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Chapter 260 Surprise, Song predecessors! Ah?

Can only say that it is a Tuhao girl, the shot is too wide. However, this person is so big, I don’t know if I can return it in the future. Song Shuhang’s heart is secret.

To be honest, when I stepped into the world of comprehension, I met Yukoko, A-16, and the white predecessors… Oh, and Peas, it’s a very lucky thing.

Song Shuhang told Sima Jiangdao: “You are waiting for Xiaojiang, I am outside. I let my mother come down to open the door for you.”

“No problem.” Sima Jiang laughed back.

After hanging up the phone, Song Shuhang called her mother again: “Mom, there is a courier downstairs~ You open the door to collect the sign!”

“Express? Good, I know.” Then, Song Mama shouted: “Old Song, Book Air has a courier downstairs, you go downstairs to see!”

“Know it.” Song Dad replied loudly.

It seems that Song Dad and Zhao Yaya are back from the hospital?

At this time, the mother of Song in the phone asked the sentence: “What is the courier? Was it delivered early in the morning?”

“It should be the tea that my friend sent me. Right, is the Yaya sister still at our house?” Song Shuhang asked.

Mother Song replied: “I am still, I will leave her to eat. I have to rest in the past few days.”

“When the mom arrives for a while, you can open it for me. If the box inside is all tea, help me to pick a can of tea and give it to Zhao Yaya. Tell her, this is the kind that I gave her yesterday. Song Shuhang replied, I wanted to send another tea to Zhao Yaya yesterday, but then I slumbered, and did not come and give.

“Yes, I know.” Song mother said: “You also go home early to eat, don’t play too long.”

“No problem, I will go back soon.” Song Shudao.

After the phone call, he swallowed a blood-blood pill and continued to practice. Since he came out, he will complete the training course today.



At this time, Song Dad went downstairs. I saw the burly Hans Ma Jiang standing at the door of the downstairs, and there were four tall black men behind him guarding a wooden box.

“Is it the express delivery of Book Air?” Song Dad asked in confusion, he used Wenzhou’s local oral cavity – that is, who sent the courier like this? There are also four black men carrying them quickly.

“Haha. You are the father of Book Air classmates. The two of you are really too similar!” Sima Jiang laughed, and also took a standard mouth of Wenzhou City. Then he handed in a business card. To Song Dad: “Sui people harvest delivery Sima Jiang. This courier box is a bit big, our people help you to go upstairs?”

As a qualified express industry elite, Sima Jiang has mastered the language of many countries, as well as dozens of local dialects in the Chinese realm, completely avoiding the problem of ‘can’t understand what the customer said’.

“Okay, thank you so much.” After receiving the business card, Song Dad nodded.

The box is a little bit bigger than six cubic meters. He can’t really get it alone. In addition, in fact, Song Dad’s appearance and book air are only one point at most, and Sima Jiang’s flattering is directly photographed in his heart.

“Your harvest service is so good?” Song Dad asked casually.

“Of course. It has always been such a great! As long as you have a courier to send, call me, on call!” Sima Jiang cheeked to advertise his company. At the same time, hand a signature: “Trouble Mr. Song, you are here to sign a word.”

Song Dad smiled and nodded and signed his name.

In my heart, it is a dark road – is it like a bookstore or a big customer of this express delivery company? Service attitude is so good?

Song Dad is not a newcomer just out of the rivers and lakes. He has been rolling in the society for so many years. Some things can be guessed at a glance.

Is the thing in this box a very precious thing?

Four black clothes couriers carefully carried the wooden boxes and carried them to Song Shuhang’s house and placed them in the hall.

After that, Sima Jiang and Song Shuhang’s family said goodbye: “So Mr. Song. We will not bother.”

After saying goodbye, he took four black men and left the Song Shuhang home without squinting.



“I just sent the courier?” Song mother wondered out of the kitchen, what looks like a courier? Especially the four black people. Specially like the black bodyguard in the movie.

“Book Air this kid, this year is smashing things at school?” Song Dad muttered, he remembered the 150-yard tractor.

In addition, Song Shuhang is a mechanical design and manufacturing department. Is this kid talented and has been designing and manufacturing large-scale mechanical equipment?

Then, look at the big box in front of you. Song Dad curiously asked: “What is the inside of this courier?”

“Book Airlines said it might be tea…but is there such a large box of tea?” Song mother twitched.

How many teas do you have to put in such a big box?

Is it finished? Is this going to be a lifetime?

Just thinking, suddenly, there was a sound in the box.

“Is there a voice?” Song Dad warned.

It’s getting louder and louder, and there’s really something moving in it.

Then, Song Mama and Song Dad saw the top of the wooden box slowly pushed up.

