Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 112

He could only think of one possibility.

Blue Star’s laws do not apply to percentages in this world. After all, Blue Star does not have such magical things as beasts.

But overall, not bad.

A lot of places are still the same.

For example, people die when they are killed.

no Zuo no Die.

If you pedal a few boats, you may be hit by a fruit knife or the like.

Su Bai hurriedly stopped thinking about it, something was wrong, why are they all dead?

When he was in school before, Su Bai heard the teacher say that the wind-type skill is an extremely effective means of attack against the plant-type beasts.

He has been doing this in previous battles as well, and it really works.

However, after encountering the gluttonous blood-eating vine that can evolve infinitely, the Sky Steel Crow’s wind blade skill was cracked, and its power was greatly reduced.

Now, in the face of cold-resistant skills, the ice turtle is no longer as brave as it was yesterday.

As a last resort, Su Bai could only command the Sky Steel Crow to use an attribute skill that an ordinary flying-type pet would not know.

Lightning Bolt.

Then, an unimaginable outstanding result was achieved.

“Hahaha, die!”

Su Bai laughed wildly, no matter whether this blood-eating vine will evolve new skills tomorrow, anyway, at present, it is powerless to fight back.

In this case, what are you waiting for, it is business to harvest experience quickly.

“Ding, kill the Bronze Advanced Gluttonous Blood Vine ramet to gain 150 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the Bronze Advanced Gluttonous Blood Vine ramet to gain 150 experience points.”

With the accumulation of experience points, Su Bai even had the leisure to watch the scenery.

The lightning bolt is so powerful that it can blow up a vine with one shot.

Once again, Su Bai experienced the refreshing feeling of encountering the blood-eating vine for the first time.

The experience points are like delivered to the door, and they can’t stop at all.

With the limited wisdom of the gluttonous blood vine ramet, it cannot understand this kind of thing, but its instinct guides it to continue to regenerate, and then continue to explode.

The only fly in the ointment is that the **** smell is too strong 650.

This gluttonous blood vine is worthy of the name of the blood vine. The amount of blood contained in the body is too much. Every time it bursts, it will dye the surrounding jungle a little red.


Some beasts thought that there was a large-scale battle here and wanted to get a share of the pie, but Su Bai smashed his head with a stick, twitched twice and stopped moving.

“Ding, kill the Bronze Intermediate Wind Slasher and gain 65 experience points.”

Although the experience value has been halved, for Su Bai, he is still idle anyway, and earning a little more experience is a point.

The gluttonous blood vine ramet is no longer threatening, and every time it is reborn, it will be exploded by the falling lightning bolt.

It just so happened that this guy didn’t know what to do, and he never knew how to retreat.

For such an enemy, such a rich boy, Su Bai just wanted to say, come again next time.

An hour later, Su Bai smiled happily.

Nearly 30,000 experience points!

Developed, fully developed!

Moreover, the Sky Steel Crow was still in high spirits, without showing any signs of fatigue.

Su Bai felt it attentively, and energy was constantly being transported from the pet space to the Sky Steel Crow to help it replenish its energy.

Involuntarily, Su Bai remembered Yu Bingtong’s words.

Heaven and earth have always been opposites.

The thick earth will support the wider sky.

Su Bai had a new insight.

For the beastmaster, the pet space is the vast land.

The scale of Su Bai’s pet space far exceeds that of an ordinary beastmaster, enough to support him to a higher realm. .

Chapter 88 Thank you, gluttonous blood vine

Once, when Su Bai was at Blue Star, he played an online game and became the boss, looking for someone to lead him to upgrade.

Control the character to squat in the corner, and then you can wait for the experience bar to move by itself.

At this time, Su Bai experienced this feeling again.

The Sky Steel Crow turned into a hard-working worker, using lightning bolts frantically, blasting the blood-eating vines all over the floor.

And the gluttonous blood vine also incarnates as a selfless devotee, using the flesh and blood energy stored by itself, constantly reborn, giving Su Bai a huge amount of experience points.

An hour has passed.

Two hours have passed.

Three hours have passed.

Su Bai was bored and wanted to sleep. Fortunately, from time to time, some beasts were attracted by the smell of blood, and they rushed over excitedly to pick up a bargain. This made Su Bai regain his energy and smashed its head with the Coiling Dragon Stick.

At the moment when this kind of bug is generally brushing experience, Su Bai only hopes that it will last forever.

Unfortunately, happy times are always short-lived, and the flesh and blood energy stored by the gluttonous blood vine ramets is not unlimited.

After three hours, the rebirth speed of the gluttonous blood vine was one second slower.

Su Bai couldn’t help crying.

“Come on, gluttonous blood vine, you can do it, believe in yourself!”

As if hearing Su Bai’s call, the gluttonous blood vine ramet launched a desperate attack on him in shame, and then was shocked by the electric shock, killing him directly.

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