you what cruelty is!

“I accept your challenge.” Su Bai’s tone was very casual, “Although I don’t like the gold-level beast egg, since you sent it to your door sincerely, then I will reluctantly accept it.”

Kong Xin was furious, “Good boy, he’s quite good at talking, I hope you won’t cry later.”

Su Bai waved his hand and said, “That’s not possible, I always watch others cry.”.

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty God Speed ​​vs God Speed

[Name]: Fu Python Eagle

[Current level]: Silver lower level

[Talent]: 1. Divine Speed ​​(Epic) 2. Eagle Eye (Rare) 3. Royal Wind (Rare)

[Skills]: 1. Iron Feather (Common) 2. Iron Claw (Rare) 3. Wind Blade (Rare) 4. Sonic ~ Interference (Epic)

When Su Bai saw it, he immediately felt very cordial.

God Speed ​​Dating Yufeng, who uses who – know.

Coupled with the upper wind blade, even if there is no attack talent blessing, this Fu Python Eagle is already invincible when facing the same level of beasts.

Not many beasts can catch up with it at all, and it can launch attacks comfortably.

Obviously, this is also the biggest reliance on Kong Xinran’s confidence to initiate a duel.

It was the first time that Su Bai had seen the speed talent in other flying pets, so he couldn’t help but take a second look.

In Kong Xinran’s eyes, this move became timid and unconfident.

“It’s too late to admit defeat.” Kong Xin waved his hand generously, “As long as you give up the beast egg of Dean An, I won’t have the same knowledge as you.”

Su Bai summoned the Wind and Thunder Eagle and said with a smile, “It’s the first time I’ve seen Fu Python Eagle, so I’m just curious.”

“Hmph, a dead duck has a tough mouth!” Kong Xinran sneered again and again, obviously disbelieving.

As soon as the wind and thunder war eagle appeared, it immediately found the opposite python eagle and made a disdainful cry.

Just stupid.

Fu Python Eagle’s body is notoriously large, even if the rank is only the lower level of silver, the wingspan exceeds 20 meters!

At this time, the Wind Thunder War Eagle, even if it has risen to the silver intermediate level, still maintains its wingspan in the early ten meters.

Su Bai was a little puzzled. When the Sky Steel Crow was upgraded, it had to expand a circle every time.

“Could it be malnutrition?” Su Bai was a little lost.

Kong Xinran keenly caught this, and immediately sneered in his heart.

Hmph, this is nothing but Su Bai. After seeing Fu Python Ying, he lost his temper. I really don’t know why those people respect him so much.

What about the wind and thunder war eagle, everyone is silver, and there is no level suppression.

Some good people acted as referees, walked to the middle of the duel arena, and said loudly, “Everyone is from Zidian Academy, there is no need to beat you to the death, so just click on it.”

Su Bai didn’t have any objections. The purpose of his coming to Zidian Academy was to report to Zidian, and then represent Zidian to fight the beasts and perform martial arts.

He was about to talk to An Hezheng after the check-in. After that, he was free to move around and continue to upgrade.

Of course, platinum-level beast eggs still have to be taken first.

Otherwise, when he finished fighting the beast and martial arts, he would have already risen to the gold level, and the platinum-level fierce beast egg seemed to be less attractive.

While thinking about it, the battle between the two pets has already begun.

Su Bai had a deep understanding of the power of divine speed.

The bronze-level Sky Steel Crow can carry out supersonic cruise, not to mention that it has now evolved into a wind and thunder war eagle, and its level has also become a silver intermediate.

More importantly, the original Yufeng talent has been upgraded to the son of Fengshen.

Under the strong alliance, Fenglei War Eagle directly threw Fu Python Eagle out of eight positions.

Kong Xinran was full of confidence at the beginning, and directed Fu Python Eagle to launch several wind blades.

Then cut a loneliness.

Even with the blessing of Yufeng talent, the speed of the wind blade can’t catch up with the wind and thunder war eagle, and it can’t even touch the hair.

Even the Epic skill Sonic Interference doesn’t work.

The wind and thunder war eagle has long been supersonic, and the sonic interference simply cannot catch up with it.

This No. 3 dueling field was specially built for duels between flying pets, and its only feature was its size.

It is almost the size of ten football fields.

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