Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 164

And when the bloodline progress is activated to 50%, only new talent skills will be added, and no changes will be made to the existing ones, and there is no need to worry about losing phantom dust.

“Fortunately, it didn’t work before, otherwise it wouldn’t reach 50% if I smashed it all down. If it didn’t go up or down, it would drag my mentality down.”

Su Bai thought to himself.

Continue to invest in evolution points, and a series of system prompts will sound.

“Ding, the evolution is complete, the Shadow Queen’s bloodline has been activated, and the current progress is 10%.”

“Ding, the evolution is complete, the Shadow Queen’s bloodline has been activated, and the current progress is 15%.”


“Ding, the evolution is complete, the Shadow Queen’s bloodline has been activated, and the current progress is 50%.”

“Ding, bloodline activation reaches 50%, get random shadow queen talent, shadow affinity (epic).”

Su Bai tried to continue investing in the evolution point, and was rejected by the system unexpectedly.

“Ding, the current pet level is too low to continue to evolve.”

Su Bai could only give up.

It is a pity that he has thirteen evolution points left. If he can continue to evolve, rush to full in one breath, and directly complete the evolution of the Queen of Shadows, it is definitely a powerful combat power beyond imagination.

In the pet space at this time, the size of the Phantom Butterfly has not improved much, but there is an extra pair of wings.

Having acquired a new talent, Su Bai checked the attributes of the Phantom Butterfly again and found the result he wanted.

【Name】: Phantom Butterfly

[Current level]: Silver Intermediate

[Talent]: 1. Phantom Dust (Legend) 2. Shadow Affinity (Epic)

[Skills]: 1. Pain Venom (Normal) 2. Blink (Legendary)

[Blood Awakening]: Shadow Queen (50%)

Sure enough, there is one more skill, and it is legendary.

Blink, a mid-range displacement skill that can pass through obstacles and appear directly in another location.

But there are some limitations, for example, the maximum distance is about 100 meters.

In addition, for places that cannot be reached by sight, it is impossible to flash directly.

Forcibly released, you can only move forward in a straight line at the maximum distance.

As for where it will appear, there is no guarantee.

If it flashes directly into the rock, most of them will die on the spot.

After all, how can flesh and blood merge with stone?

Even so, this skill is very useful in combat.

When the two sides were fighting fiercely, a flicker appeared behind the others and directly backstabbed, who could stand it.

Su Bai was pacing back and forth in the room excitedly. Although he did not go out to fight, his fighting power still improved, and the rate was not small.

In the excitement, Mei Pingliang shouted at the stairs, “Xiao Bai, the dean of Zidian College is here.”

Su Bai wanted to say that he was not at home, but Mei Pingliang exposed him directly, so he had to go downstairs.

The dean of Zidian Academy was an old man with white hair and beard, but he was very energetic. Seeing Su Bai walking down, his eyes lit up.

“Student Su Bai, I’m An Hezheng, the dean of Zidian College. I’ve been waiting so hard for you to wait.”

As an experienced educator, An Hezheng could see Su Bai’s plan at a glance. This kid is afraid that he wants to take this opportunity to showdown with him and apply for an early graduation.

Hmph, how can this be done, no matter how you do it, you have to finish fighting the beasts and performing martial arts.

But how to get Su Bai to agree requires careful scrutiny. Fortunately, An He is coming prepared and confident.

“Dean An, hello, I just happen to have something to tell you.”

Su Bai thought for a while and decided to showdown.

An Hezheng waved his hand, “On behalf of the academy, it is a platinum-level beast egg.”

“make a deal!”.

Chapter 125 Duties of Platinum Level

Su Bai has always believed in one truth, and dealing with smart people does not require nonsense.

Dean An Hezheng was extremely smart, and when he came up, he threw out an offer that Su Bai couldn’t refuse.

It’s just that Su Bai asked curiously, “Dean, you have a platinum-level beast egg, why don’t you use it yourself?”

Dean An stroked his beard and showed a wry smile, “I’m at the top level of gold now, and I’ve reached the limit. There’s no chance to level up, and the pet slot is full. It’s useless to take this beast egg.”

“But there are so many people in Zidian Academy, and there is no one you like?” Su Bai then asked, and said frankly, “I will leave Zidian Academy after fighting the beasts and martial arts. If you do this, is it a loss?”

This is also a bit strange for Su Bai. No matter how you calculate it, An Hezheng suffers from this account.

As for why An Hezheng didn’t leave the platinum-level beast eggs to his family, there were obviously some bad factors involved, so Su Bai wisely didn’t ask.

But even if you don’t give it to your family, you can choose to give it to the students in the college.

If you can contract platinum-level beast eggs, even if you stay in the academy for the rest of your life, there must be a lot of people fighting for it.

An Hezheng sighed and said, “For those students, this beast egg will only harm them.”

Su Bai rolled his eyes when he heard this. What this means is that if he is not good enough, he will find an outsider – Huo Huo?

“I don’t know if Yu Bingtong told you that after reaching the platinum level, you need to go to the four major fronts to rotate defense.” An Hezheng explained, “There is the most dangerous area in the federation, and the gold-level beasts are only the bottom, platinum level. Level vicious beasts are walking everywhere.”

“Every year, the Federation loses a lot of gold and platinum-level beastmasters there.”

What the hell!

Su Bai was startled, what the **** is this?

No wonder there are millions of Beastmasters in the entire Upper East City, and there are tens of thousands of Gold-level Beastmasters, but there are only three Platinum-level Beastmasters.

And after Yu Bingtong left, there were only two left.

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