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Chapter 269 marry! marry! I am married!

“This time I am going to die!” The masked man gasped slightly, even if he was a second-class master, the continuous high-intensity explosion was also somewhat difficult.

But at the moment when Songchao Street was on the 3rd, the bed was shining, and a new Song Shuhang appeared.

It appears faster than the two ‘Song Shuhang’.

Is this the monster refresh rate +1 in the game?

The newly-emerged Song Shuhang is still a bitter smile: “Hello, the predecessor of Bai Zhenjun, I am by your side!”

The masked man’s hands are frozen.

He knows that the world is definitely a problem, but he can’t think of a reason.

It’s not an illusion. The man who was killed by him once and for all, when he killed it, the touch and blood smell from his fingers were not fake!

But this man was killed again and again, again and again, what is this?

Just thinking, the new fourth Song Shuhang opened again: “Hello, Bai Zhenjun senior.”

The masked man frowned and replied again: “Hello.”

However, Song No. 4 in front of the eyes did not reply immediately.

Sure enough, after about 30 seconds, Song Shuhang’s face was horrified: “Brake! Hurry! Brake!… Don’t introduce, the predecessor, the front is the cliff!”

The masked man sighed, this time he resisted the idea of ​​killing, tried to enter the role and see if there could be any new changes: “Okay, okay, I brake!”

On the 4th, Song Shuhang stunned again.

After about twenty seconds, I suddenly looked like a sigh: “For example – Xiaobai, wait for your long hair and waist. Is it good to marry me?”

Masked person: “…”

Marry your uncle!

Boxing, palms, fingers, and claws rushed up.

Ah, fight and fight!

“Ah, ah, ah~~” screams.

No. 4 Song Shuhang. Fight the street!



“This time is over?” the masked man muttered.

I was muttering. There is a flash of light in front of you, and the refresh rate seems to be faster!

The fifth Song Shuhang appeared in front of him, surrounded by four **** bodies.

An opening, it really is the same sentence: “Hello, Bai Zhenjun senior.”

“killing and killing!” Masked people roar.

You have to be from a few, since it is not an illusion, if you come out, I will kill one!

I don’t believe in evil. Can you still change thousands of people?



Time passes by.

The masked man has been corpse all over the body. More than sixty bodies of ‘Song Shuhang’ were piled up.

“Where, evil door, still not finished?” The masked man showed a bitter smile – he knew that he must fall into an incessant trap.

Because when he was killing the tenth song book, he wanted to get up and leave this strange place – can’t afford it, can’t he still hide?

But it turns out that he can’t hide!

The bed is only a dozen steps away from the window, but whether he is running, jumping, or sprinting, he feels that he has run far away… but when he turns back, it is still the bed, still the face. The gentle man is still the ground of the corpse.

And he is always a dozen steps away from the position of the window. It’s a long way to go, it’s desperate!

So he has a heart. Continue to come back and kill Song Shuhang.

Still, he didn’t believe it. Can there be thousands of people in this trap to let him kill?

If it is really going to change thousands of people to let him kill, how bad is the owner of the trap? Looking at my own ‘replacement’ has been continually being abused in various ways? Psychosis, right?

Not much thought, killing, killing, killing!

But he is getting less and less, and the speed of killing is getting slower and slower.

In front of me, I don’t know that the number ‘Song Shuhang’ crashed into the street. Before he died, he still stubbornly said: “Marry me… is it good?”

Masked person: “…”

He is going to collapse and really has to collapse.



Time is like running water, and I will never go back.

Song Shuhang, who does not know the number +1: “Marry me… is it good?”

“Marry, marry, can I marry still?” The masked man cried: “Let me let me go. Please let me go. Let me go out, I can give you a cow!”

But in front of me, I don’t know that Song Shuhang, who was numbered +1, was hurt too much.

Then, I don’t know the number +2 Song Shuhang appeared.

Still a bunch of words in front.

This time, the masked man did not take another shot, and he was waiting for Song Shuhang’s taped dialogue to end.

The last n+2 Song Shuhang asked: “Will you marry me?”

“Marry, marry! I am married! I am married!” Masked people can’t wait, excited and cried.

However, after Song Wenhang, n+2, finished his speech, he crashed and stood still, not moving.

“I yell at your uncle!” The masked man’s angry roar, exerting the last glimmer of strength, killing n+2 Song Shuhang.

But useless!

When a Song Shuhang falls, there will be thousands of Songshang standing up!

N+3 Song Shuhang appeared in the light.

Then, continue to start the string of preface conversations.

Finally, the last question asked: “Will you marry me?”

The masked man has a face, and he has no feeling of moving his fingers.

After a while, he finally recovered.