This sound makes people feel a little hairy.

Song mother gave a look to Song Dad. Song Dad grabbed the broom on the side with his hand, and his right hand was strong, and there was a faint muscle on his arm.


At this time, the lid of the wooden box was flew out of the air.

“Hahahaha, Dangdang! Song predecessors, I am debut, surprise?” A tall girl stood up from the box, her hands were high, and her face was filled with a mischievous smile.

Her long black hair, like a waterfall, was behind her. Wearing a simple white t-shirt and cropped trousers, the youth is overflowing. The most striking thing is that her legs are too long and conspicuous!

Song’s mother’s mouth suddenly became ‘o’, and she couldn’t get up for a long time.

Song Dad held a broom and looked awkward.

“Ah?” The long-legged girl looked around and saw the surprised Song mother and Song Dad holding the broom. Turned his head and looked around, but there was no shadow of Song Shuhang.

“Well, isn’t the Song predecessor?” The smug smile on the face of the long-legged girl turned into a embarrassing smile.

“Song predecessors?” Song mother looked confused.

Seeing that Song’s mother’s face was inconspicuous, the long-legged girl blinked her eyes: “Is it bad, is it the wrong place?”

Then… In the stunned songs of Song Dad and Song Mama, she climbed out of the wooden box and picked up the wooden lid that had just been pushed off by her.

Then she climbed back to the box and slammed in.

Replace the top cover again.

It’s really hard for her, but a tall girl is not easy to kneel in such a box.

Before putting on the lid, the long-legged girl was embarrassed to say to Song Dad and Song Mama: “Sorry, uncle, aunt. It may be a quick delivery, ah hahahaha. I call to ask the situation, don’t worry. what.”

Then, I heard the voice of her phone call.

The phone was quickly connected.

“Hey… is it a Song predecessor?” The little girl was in a hurry.

“Haha, Yukoko, are you going to tell me about the express delivery of Lingmai Bicha? Just the courier has sent Lingmai Bicha to my house.” Song Shuhang laughed.

“Send it to your home?” Yukoko stiffened: “No, I didn’t see Song predecessors!”

“Don’t see me?” Song Shuhang is also a stiff.

He slammed his brows hard, and immediately recalled the big courier that he received last time – the courier from Su Shi’s A-16, the express item was a box of Lingmai Bicha and a bottle of Pi Gudan. In addition, it comes with a lovely Su Shi’s sixteen…

“Yu Rozi, have you sent yourself over?” Song Shuhang asked cautiously.

Yukoko haha ​​laughed: “Ah, the predecessors guessed it? Hahahaha.”

“You wait, I will go home right away… I just practiced outside. The courier is my dad and my mother.” Song Shuhang smiled bitterly.

“Ah? Oh! No wonder how you can’t see your seniors.” Yukoko nodded. “That… I want to wait for you in the box?”

“… No, you should come out first, I will call my parents to explain the matter.” Song Shuhang said, first extinguished the flame of “controlling fire” in front of him.

Then, he ran the “Gentleman Miles” body and rushed to the house as quickly as possible.

He has a hunch–Meng Song will have a chemical reaction after seeing Yukoko!



the other side.

Under the watchful eyes of Song Dad and Song Mama, Yukoko pushed the lid of the express box again.

Then she was embarrassed to stand up and waved to Song Dad and Song Mama: “Hey, uncle, aunt, you are good. I am a friend of Song Shuhang’s predecessor, Yukoko!”

Song mother actually guessed this possibility when Yu Guzi drilled back into the box and called.

She has been stiff and has not spoken since she was because she was too excited.

Song Shuhang, the root of the wood, even when there is a time to open. I thought that when he came back with a man on vacation, Song Mama had to despair on his son. I didn’t expect this kid to be a real person. He sent a beautiful girl back home without a word.

“Prostitute, come out, don’t stay in the box.” Song mother glanced at Song Dad, let him put the broom down quickly.

Then she hurried forward and lifted Yukoko out of the box.

“Ah haha.” Yukoko was too embarrassed to laugh, then turned and took out a small box of gift boxes from the box and handed it up: “A little meaning, please accept the uncle!”

“It’s enough for people to come, don’t be so polite, just be here is your home, don’t be restrained!” Song’s mother smiled with brilliant flowers on her face.

At this time, Zhao Yaya, who was resting in the living room, came out.

She saw Yukoko at a glance, and her long legs.

“Where is the girl with long legs, is she right?” When Zhao Yaya remembered that she would go to Song Shuhang School at the Games, Song Shuhang’s classmates had no intention to reveal that Song Shuhang had been with a very long and beautiful girl.

It looks like this girl is in front of me? (To be continued.)

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