Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 160

Moreover, his new pet in the silver-level contract turned out to be the Holy Heavenly Horse, a platinum-level beast.

Even the original Sky Steel Crow, which could reach the gold level, has evolved again and has become the Wind and Thunder War Eagle, a platinum-level beast with super combat power!

One person sits on two platinum-level beasts!

Whether it was his future achievements or his current strength, Li Gang couldn’t compare to Su Bai.

To put it horribly, it’s really not even worthy of shoes.

Platinum-level beastmasters, who want to follow such a strong person, must be at the minimum silver level, and they are not even qualified enough to enter the inner circle.

Su Bai came over, smiled, and said, “Mr. Li, long time no see.”

Li Gang was instantly flattered, his face flushed with excitement, and he said repeatedly, “Lord Su Bai is too polite.”

Although the two sides are much different in age, Li Gang did not dare to pose, and his posture was very low.

“I have seen Master Su Bai.”

The students saluted.

This is the basic etiquette for high-level beastmasters.

What’s more, this is the future platinum-level beastmaster, and his status is more respected.

Su Bai sighed secretly, they came from the same school and the same class, but they had different life trajectories.

“You’re welcome, just call me Su Bai like before.”

Upon hearing this, Li Gang and the others broke down in a cold sweat.

When they called Su Bai before, they were full of contempt.

With a plop, someone behind Li Gang knelt on the ground and cried, “Lord Su Bai, when I had no eyes, I offended you, and I hope you have a lot, don’t worry about it.”

Su Bai looked over and found it was Wang Peng. Back then, he often asked Su Bai for trouble and arranged various arrangements, but Su Bai never paid any attention to him.

The past was like the wind, Su Bai looked at Wang Peng with no joy or sorrow in his heart.

They are no longer from the same world, and I am afraid that there will be no intersection in the future.

“It’s okay, don’t be nervous, I’m not angry.” Su Bai said lightly.

After confirming that Su Bai was really not angry, Wang Pengcai stood up trembling, his clothes were wet with cold sweat.

When Su Bai’s Iron-beaked Sparrow evolved into a Sky Steel Crow, he was beaten several times after returning home. Obviously, Li Gang told his parents everything.

At first, Wang Peng was afraid for several days, for fear that Su Bai would fight him and kill his pet.

But obviously he thought too much, Su Bai didn’t do anything, even the same as before owning the Sky Steel Crow.

After graduation, Su Bai went straight out of the city to fight, and his family also left the seventh ring.

At that time, Wang Peng was secretly glad that he didn’t have to be beaten again.

Later, there was a beast tide, and the seventh ring suffered heavy losses, but Wang Peng was lucky and hid in the underground air-raid shelter in time.

Later, the news spread that Su Bai was promoted to the silver-level contract holy horse, and the Tiangang crow also evolved into the wind and thunder war eagle at the same time.

That night, Wang Peng suffered another mixed doubles.

Fortunately, Su Bai didn’t trouble him, which made their family breathe a sigh of relief.

This time, the flaming blood dragon elephant was eliminated, and Shangdongcheng celebrated the victory. They were summoned by Li Gang and went to the streets to play together.

During the beast swarm, more than a dozen students in their class were unfortunately killed, and this victory was also a consolation for them.

Then, they saw Su Bai.

Although the height has changed greatly, and the face is more determined and mature, they still recognize it.

“Su Bai, did you just come back?” Li Gang asked curiously, “The crusade team came back yesterday.”

Su Bai said, “I have something to do, it’s delayed.”

“It turns out that it is.” Li Gang nodded and said, “The teacher felt that your achievements are limitless, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.”

“It’s been more than a month since you graduated, and you have been promoted to the silver level. It’s really amazing.”

Su Bai smiled politely and said, “It’s all well taught by Teacher Li.”

Li Gang was immediately overwhelmed by surprises. Such a comment even made him rush to the school association in the seventh ring.

“Don’t dare to dare to be.” Li Gang waved his hands again and again, showing humility, “It’s all your own efforts.”

Several female classmates looked at Su Bai and couldn’t help but feel annoyed secretly, why didn’t they realize that Su Bai was so handsome in the first place……

This is true. After two rounds of evolution and constant battles, Su Bai’s body is not only stronger and more perfect at this time, but his expression is also determined, and his eyes are full of confidence.

Yu Nan was also attracted by his indifferent and confident temperament, and secretly fell in love.

“By the way, Su Bai, do you have a girlfriend now?” A female classmate came over and said, “Actually, I had a crush on you for a long time.”

A murderous aura instantly emerged behind Su Bai.

Before Su Bai could speak, Yu Nan walked over, took his arm and said, “It turns out to be Su Bai’s classmate, so coincidentally, we are going back to the Wild Hunt to report.”

In front of the hostile Yu Da, the female classmates retreated on the spot.

“Su Bai, this is your girlfriend.” Li Gang showed a relieved expression, “You didn’t like to talk when you were in school, you were always in a daze, and the teacher was worried about you.”

“Now it seems that you have indeed grown up.”

Just as Su Bai was about to speak, he felt his toes being stepped on, so he could only swallow the words back.

“Since everyone has something to do, then don’t bother. Please be busy first.” Li Gang, a person with great eyesight, bowed and said, “Let’s go shopping.”

Yu Nan nodded, pulled Su Bai and turned to leave.

Sister Li showed a clear smile and followed.

When the three of them walked away, Li just straightened up and said excitedly, “I can’t believe that Master Su Bai is still so modest and polite. It’s really rare.”

“What? Lord Su Bai!”

Someone next to him heard Li Gang’s words and immediately came over and asked, “Do you know Master Su Bai?”

Li Gang immediately straightened his chest and said proudly, “I’m Su Bai’s high school head teacher.”

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