“Calm down, calm down. Since it is a trap, there will always be a chance to break. Don’t be brought into his rhythm by the other party. Take a break and restore the infuriating. As long as it is a trap, people who have traps always show up. At that time, it was the best time for me to shoot!”

The masked man finally calmed down, and he touched a precious rejuvenating remedy in his arms and swallowed it.

Then, sit on the ground and start to recover your strength and instinct.

Waiting… Waiting for the moment when the trap appears flawed, I want you to look good!

I want you to die like death!

I will torture you with the most cruel means!


In this transparent space, I don’t know how long it took.

Song Shuhang was very boring and climbed to the side of ‘Song Shuhang 2’ and took out his mobile phone. Give yourself and ‘self’ to take a selfie.


The phone flash is lit!

But it is at this time. The ‘transparent world’ suddenly disappeared!

too suddenly. Song Shuhang has no defense.

The next moment, he has returned to the real world.

At this point, he found himself sitting beside the white lord.

The white lord has got up and sat with a smile.

And in front of them – the masked man sitting cross-legged, is recovering infuriating.

The masked man also felt the change of the outside world, and he opened his eyes fiercely.

Still that room! Still the bed! Still the man with a good face but a hateful!

Just missing the body of the land…

There is a man who is like a fairy in the picture!

But it doesn’t matter, the opportunity is coming!

“Hahaha, that **** trap is still gone. Come on!” The masked man gnawed his teeth, his body vacated, and his right paw stabbed Song Songhang, giving him five beautiful little holes in his head.

Song Shuhang is not in a hurry, with a smile – the big backing is awake, afraid of it?

Next to him, Bai Zun was calm, reaching out a palm, aiming at the masked man, revealing four words in his mouth: “The earth curse – sand!”

The main attributes of the white predecessor. It seems to be related to the soil system. Whether it is the statue shell that appears on his retreat, or the flat mantra, and the skills he is now shooting.

The palm is printed remotely

A soil character diploma is generated empty. Printed on the masked man.

Uh… The masked man only feels that his body is weak, not only the body, but even his soul is flying fast and weak. He looked down and saw a scene of panic.

His body turned into a golden sand, like an hourglass, dumping down…

“No, what is going on? Illusion? Illusion?” He was terrified.

After blinking, the masked human body and all the things in him, even his soul, are turned into golden sand.

Song Shuhang This is the first time I saw the white predecessors killing the enemy, and was deeply shocked. The white predecessors’ spells are not so powerful, but they are powerful. A monk who is in control of infuriating is turned into a small yellow sand.

Then, the white lord gently stroked his right hand. A breeze emerged from the air, rolled up the yellow sand, rolled them out of the window, sent into the distance, blended into the soil.

Outside the window, the night is still deep – that is, the time from the end of the retreat of the White Sovereign has not yet arrived.

“White predecessors, are you going out in advance?” Song Shuhang sighed in his heart and asked.

“I sense that the obvious killing is right beside me. I just woke up after closing the retreat… but it doesn’t matter, this time it’s just a small retreat, and the things you want to understand are almost finished.” The gentleman smiled softly: “Next, I will continue to go through the retreat after I have experienced some more interesting things. Next time, I can almost retreat for three hundred years.”

The next retreat, three hundred years? Song Shuhang secretly screams.

“Book aviation, cultivation should not be slack. A master can only reach the limit of ordinary life, more than 120 years. And the life of the second-class monk can be doubled. To reach 220 to 244. For the rest of the year, at least three to four hundred years of monk can be lived.” White Zun said slowly.

Song Shuhang nodded secretly.

“Although there is still a long time since the next retreat… but I hope that the next time I close the retreat, I will see you again.” Bai Zun said with a smile.

In other words, Song Shuhang must have at least three realms of cultivation, and then live to the next time the white predecessors retreat.

Is this a blessing for the whites? Song Shuhang’s heart is dark.

“I will try my best, the white predecessor.” He said from the channel: “For the predecessors, I have a different stone here, show you!”

Then he took out the different stone from his pocket.

On top of it, the leaves of the succulent stalks shrank and shrunk, seemingly afraid of the white sage.

“This is… Enlightenment Stone?” The white predecessor took the different stones: “No wonder, I think you have successfully broken through the nose, and even the deafness is full of blood and overflow, do you have an adventure in these two days?”

“It’s a bit of an adventure.” Song Shuhang sneered.

At the same time, he thought of one thing: Could it be that the masked man, who occasionally discovered the Wudao Stone on my body, so I want to come over and **** it?

He did not see the masked man madly killing ‘he’ in the ‘real illusion’. The goal of masked people is definitely not as simple as Gouda. (To be continued.)

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