Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 12

The speed was so fast that it was killed without even noticing that the crisis was coming.

“Ding, kill the black iron lower-level unicorn rabbit and get 10 experience points.”

Very good, as long as you kill ten unicorn rabbits, you can accumulate enough experience and level up!

Su Bai is full of energy, and has a clear and detailed goal.

Climb, dive, hit, kill!

The hunting action was completed in one go, and the iron-beaked bird turned into a unicorn terminator. In just half an hour, he killed nine unicorn rabbits!

Perhaps it was because he was afraid of being killed, and there was no second rabbit to be found around. Su Bai felt a little regretful.

Phew, a screeching sound, and a shadow flew overhead.

Su Bai looked up and saw that it was a blood rock eagle with a wingspan of over two meters.

【Name】: Blood Rock Eagle

[Current Level]: Black Iron Intermediate

[Talent]: Sharp Eyes (Normal)

[Skill]: 1. Wind Blade (rare) 2. Iron Feather (rare)

This is a juvenile, and the mature blood rock eagle is a standard bronze-level beast.

Haw Haw, the Iron Beak Sparrow is full of fighting spirit, it awakened half of the bloodline of the Sky Steel Crow, which is a high-level fierce beast that can reach the gold level.

Although the opponent was a black iron intermediate beast with two rare skills, Su Bai was not afraid.

Under the blessing of the system, if his Iron Beak Sparrow can’t achieve a leapfrog kill, then he might as well give up this pet!


Su Bai issued an order.

“Attack the wings, shoot it down!”

The iron beak bird understood the combat intention, and with the blessing of the speed, it turned into a black lightning, and the sonic boom sounded, breaking the speed of sound instantly.

After the second evolution, the iron-beaked sparrow was reborn again and achieved supersonic flight at the lower level of black iron.

This is also the terrifying part of the talent of Divine Speed. It is necessary to know that under normal circumstances, a complete Sky Steel Crow can achieve this speed.

That is a gold-level beast!

At this time, the blood rock eagle also discovered the enemy, and the combat instinct was stimulated, and three light blue wind blades were shot in an instant, but they only hit the afterimage.

too fast.

Even the wind blade, known for its speed, can’t keep up with the speed of the iron beak!


Countless feathers mixed with blood scattered on the ground, and the Blood Rock Eagle lost its balance instantly and fell to the ground as if it was hit hard.

Its left wing has been broken in half!

Pfft, another shock.

The remaining part of the left half of the wing is broken at the root!

The Blood Rock Eagle let out a whimper and completely lost its breath of life.

“Ding, kill the Black Iron Intermediate Blood Rock Eagle and gain 30 experience.”

“Ding, the experience is full, do you want to increase the level?”


Chapter 9 Evolution, Sky Steel Crow!

“Ding, the iron beak sparrow’s level has been increased, and the current level is black iron intermediate, and you will gain 1 evolution point!”

“Ding, the Phantom Butterfly level is completed simultaneously, the current level is Black Iron Intermediate, and you get 1 evolution point!”

After a series of system prompts, Su Bai looked at the iron beak.

With this upgrade, the size of the Iron Beak Sparrow has increased, but the increase is not obvious compared to the already huge body.

At this time, the iron-beaked sparrow hovered at a low altitude and made a chirping.

Su Bai knew what it meant and was hungry.

However, this is easy to solve. The body of the blood rock eagle is still on the ground, and it can directly swallow the beast spar.

Nine black iron inferior beast spar and one black iron intermediate spar are enough to supplement the energy gap brought by the upgrade of the pet.

After receiving the order, the iron-beaked sparrow let out a cheerful cry, jumped on the blood rock eagle’s body, pecked the skull, and chewed the beast spar in one bite.

quack quack.

Su Bai unconsciously thought of peanuts.

After eating the fierce beast spar, the iron-beaked sparrow was not satisfied, and ate the blood rock eagle completely, leaving only a skeleton.

“Little guy, you can really eat it.” Su Bai felt helpless.

No wonder it is said that the beastmaster spends a lot of money, and with this appetite, who can stand it?

However, high investment brings high returns. With the upgrade of the iron beak, Su Bai also upgrades. A warm current circulates in the body, and it is slowly strengthened at the cellular level. This process will last for two days.

【Name】: Su Bai

[Current Level]: Black Iron Intermediate

[Talent]: Double Contract

[Battle Pet 1]: Iron Beak Sparrow

[Battle Pet 2]: Phantom Butterfly

[Evolution point]: 2

After getting two more evolution points, Su Bai did not hesitate at all, and devoted himself to the Iron Beak Sparrow.

Although Phantom Butterfly can reach the gold level, its attack power is very weak, and in future battles, Su Bai needs to project Phantom Dust to improve his life-saving ability.

In addition, he and the Iron Beak Sparrow have been together for a longer time, the two sides have the same mind, and they are more handy in commanding operations.

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