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Chapter 267 Masked thief? assassin?

Half past three in the afternoon.

Yukoko bid farewell to Song mother, ready to leave, to go to her friend’s family.

Song’s mother reluctantly said: “I have time to play, Yukoko”

Book Air is pushed out to send Yuko.



After going downstairs, Song Shuhang asked with a voice: “Yurouzi, how do you go to your friend’s family position?”

He remembers that Yukoko will not fly with the sword, so is it going to take a car or plane?

“Sit in the car, there is a stop for the train to go directly to the town where her family is. Then I can go to her family after a long walk.” Yurouzi smiled and said: “You can rest assured that the seniors, how to buy tickets, I have already Learned, no problem.”

“Then I will send you to the station.” Song Shu waterway, there is a short distance from the station.

“Good” Yukoko nodded.

“Well… ride a battery car?” Song Shuhang was embarrassed.

Song Dad’s car was driven to work, and the tractor that he had driven was ruined. Even if the tractor was still intact, he did not want to open the toy to send Yuko to the station.

“Battery car? I will know the car, I will ride.” Yukoko suddenly got excited.

Song Shuhang always feels that Yukoko is not only a low point of laughter, but even a happy point is very low. Such a girl, living really well, has a good mood every day.

After a while, when Song Shuhang pushed the women’s battery car out, Yurouzi asked: “Song predecessors, let me open, let me open.”

“Well, wear a safety helmet. The road to the station is strictly strict. If you don’t wear a safety helmet, you will be reprimanded by the traffic police.” Song Shuhang handed a safety helmet.

Saying that… Feather Rouge should not add an acceleration method to the battery car like the white predecessor?

After wearing a safety helmet, Yukoko sat in front of the car. Her legs are long and she is particularly dazzling when she sits in a small sheep battery car.

Song Shuhang originally wanted to habitually straddle the back seat of the car… But when he thought of the front of Yukozi, he sighed and silently chose to sit sideways like a girl.

After all, there are some things. It is not the power of the will to control.



Yukoko did not add acceleration to the battery car from start to finish. She just drove the battery car and was very happy. In Lingdie Island, although there are cars. But she can only drive around in Lingdie Island…how is it interesting to drive on the highway?

Unfortunately, it is rare that Yukozi will not mess, but the battery car does not give force.

At halfway, the battery car speed is getting slower and slower, and the power is not enough.

“Hey? What happened? Senior?” Yurouzi looked at the battery car. Twist the handle of the acceleration to the maximum, but it has no effect.

“Is there no electricity?” Song Shuhang glanced over and looked at it. It was really powerless.

It may be that Song mother sometimes rode out to ride, forgetting to charge the Song mother not driving, her driver’s license has not been tested for three years, and she will not learn it.

“No electricity? What should I do?” Yukoko worried and asked, and she was opening up, suddenly there was no electricity.

“Nothing” Song Shuhang thought of a small spell, saying: “I have charging”

Although charging is used to charge mobile phones and laptops, you should also be able to charge the battery. Just don’t know how many hair bottles do you need to fill a battery?



The answer is thirty

Generally a charge. Can make a mobile phone fully charged, in fact, there is still a large part left. Because no matter what the charge of the laptop is charged, only one shot is used.

The blood consumption value of the charging operation is very small, but after 30 years of charging, Song Shuhang’s face is slightly pale. If he has just opened his nose, I am afraid to call the ghost’s reserve energy.

“Predecessors have mastered the charging process? This spell has been in the group for a long time. I looked down and felt that this spell was a little troublesome, so I didn’t go to school.” Yukoko secretly spit out his tongue: “Full , seniors. We continue”

“Go” Song Shuhang breathed a slight breath and sat down again.

The battery car is restarted and full of power.

Yukoko’s silver bell-like laughter re-emerged.

Along the way, Song Shuhang always felt that something was wrong.

I rub. What are you doing? I just need to fill in half or so, is it enough for me to go back and forth?

What happened to me today?

Upon arriving at the station, Song Shuhang accompanied Fei Yuzi to buy a train ticket and watched her enter the waiting room before leaving.



At dinner, Song Shuhang continued to decorate two roles. After eating the meal yourself, then returning to the room and changing to the appearance of the white sage, come out and have a meal.

Yukoko’s brooch, which can be easily morphed, was temporarily loaned to him. At the same time, thanks to the book air cultivation, the amount of rice has increased greatly, otherwise the two bowls of rice can not really eat.

However, at night, Song’s mother always looks at the white lord with strange eyes. Will she not see anything?

Fortunately, after tomorrow, the white predecessors will wake up. When they come out to have a meal together, Song will not doubt it. Song Shuhang’s heart is dark.


