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Chapter 270 Want to pay, green lady!

Song Shuhang briefly introduced to the White Sovereign what happened in these two days.し

From the beginning of the retreat of Bai Zun, the ‘cloud incidents under the meteorites’ began, to the back of the ‘hand-held tractor accidents’, ‘the meteorite explosion with the hand-held tractor explosion incident’, ‘the enlightenment stone appeared’, ‘the green lady robbed The Enlightenment Stone incident’, and the last ‘three hundred years of onion and fried mutton incident’.

“In the two days of my retreat… so many things happened? You have been wonderful in these two days.” The white predecessor said, then suddenly his face showed a heartache: “Wait, just now you Said that the walking tractor exploded?”

“Because the meteorite suddenly exploded, the walking tractor was also affected by the explosion of the meteorite.” Song Shuhang was embarrassed, and comforted: “If you really like the tractor, wait until we turn back to Huangshan Zhenjun.” I want a car to go! I think the Huangshan predecessors will definitely get another identical tractor.”

“It makes sense… yes, we can have a few more!” The white predecessors’ eyes lit up.

The walking tractor is a vehicle that he likes to drive. Especially when it is turned on, when the tractor head is shaken, the white lord feels that the whole person will pick it up.

Book Air doubts: “What more do you want?”

“Well, I suddenly remembered the monk’s ‘Flying Sword Contest’, and then I was thinking, maybe I can find a few friends to organize a ‘hand-held tractor contest’, everyone sends a hand-held tractor, each It’s going to be very quick to transform, and then to see who is faster.” The white predecessors squeezed their chins.

“…” Song Shuhang quietly turned his head and refused to let the white predecessors see his present expression – as long as he thought of a group of fairy, Taoist, and masters driving the tractor, mad at the speed of several hundred yards. The scene, Song Shuhang did not know what kind of expression he would use to show his heart and soul.

“I will let Huangshan Zhenjun prepare for thirty or forty vehicles in a while. I have been out for a long time. It is time to find a chance to gather together a few friends who have not yet died. It is a good opportunity to hold the tractor contest. “White lord knocked the way.

Song Shuhang: “…”

This is the picture that I want to play, really imagined in my mind. It is very likely that it will come true!

I hope that they can choose a place where no one is going to play.

Otherwise, if it is caught by the traffic police uncle… At that time, the traffic police uncle saw a group of Taoist, monk, costume beauty, and perhaps the ancient scholars dressed up, squatting tractor, psychological shadow face geometry?



“The thing to do the tractor is fixed. Then let’s talk about this enlightenment stone. Is the small tender onion above, which is the onion that you said for three hundred years?” The white sage stretched out and flicked. Play onion fine.

The onion leaves of the onion are shrinking and shrinking. When she was in the pocket of Song Shuhang, she sneaked out the onion leaves to watch what happened outside.

At that time, she clearly saw the high-powered predecessor in front of her eyes, and the process of killing a second-class monk in the palm of her hand – the second-class monk was turned into a golden sand. When she thought of the picture, she felt that her roots were soft.

“It is the small onion.” Song Shudao.

“This little onion is a little bit interesting… You can make your ears full of blood and blood, is it the reason to eat her onion leaves? If so, let her cultivate it! After your ear is turned on, this shallot should be Then grow a little. At that time, you pick her onion leaves directly, take it again, and fill the mouth with blood. Even if it is not filled, take it a few more times. It is a baby! “The white predecessors smiled at Song Shuhang.

The green onion suddenly felt a black front…

“Actually, I originally wanted to let the white predecessors seal the memory of the onion essence about ‘Wu Dao Shi’. Then let her go. This green onion… has a very miserable past, it feels very difficult for her to live. “Song Shu waterway, the character of his good old man.”

When the green lady heard it, her eyes brightened!

“However, this onion seems to grow up and the stone goes up… I can’t pull it out. If I force it, I am afraid that it will hurt her roots, and she will die when she is.” Song Shuhang sighed.

When the green onion heard it, the eyelids suddenly became moist. On that day, why did I have to brainstorm and climb to the other side of Song Shuhang’s pocket to realize the stone. It’s good now, I’ve gone up.

“It’s rooted in the stone of Enlightenment. It’s also her creation.” Bai Zun said: “Before you can’t find a solution, you will take her for a while… Wu Daoshi will have a lot of future for her. The benefits. Then, she spends a long time on the green onion leaves. It is the reward she paid for you on the stone of Enlightenment!”

Sally is also a black in front of her eyes – in the end, she still can’t escape the fate of being cut and cut?



