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Chapter 257 The line of cause and effect, the city of the sky!

Maybe this organization has no self-defense? Therefore, this female fairy is so abolished, the demon power of three hundred years, can not be used at all.

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking about it, the monster organization suddenly found a lush mother and said that she would teach her ‘the school’!

Hey, is there a school?

Song Shuhang suddenly came to the interest that I have been a green onion for so many years, and today I finally have a hard time!

That green lady is still so wasteful after three hundred years, maybe she did not seriously learn ‘skills’! In this case, it is up to me to write this set of books in my dreams by Song Shuhang, and then let it play!

Song Shuhang erected his ears and began to listen to the ‘transmission of elders’ to teach the monster organization’s ‘no pass to school’!

The ‘transmission elder’ took out a thick book and began to introduce it.

The name of the school is called “Two hundred skills necessary for the goblin to survive”. The above is written in the monster text that Song Shuhang can’t understand. It seems that the catalogue is very long.

The name of this school is too frustrating? It doesn’t sound like the name of the great gods. Song Shuhang is worried.

Maybe…just the name is frustrated, and the content may be strong? He comforted himself.

Then, the elders of the martial arts began to introduce the content of the school.

The content is really rich and colorful, the active attack skills are ‘sacred stealing’, ‘how to smoothly team up to rob the human monk’, ‘can’t beat the five hundred methods of human monks surrender’, ‘the pretty female demon stunt charm color * lure’ .

The passive counterattack skills are: ‘How does the banshee successfully transform into the male master’s junior three, and the throne of the male master’s martial arts fights thirteen strokes’, ‘How does the male demon beat the hostess’s heart, kicked off the hostess’s successful sect? The second law! ‘A variety of skills.

Song Shuhang suddenly collapsed.

Nima is an egg!

These are the dogs that are @屁绝学!

It’s no wonder that when I met this slut, I felt that her head was a little funny and the behavior was weird. In particular, the trick ‘the beautiful banshee stunt charm glamour* lure’ is simply a big move of ‘pit yourself’, it seems to be calling someone’ ‘ Come on, smash me! ’

It turns out that this monster organization is a curse!

Song Shuhang was completely desperate.

It’s been a long time to experience a green onion myself. I have suffered a lot. The result is this useless ‘devil’s school’.

“Bastard, give me ten thousand deaths! Also, let me wake up, I don’t want to continue dreaming.”

But… this strange memory of ‘memory’ is not awake when Song Shuhang wakes up.

Song Shuhang did not choose, only to stand in the perspective of ‘green lady’ and experience her life in detail.



In the dream, the innocent and innocent mother, began to seriously study each of the tricks and styles of the “two hundred skills necessary for the goblin to survive.”

She can work hard and practice day and night.

If the red scorpion leader sees this scene, do not know if he will cry out sadly?

He is looking forward to the “infinite future” of this little onion. Now it seems that the future of this little onion is cleaned by dogs.

In addition… As the singer’s ‘study’ is becoming more and more proficient, Song Shuhang’s heart has a bad feeling.

Whether it is a person or a demon, after the cultivation is completed, the art will go down the mountain.

After going down the mountain, I have to find an opponent to try the results of my hard work over the years.

And if the lush demon goes down the mountain, find a human monk (♂), and put this set of “Pit Yourself” out of the school… will it be smashed by people?

No, I am still ‘attached’ to the lynx, and experience everything about the **** with the first sight.

If you are ‘啪啪’, you will feel the same.

No, this ending is too cruel!

“It’s over! This cruel dream is coming to an end! It’s coming back now, wake up!” Song Shuhang’s soul is struggling.

But all struggles are in vain.



Time flies, and the dream is another year.

Desperate moments come to the dream of the green lady who thought she had achieved great success and Yicheng went down the mountain.

Then, Lie Niang and Song Shuhang guessed the same, and began to look for human monks in the world.

Song Shuhang sighed and began to do psychological work for himself. If I crossed into a girl and was forced to swear, how do I adjust my psychology?

However… adjust your sister, how can this kind of mental adjustment come over! Song Shuhang snarled: “Let me go out, it’s time to end, now it’s over!”

However, all struggles are in vain.

At this time, the green lady finally found a human monk under the constant hard work.

Why are you still a monk!

According to the investigation of the green lady, the monk is called a nine-light, with a big eyebrow and a handsome face.

The body is thin and tall. When the large robes were placed on him, it was even more sensible that he was thin and poor. However, although the nine-light monk is thin, but the chest muscles are very developed, the wide robes can not cover the developed chest muscles.

Huh? Wait, is there something wrong?

Song Shuhang is thinking about it, the singer has already launched an attack on the nine-light monk.

First, ‘Holy Stealing’ and then ‘How to successfully squad a human monk’ and then ‘Unable to beat the 500 ways that human monks surrendered’.

A set of skills is as perfect as a textbook.

But no matter how perfect the skills are, it will not work for the nine lights monks.

The green lady has been defeated.