Lingdie Island.

The spirit butterfly sages licked the mouth of the pulse of Bi tea, he drank the tea made by his daughter. Although this tea is a little problem, he is a spiritual realm after all, and this little problem does not affect him. The tea made by the daughter is silently disposed of by him.

At this time, a colorful butterfly landed in front of the Lingdie Supreme, and turned into a girl in a colorful dress. This is a butterfly demon that has been turned into a human form and condensed the demon.

After the fall of the color girl, she smiled and said: “Master, the master came to the phone. The sister has left the home of Songshang Channel Friends, and has successfully boarded the train.”

“Oh, I have already left. Understand, let the swordsman continue to secretly protect Yukoko.” The sacred butterfly nodded calmly and then silently put his flying sword back into the sword.

If his lovely daughter is going to spend the night at the man’s house…hehehe

The girl in the color dress apparently aimed at the flying sword in the hands of the master, and the mouth twitched.


Night falls.

Song Shuhang holds Wu Daoshi in his hand and is closing his eyes to meditate and cultivate his spiritual strength.

On the stone of Enlightenment, the green onion has been completely rooted, and the top of the tender buds is green and pleasing to the eye.

Song Shuhang also wants to get the female genie of the lion’s gongs from the hands of the lynx, but wants to grab his enlightenment stone. After the robbing failed, it is natural to have the cost of understanding 哩

But… Sally does not know whether it can’t talk or doesn’t want to talk. Since rooting on the Wudao Stone, no matter how Song Shanghang asks, she is most shivering and not saying a word.

Could it be said that she was repaired and cut off, and turned into an ordinary onion?

The night is deeper, and everything is silent.

Song Shuhang can feel that the different forces within the Taoist stone continue to enter his body, and this force has begun to weaken the bottleneck in his body.

Only after a few days of cultivation, the blood in the ears is full, and he can break through the deafness more easily.

In addition to this… Song Shuhang can feel that his spiritual strength is also affected by this different energy.

This kind of different energy does not integrate into the mental power, but only plays a role in stimulating the mental power, making the mental power stronger and more pure.

“The effect of different stones is stronger than that introduced by the whites. If you go on like this, it will take a long time to hit the last hole. The mouth is open, it is ready to jump the dragon door.” Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes. Exclaimed.

When he opened his eyes… just saw the window, there was a blindfolded figure that crept open the window of his room.

Song Shuhang’s eyes just happened to be in contact with this masked person.


So arrogant, watching him still sitting on the edge of the bed, apparently did not fall asleep. The thief dared to push the window directly in, really when he did not exist?

A little lesson must be given.

Song Shuhang collected the Taoist stone, and then, the “Gentleman Miles” was launched, and he was like a lightning bolt to the masked man. The right hand is a claw, such as the claw of the dragon directly grabs the shoulder of the masked man.

“Damn.” The masked man snorted, but did not panic. I saw that the masked man smashed into a sword and stabbed it against Song Shuhang’s claws.

Suddenly, Song Shuhang’s gaze was not an ordinary thief.

When the other party is in the palm of their hand, there is a faint temperament between the palms, which is a monk.

Clouds and people?

Song Shuhang’s mind almost immediately remembered the golden dragon who was empty and stolen.

However, at this time, he had no time to think about it. The “Gentleman Miles” body was played to the extreme by Book Air, and the right hand paws bypassed the masked palm of the masked man and directly grabbed the throat of the other party from a strange perspective.

“Junior, a little bit tolerant, but … too slow.” The masked voice is hoarse, apparently a fake fake.

At the same time, the masked man’s palm suddenly accelerated forward.

Even the route of the stabbing did not change, but in the moment of speeding up to the limit, Song Shuhang’s change of temptation became vain because the change of the book was only half, and the other’s sword palm had already stabbed him.

“Shield” Song Shuhang calmly said.

He inspired the talent of the ghost, a golden shield appeared in front of the swordsman of Song Shuhang’s chest.

Although there is no such strong defense, this golden shield is enough to withstand the attack of most second-class monks.

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s other hand grabbed the pocket.

He still has the last sword

When the masked palm of the masked man collides with the golden shield, the sound of gold and iron intersects.

“Chong” the masked man sipped and saw a white sword on his palm tip bursting out.


This is at least a monk with more than two products.


A crack appeared on the golden shield, and a strong force applied to Song Shuhang’s body, and he flew back.

Song Shuhang’s figure fell to the white predecessor on the bed.

After the masked man hit a hand, he was chasing after him, his body was like electricity, and it was a sword palm stabbed to Song Shuhang’s body…to be continued.

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