“Then, the book sails you said before, in the meteorites of the Taoist stone paradox, is there the sword of me and the clouds?” White Zun gently stroked this piece of enlightenment stone.

After being separated from the meteorite, the remnant white sages on the Wudao stone and the swordsmanship of the clouds have become extremely weak. And it is still dissipating.

It is estimated that there will be another one or two days, and the swordsmanship of the white sages and the clouds and the Taoist people will be completely dissipated.

“I was thinking, isn’t the white sword of your predecessor flying into the space, the sword gas on the meteorite?” Song Shuhang speculated.

“It’s not a one-time flying sword.” Bai Zun said with a smile: “Even if it is the sword that I display, because of the different exercises, the atmosphere will be different. If I remember correctly, this sword Qi is the breath of ‘Tianpeng 遁法’. That kind of sword, I have not used it in a one-time flying sword.”

“Shen Peng’s method?” Song Shuhang felt that the name was familiar. He thought about it and suddenly remembered: “The helicopter we rushed into space last time?”

“Exactly.” White Zun nodded and said: “Wu Dao Shi is a strange strange stone. Its energy is different energy that is not part of the monk system. When it is not available, it is hidden in the rock, even if I can’t I noticed its existence – I didn’t expect that there would be a Gou Shishi inside the meteorite that chose to take a rest.”

Song Shuhang had only one thought in his mind at this time: the white lord’s luck, it is really proper to be against the sky!

“Enlightenment stone has, the onion is also there, the book is a small friend, everything is ready, and strive to cultivate. Strive to break through the realm of one product at a time, Yuelongmen, make it true.” Bai Zun said.

During the conversation, he looked out of the window, smiled slightly, nodded gently, and then snorted.


On a roof outside the window, the clouds were stunned by a cold sweat.

“Is it discovered?” he muttered. The white lord turned his head and looked at it. It felt like he was watching him.

Fortunately… there is no malice on myself.

Otherwise, the masked person who was previously turned into a sands is to end himself.

The masked person only has two products to repair, and the difference between the strength of the white and the white lord is too big, too big, too big a gap, so that the masked person can not sense the horror of the white sage in the retreat.

Therefore, the masked person will have the courage to squat and break into the room of Song Shuhang.

And to the realm of the cloud and the Taoist people, it has been able to faintly sense the terrible things of the White Supreme.

“Enlightenment Stone, for the time being, don’t think about it… Or An Anxin’s heart to buy a house near Song Youhang’s Xiaoyou’s house, and be a neighbor with them.” The cloud road people secretly said.

In his cuff, the sword pill slipped out and turned into a dawn. The cloud road people stepped on the light and flew to the depths of Wenzhou City. He had no money… If you want to buy a house, you have to find a way to get some money.

Where do you get the money? The doorman who emptied the door, never worried about the place where there was no money, don’t worry.



Not far behind the clouds, there is a shadow in the corner of a shadow, and there is no power to get up.

This is a slightly fat middle-aged man, but this middle-aged man is just a manipulative shackle.

In his hindbrain position, a small gold plaque was draped, covered by hair, and almost invisible. That is a way to remotely control ordinary humans through spells.

“Is it terrible, can I detect my existence at such a long distance? Fortunately, this time I borrowed the body of an ordinary mortal. Otherwise, it was not as simple as a mental shock, but a spell attack, even the flying sword came directly to take it. My own first class?” The middle-aged man muttered in his mouth.

Moreover, the use of the mortal body is awkward. The mental shock just now smashed the mental power used to control the chubby middle-aged mortal, and even stalked the vines, so that their own bodies have been affected.

“With such a powerful person day and night guardian, Jingmo’s failure is also inevitable. Just… blood **** drill, have a chance to get it back?” The middle-aged man smiled bitterly.

He always feels that he is working step by step. From the beginning of the calculation, everything is in his own hands. The world is full of people, are the pieces in their own hands, as strong as Su Shi’s seven, still not being used properly by themselves?

However, after the smashing stick of ‘Book Mountain’s pressure’ was inserted into his game, everything was messed up.

Now…he feels that he wants to go back to the blood god, really hopes.

“But, I won’t give up so easily.” The middle-aged man whispered in the mouth… I am the son of the sea, not the last moment, never give up the sea father! Ah, I never give up the sea!

He reached out and tore a piece of white paper in his hand.

This is the Promise of the Promise of the Promise, which is similar to the slogan of the slogan.

Of course, this stepless killing order is fake… Like the powerful martial art of the Promise, it is impossible to use the “promise killing order” method to deal with the small rookie of Song Shuhang. . (To be continued.)

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