Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 258 Little monk plan and Yukoko plan

Song Shuhang pulled the chat record.

<Su> The predecessors in the group responded to Song Shuhang’s ‘Three Hundred Years of Onion and Demon’ in the afternoon, and then they rushed to the ‘Food Fairy’.

Many seniors are guessing what dishes are arranged for this banquet.

Several experienced seniors have been talking about it and began to recall the delicious taste of the feast.

A variety of strange dishes, but it sounds like a good thing to eat. Song Shuhang touched his stomach, and he was smothered by the yummy hand of the cloud road. After seeing the names of these dishes, he spoke.

Song Shuhang pulled the chat record and saw the message of Lingdie Island Yukoko at the end.

Yukoko: “@书山压力大, Song predecessor, what is your current mailing address, my hand-made ‘Lingmai Bicha’ has been successful, I will send you a copy!”

At that time, Song Shuhang was doing a cruel nightmare, naturally not coming back.

When I saw the text message of Yukoko, Song Shuhang smiled slightly, then opened a private chat and gave Yu Rouzi a text message: “Thank you, Yukoko, I am looking forward to the Lingmai Bi tea made by myself.”

Then, Book Air also attached the address of his home.

Then he stretched out and prepared to go to the kitchen to find something to eat.



On Lingdie Island, a middle-aged man who was handsome and had no friends frowned and clicked on a chat software reply on his mobile phone.

Later, the middle-aged man licked his teeth: “Come on… The batch of Lingmai Bi tea made by Yukoko is quietly replaced and replaced with the ordinary one.”

Kid, fortunately, the old man saw this message. Otherwise, you will be ready to let your **** grow up on the toilet for the next month.


In the middle of the night, Song Mama suddenly got up and squinted to the kitchen.

Then, she habitually stretched through the chopping board… But when she reached out and pulled it, the original thick chopping board broke into several segments. Not only the chopping board, but the marble pavilion below has several knife marks.

“Hey? What’s going on?” Song mother immediately woke up.

She began to recall the morning things… It should be that when I went to do the sautéed lamb, I couldn’t cut an onion. Then, I went to take the knives of Song Shuhang and cut the mutton.

When I thought about it, Song’s mother was shocked: “Insane?”

Let’s not talk about the green onions that can’t be cut, how can you think of taking the three-foot-three-knife to cut the onions?

Also, what is the onion in the end, how can I cut it?

Under normal circumstances, if she encounters onions that she can’t cut, the first thought must be thrown away, or ask everyone to come over and see what is going on?

But at that time, she had a rib, and she didn’t think about anything. She thought that she must cut the green onion!

Song mother recalled that at the time, she seemed to be affected by something. The whole person was mad and the thinking was not clear.

“The green onion is brought back by Book Air and said that it is a new breed.” Song Mama recalled a little.

Recalling that later, Song Shuhang suddenly took a whole sizzling mutton to the scene of eating alone.

The onion will not be a problem?

Moreover, Song Shuhang immediately went back to the room after eating the onion and mutton.

Later, Zhao Yaya found that he was sitting on the floor of the room and slept, so that Song Dad used to carry the book to the bed and went to sleep. At that time, everyone thought that Song Shuhang was tired and tired.

However, as the cause and effect are linked, the more she thinks, the more she feels the problem.

“Book Air that kid.” Song mother frowned, striding to the room of Song Shuhang.

Coincidentally, Song Shuhang, who was hungry, was licking his stomach, coming out of the room, preparing to go to the kitchen for food, and saw Song Mama at a glance.

“Mom? I haven’t slept so late?” Song Shuhang asked with doubt.

Mother Song replied: “I just want to see you.”

“Look at me? Haha, I just fell asleep and suddenly felt so hungry, I wanted to find something to eat.” Song Shuhang sneered.

“There is still some food, just for me to cook an egg for you.” Song mother replied.

Later, she and Shuhang returned to the kitchen and began to give Song Shuhang scrambled eggs.

When Song mother fried rice, she asked: “Book Air, honestly tell me, is there a problem with your green onion?”

Song Shuhang quietly looked at his mother’s face, and simply replied: “It is a bit of a problem, specifically what is not a good description. About, people who are not strong enough can not eat the onion, otherwise it will affect the body. ”

“But Mom, don’t worry, my body is perfectly fine. The green onion was originally brought back by me. I have a few in my heart.” Song Shuhang smiled brilliantly.

About the cultivation of real things… It is not the time for the showdown with Song Mama.

He is not strong enough, he must wait for him to be more powerful, and after hoarding more resources for cultivation, he will continue to make plans.

“If you say this, I can rest assured a little.” Song mother sighed: “If you have time tomorrow, just go with your father and let the Yaya child take you to the hospital to have a comprehensive medical examination.”

Because Song Dad, they had just had a car accident, so Song mother did not worry, let Zhao Yaya have time to take him to check the body, in case any hidden dangers are resolved in time.

“Don’t you? I just went to a full physical examination with Yaya sister.” Song Shuhang replied.

“Is it just a physical examination not long ago?” Song mother was holding a rice bowl and looked confused.

“Cough, it was the time of the last sports meeting. When Yayao went to our school for an internship, she took me to do a comprehensive inspection. My body is healthy, no problem at all.” Song Shuhang patted his chest.


Hotel near the Sixth Hospital.

The little monk secretly licked his ass, and hemorrhoid treatment was still a course of treatment.

After you have finished, you have to go back to the bookkeeper’s brother’s house.

In my mind, I kept echoing the video that Peas gave him.

Song Shuhang clenched his fist and snarled: “Whether you have hemorrhoids, I have to fight you out!”

Hey, all of them are played out, and they all come out.

This sentence has been echoed in the mind of the little monk.

The young monk has a serious face. He is a very serious child: “If you go home after the end of the treatment tomorrow, will you be able to fight me out?”

It feels terrible to think about it.

The little monk couldn’t help but look at the peas that were sleeping on his eyes, and the weeks when he was closing his eyes.

Or, try to discuss with Peas tomorrow, don’t go home first, and then the two flee for a while? After the singer of Song Shuhang’s brother disappeared, go back?


On the island of Lingdie.

Yukoko looked satisfied with a huge wooden box in front of him: “Well, it’s perfect. Then I waited to get the box out!”

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