Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Chapter 108

Su Bai seized the opportunity and smashed the vines in front of him with an ice wind technique, then swung out the Coiling Dragon Stick and smashed the vines on his right.

After the ramet of the gluttonous blood vine has evolved a tough epidermis, the hardness is significantly improved, but the flexibility is much reduced.

It was indeed a lot easier to deal with the Sky Steel Crow’s wind blade attack, but in the face of such a powerful attacking weapon as the Coiling Dragon Stick, the tough skin became a burden.

As soon as the stick went down, the epidermis was broken, and the huge impact force directly shook the internal tissue to shreds. Although it did not break on the spot, it would also be directly cut off by the following hatchet.

The attack method of the Coiling Dragon Stick is relatively simple, and it is more inconvenient to open the road.

Therefore, in addition to the Coiling Dragon Stick, Su Bai also prepared a hatchet.

Said to be a hatchet, but the background is not small.

It was polished from the toes of the Bronze Rank Ferocious Beast Wind Slasher.

Su Bai didn’t take it out yesterday because he was worried that if he chopped too much, the blade would curl up or even break.

But in today’s battle, it is the most suitable to cut off the gluttonous blood vine that was smashed by the Coiling Dragon Stick.

Holding a stick in the right hand and a knife in the left, Su Bai opened his bow from left to right.

In just an instant, two vines were solved and three hundred experience points were obtained.

At the same time, the Sky Steel Crow launched two consecutive double strikes, directly cutting off the remaining two vines.

Five vines were swept away in a few seconds.

Su Bai felt it, the consumption was very small, and it was estimated that he could fight for more than five hours.


keep fighting!

The fighting spirit is burning wildly, Su Bai’s blood is boiling, and every cell in the body is singing the triumphant song of victory!

The rebirth speed of today’s gluttonous blood vine ramet is even higher than that of yesterday’s, and in just a few seconds, new vines have appeared.

Su Bai laughed and flew up.

Experience soaring! .

Chapter 85 Fight again in Japan

To be honest, Su Bai had never encountered such a difficult beast before.

No fear, no fear of death, even if he was cut off hundreds of times, he did not give up rebirth.

Obviously, the gluttonous blood vine ramet will not stop until it runs out of energy or kills the target.

If it weren’t for Su Bai’s current physical strength far exceeding that of an ordinary beastmaster, he would not be able to resist this level of crazy attacks sooner or later by relying on the Sky Steel Crow.

Really without hesitation, as long as the rebirth is completed, he will attack immediately without giving Su Bai any chance to breathe.

Today’s gluttonous blood vine branch has a lot of defense, so Sky Steel Crow needs to use two wind blades to cut off a vine.

This is equivalent to directly halving the continuous combat power of the Sky Steel Crow.

Moreover, if Su Bai wanted to kill the blood-eating vines, he needed to use the ice wind technique continuously to maintain the surrounding low temperature, otherwise the speed of the vines would be too fast, which would cause him a certain amount of damage.

Although the automatic defense skills of the ice turtle are not controlled by Su Bai, like other defensive pets, each time they resist an attack, it will consume the physical strength of the pet.

And launching the ice wind spell will also consume the stamina of the ice turtle.

A projection that could have lasted for twelve hours, in this level of combat, the duration – time is constantly decreasing.

Su Bai estimated that it could last up to six hours.

In other words, six hours later, no matter what the battle situation was, Su Bai had to retreat.

He couldn’t even wait for the limit of six hours. After he retreated, he had to keep the projection before he found a rest spot to prevent a sneak attack.

Therefore, the fighting time can only be set at five hours.

With a final plan, Su Bai no longer hesitated and started to fight frantically.

“Ding, kill the Bronze Advanced Gluttonous Blood Vine ramet to gain 150 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the Bronze Advanced Gluttonous Blood Vine ramet to gain 150 experience points.”

“Ding, kill the Bronze Advanced Gluttonous Blood Vine ramet to gain 150 experience points.”


The system beeps never stopped, the vines that were cut off on the ground piled up into mountains, and Su Bai had to slowly change positions.

Otherwise, there will be nowhere to go.

Fortunately, after the vines are cut off, when the blood inside is clean, it will turn into fine sand faster, so Su Bai is spinning and spinning like yesterday, but it is not impossible to cast due to the obstacles of the terrain.

Tired, exhausted like never before.

Even in yesterday’s battle, Su Bai never felt that his body was so heavy.

After a night of evolution, the gluttonous blood vine ramet has significantly improved its defense. Even if the level has not changed, it still makes Su Bai fall into a hard fight.

“No wonder the spar gun is not practical in the field of battle. In this level of battle, any gun is given for nothing.”

In the frantic battle, Su Bai gradually entered a new combat realm, and his body control was improved again. Every time, he could use the least physical strength to cause the greatest damage.

Even with his continuous analysis of the blood-eating vine ramets, two hours later, he no longer needed the assistance of a hatchet, and he could break the vine with a stick, making it really easy to lift weights.

However, the attack power of the Sky Steel Crow’s wind blade cannot be improved. Unless he obtains a new talent blessing, the attack power has reached the limit under the existing Yufeng talent.

After the fight, Su Bai was able to kill three of the five vines by himself.

This is how the frantic battle has tempered Su Bai. The gluttonous blood vine is evolving, and he is also evolving!

After five hours of hard work, Su Bai gained about 50,000 experience points.

At the same time, his conjecture was confirmed.

This gluttonous blood vine ramet did not run out of energy!

Maybe even half of the stored energy is not consumed, because the respawn rate is not slowed down at all!

“Hahaha, there will be an appointment later!”

Su Bai continuously activated the ice wind technique to cut off the vines, and then took advantage of the rebirth of the gluttonous blood vines to take back the Skysteel Crow, switch pets at the same time, and release the phantom dust to run away.

After the gluttonous blood vine ramet was reborn, it wanted to continue to attack, but no matter what, it could not perceive the high-energy life form.

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