Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 114

You are so cheap and well behaved.

Upgrading is the biggest gain, what else do you want!

While Su Bai and Gluttonous Blood Vine were fighting frantically, in a valley outside the Upper East City, two mysterious people shrouded in cloaks were talking.

These mysterious people are very interesting, and they will always meet in dark and uninhabited corners.

“¨ˇIs the news accurate?” asked one of them, who was tall and strong.

“Accurate,” said another thin and mysterious man. “The target has risen to the bronze level, so the assassins we sent earlier will miss out.”

“As expected of the Sky Steel Crow, it can beat the top bronze rock python by leaps and bounds.”

The strong and mysterious man sighed a little, and then his tone became gloomy.

“That old man surnamed Dai gave inaccurate information. It cost us manpower. Damn it.”

The thin man said, “It’s okay, a mere bronze-level beastmaster, if you die, you will die, it’s nothing.”

“It’s just that the surnamed Dai has added money to buy that kid’s life. If you want to be safe, you can only send a silver-level beastmaster.”

The burly mysterious man waved his hand casually and said, “It’s okay, just send that pair of brothers and sisters out.”

“Okay, I’ll make arrangements now.”

The two no longer spoke, their figures became illusory, but disappeared in place for a moment, and the valley returned to peace. .

Chapter 89 So Familiar

Liu Liangjun and Liu Miaoyi are professional assassins affiliated to the mysterious organization Wuwanggu.

Although in terms of strength level, it is not particularly outstanding, and even the average level of the 13th Wilderness Hunting Regiment cannot be reached.

However, the two brothers and sisters cooperated tacitly, and their pets were all ghostly fire centipedes specializing in latent assassination, and their talent skills were also tricky and vicious combinations.

He once attacked in secret and defeated the top silver beastmaster, and is very famous in the shadow world.

Even in Wuligu Valley, where there are many masters, they are all among the best, and they won’t shoot easily.

It’s just that the client gave too much this time, and the assassination target reached the bronze level, so the owner of the valley assigned them to go out.

At first, Liu Liangjun and Liu Miaoyi were dismissive.

However, after hearing that the Bronze top assassin was defeated by leapfrog, the brother and sister became somewhat interested.

They have also heard about the assassin. Although it is only a top bronze, the attack power of the main battle pet rock python is very good. Under a sneak attack, even a silver-level beastmaster will be injured.

Therefore, they decisively accepted the task.

Anyway, idle is idle, it is better to go out and kill someone to play, just to make more money, try to exchange a gold-level beast egg as soon as possible, and plan for the future.

Among the two, although the younger sister Liu Miaoyi has a real 650 strength of the lower level of silver, she only has two pets, and the third pet slot is always empty, just to contract gold-level beast eggs.

In this regard, they have a unique advantage, that is, the two of them have been dependent on each other since childhood, developed an incomparable tacit understanding, and have always attacked together.

Although there is one less pet, it is fine.

In addition, they are taking the assassination route. As long as there is a ghost fire centipede, the success rate of the mission can be guaranteed, and they are not in a hurry to contract a new darling.

A beastmaster cannot contract a beast whose level is higher than his own, so there are only two ways to obtain a new pet.

One is the contracted beast egg, so that no matter what level the beast inside can reach, it can be contracted without being restricted by the level.

The other is to find a beast with the same strength as himself in the wild. If you are lucky, you can contract the larvae of a high-level beast, and you will be able to break through the level cap in the future.

But the probability is very low.

Most beastmasters can only contract with beasts of the same level, and then they can no longer break the level cap.

As aspiring young people who are inspired to become elites, the Liu brothers and sisters said that they must concentrate their efforts on major things, and at least one person will become a gold-level beastmaster.

And they are also working hard for this, and it is very effective.

According to the information collected by Wuwanggu, the target has been fighting near Quchun Lake after leaving the city.

This can be inferred from the materials of the beasts he brought back. Among them, there is a kind of beasts that only live around Quchun Lake.

It’s just that Quchun Lake is too big, so the two brothers and sisters set out for many days, but still haven’t found their target.

And because of his strong aura, he was constantly attacked by beasts, and his actions were greatly restrained.

“There are too many beasts in this place.”

After Liu Miaoyi killed a beast, a dissatisfied expression appeared on her face.

Liu Liangjun, who was next to him, said indifferently, “It’s normal. The surrounding area of ​​the lake has always been a place where beasts are rampant. Such a number of beasts is normal.”

“I heard that the kid is only at the bronze level, and he is actually a talent here to fight.” Liu Miaoyi’s eyes flashed coldly, “In addition, his pet of war is the Sky Steel Crow, which evolved from the Iron Beaked Sparrow. .”

“Should he be said to be lucky or unlucky.”

Liu Liangjun shook his head indifferently and said, “It should be considered bad luck.”

“If he hadn’t gotten the Sky Steel Crow, he wouldn’t have been recruited into the Thirteenth Wilderness Hunting Regiment, and he wouldn’t have taken the position of Dai Liqiang, and naturally he wouldn’t have caused his death.”

Liu Miaoyi was a little puzzled and asked, “That position is so important?”

Although there is no official written record, before the official acceptance of the task, Wuwanggu will ask the customer some questions, and do a full investigation to ensure that it will not cause any unnecessary trouble before accepting the commission.

And this information will also be informed in advance before the assassin makes a move.

Perfect information is necessary to ensure mission success rate.

“It’s very important. Director Dai is trying to reach the goal of contacting the great commander through Yu Bingtong. The easiest way is to connect his son with Yu Bingtong.”

Liu Liangjun continued, “It is said that the surnamed Dai has been in operation for a long time, and even bought a deputy head of the group and got a recommendation. As a result, a Su Bai appeared, and he was directly parachuted into the 13th Wilderness Hunting Regiment and let Director Dai’s The plan fell through completely.”

“Yu Bingtong has been in the second ring all the year round, and it is easy to not show up. Even the deputy head of his command, it is extremely difficult to see her.”

“The last time I won the recommendation quota has already caused doubts, and it is not realistic to think of such an opportunity again.”

“You said, do you want to buy a murderer and kill someone with the surname Dai?”

“Yes.” Liu Miaoyi sighed with emotion, “It’s inexplicable, this surnamed Dai didn’t even urinate to see what he was doing, and he wanted to plot against Yu Bingtong, he really wanted to die.”

Liu Liangjun shrugged and said, “Never mind, it may be that he has been the director for a long time, and his thinking is stiff.”

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