Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 122

Even in the face of a strong enemy, as long as you are not killed in seconds, you can escape.

Then make a comeback.

However, with the continuous improvement of his strength and the improvement of the enemy’s strength, the gold-level Phantom Butterfly may not be able to keep up with the rhythm in future battles.

Even the phantom dust skill will be seen through.

The world is so vast, there are always some unknown existences that break through common sense.

Although the phantom dust has a great reputation, it is the skill of the gold-level vicious beast, the phantom butterfly.

It seems, not so foolproof insurance.

In addition, Su Bai was also worried that if the phantom dust disappeared after the evolution, he would be blinded.

“Although you can throw a little to test the water, the evolution point is such a precious resource and shouldn’t be used to try.”

Su Bai secretly said.

The evolution of the Phantom Butterfly is simply put on hold and discussed later.

At any rate, at this level, even before the Platinum level, Phantom Dust is invincible.

If he stopped playing because of a slapstick operation, then Su Bai would have to kill himself.

As for the cave in front of him, after thinking about it, Su Bai temporarily gave up his plan to enter.

After entering the silver level, his perception ability has been greatly improved.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, there is a shuddering feeling, it seems that there is some peerless beast hidden underneath, even with his current strength, there is a risk of death if he goes down.

For the sake of his life, in the end, Su Bai decided to return to the temporary base first.

This second round of evolution takes seventy-two hours, plus the physical improvement brought by the promotion to the silver level.

Su Bai needs to find a relatively safe place and wait for the evolution to complete.

Then practice again to master the body.

When he went back, Su Bai didn’t plan to ride the Holy Heavenly Horse.

This thing is too windy, and every time it flies from the sky, it can cause a frantic siege of beasts.

For this reason, Su Bai was very puzzled.

What the **** did this guy do, why did the beast hate him so much?

Even when he was riding the Holy Heavenly Horse, the primary attack target of the beast was not him, but the Holy Heavenly Horse!

“Did this guy’s ancestors make a mistake, so he was hated so much by the beasts?”

Su Bai thought to himself.

Before long, the temporary stronghold was in sight.

Duan Qishui, the deputy head of the auxiliary regiment, ran over and asked diligently, “Sir, are you back to clear your bags?”

Su Bai said casually, “No, come back and rest for a few days.”

“So that’s the case.” Duan Qishui was not surprised, then looked sad, “Sir, have you encountered gluttonous blood vines? I heard that a silver-level beastmaster has been killed.”

Not only did I meet it, but I also killed the three-headed ramets and went directly to the silver level.

Su Bai said in his heart, without showing any flaws on his face, he said in surprise, “What, wasn’t it just bronze rank before?”

“Yes, that’s why everyone is afraid.” Duan Qishui said with a tangled expression, “Sir, you also know that we are an affiliate of the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Group.”

“The Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment doesn’t retreat, and we can’t retreat either.”

“However, our strength is completely incomparable with the adults. Although there is no gluttonous blood-eating vine nearby, everyone always feels uneasy.”

“Maybe, one day I wake up and find that I am surrounded by gluttonous blood-eating Fujibao.”

Su Bai was not surprised by this.

Before obtaining Chain Lightning, he was helpless against the silver-level gluttonous blood-eating vines.

Not to mention other bronze-level beastmasters.

Even, according to his calculations, ordinary silver-level beastmasters have nothing to do with the same level of gluttonous blood-eating vines.

No way, the ability of gluttonous blood vine is too buggy, as long as the flesh and blood energy is not exhausted, it can be reborn infinitely.

An ordinary beastmaster’s pet can release dozens of skills in a day, which is incomparable to a pervert like Su Bai who uses skills as basic attacks.

This is something Su Bai doesn’t know.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to transfer energy from the pet space to the pet, you need a gold level, and you need four pets to build the cornerstone of the pet space.

It’s just that the conditions for enabling this special ability were met in advance by Su Bai, so he endowed him with an unimaginable lasting combat power at this level.

Even Sister Li’s Wind Fang Wolf King couldn’t release his skills uninterruptedly, for a full five hours!

And Su Bai always thought that this is what all beastmasters would do.

“Sir, this room is still empty, you can rest here first, and stay as long as you want.”

Duan Qishui’s voice pulled Su Bai’s thoughts back.

Su Bai took out twenty spar stones from the space ring and handed them to Duan Qishui, saying, “It’s just my accommodation fee.”

Duan Qishui didn’t want to accept it at first, but thinking that this was Su Bai’s initiative, if he refused, he would appear hypocritical, so he would no longer refuse and accept it silently.

In his heart, Duan Qishui couldn’t help but raise a trace of admiration.

This Master Su Bai has a promising future, but he is gentle and friendly, and he is more than ten times stronger than those colleagues who are stuck at the silver level and cannot improve.

“It’s no wonder that others can get the Sky Steel Crow, but you can’t.” Duan Qishui secretly said, “Your character is not good.”

Su Bai naturally didn’t know Duan Qishui’s thoughts.

If he knew, he could only say one thing.

Yep, that’s it.

Brother got the Sky Steel Crow just because he insisted on doing good deeds. .

Chapter 95 Attacked

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