In the end, the green lady bites her teeth and displays the charm of the beautiful banshee stunt.

It is a big trick to drive down, and the effect of big skills is outstanding.

The nine-light monk has recruited…

Then she went forward and dried up the scallions, 啪啪啪’

It is her, Song Shuhang described nothing wrong.

The nine-light monk is her, so she is so thin that her chest muscles are very developed.

Song Shuhang looked at everything that happened in front of his eyes, but his heart was very grateful that although Lily could not have children, he would silently offer the most sincere blessings.

At least, he doesn’t have to think about the question of how to adjust his psychology after being shackled into a girl.



After the nine lights (♀) dried up the scallions (♀), the two began to daze.

Then came the story of Song Shuhang, who knew that the nine lights returned to the Buddhist temple with the green lady and suppressed her for nearly three hundred years!

“Next, will not let me accompany the three hundred years? I have been a green onion for a long time. It has been enough.” Song Shuhang felt hair.

However… at this moment, the visual picture in front of him changed.

He no longer uses the green lady as the first sight.

Song Shuhang found that his vision floated on the sky. His soul appeared in the sky, and God’s vision began to look down on the undergrowth and the nine lights below.

“Is this dream finally over?” Song Shuhang secretly said.

This nightmare, in addition to the dog @屎-like “the two hundred skills necessary to survive the goblin”, he did nothing.

Oh… maybe it’s not nothing. At least, he found that his patience was much better.

Hehehe, no matter who it is, become a green onion, lonely after the sun on the top of the mountain for decades, patience will also become better, absolutely!

But the price is too heavy.



Just as Song Shuhang was thinking again, suddenly, his eyes were stinging and bright.

He blinked involuntarily.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw a strange picture!

Blue, white lines, gold lines, pink lines, colored lines; and blood red lines, black lines… lines of various colors fill the whole world.

Song Shuhang quickly looked down at himself.

He found that his body also extended a lot of lines.

The least number of black lines are five, piercing into the void and not seeing the terminal.

Followed by a blood red line, there are six. The red line is the broken line and the other end is flying in the wind.

The number of white lines is the largest, and there are thousands of them. Most of them are stuck in the void, and there is no terminal.

There are also nearly a hundred in blue.

There are more than 20 golden lines. These lines extend to all corners of the world. It is too far away. Book Air does not know where these golden ends will eventually fall.

The most special is a colorful line that connects his own ‘soul’ with the green onion below.

This colorful line is like the line of a kite, so that the green lady can drag Song Sahang forward.

The book is flying like a kite…

“These lines, what is it?” Song Shuhang tried to reach out and grab the colorful line, but grabbed it and grabbed it. Can’t touch or touch.

Ordinary people can’t see these lines at all.

Not only the ordinary people, but even the monks can not see these lines, the nine lights below the monk can not see these lines.

When Song Shuhang was wondering, suddenly, he saw a nine-light monk with a line extending.

It was a pink line, reaching like a tentacle.

On the other side of the squid (♀), a pink line emerges, which is connected with the red line of the nine-light monk.

Then, the two lines merged together and melted into a pink line!

“This is … is it the legendary marriage line? A thousand miles of marriage is the first line?” Song Shuhang surprised his eyes wide open.

No, no.

If these are the marriage lines, what do you think of yourself?

You can have thousands of white lines. If these are the marriage lines, can you still open the harem?

It’s not a marriage… So, is it causal?

Song Shuhang guessed.

The line of cause and effect? If you think about it, maybe it is really possible!

If it is a causal line, then the color of these lines is always representative?

The pink line should be a marriage or a similar reason. This line appeared after the nine lights smashed the green lady.

Then, what does colorful mean? What is the relationship between myself and the lynx? Is it why I ate her?

Then what is black, white, blood red, and gold?

Just as Song Shuhang thought about it, the following changes have taken place.

The pink line of the nine-light monk (♀) and the green onion (♀) began to wriggle again.

The pink line pierced the body of the lady.

Then, along the seven-colored line between Lussiang and Song Shuhang all the way straight up. Finally, firmly rooted in the body of Song Shuhang!

The green lady seems to be a mediator, and the nine lights and Song Shuhang are firmly connected.

“What is going on?” Song Shuhang felt shocked and felt incredible.

If we say that the nine lights will dry up the onion, the two have a lily, so there is a pink line of marriage and cause and effect.

But what does the cause and effect line mean when you find yourself?

Could it be said that when I was attached to the body of the lynx, when the nine lights smashed the sluts, I also stained myself by the way?

Do you want to be so serious, this line does not need to be connected to me at all! You play with you, I am just a bystander watching 3 movies.

When the pink line was linked to Song Shuhang, Song Shuhang’s mind was once again shocked…

Dream, wake up!



“Is it finally awake? This dream has been done long.” Song Shuhang opened his eyes, and then he found himself lying on the side of the White Savior.

He was shocked and immediately sat up.

He turned his head and looked out to the sky, and found that the sky was already dark. It seems that it has been sleeping for a long, long time.

Maybe the family saw that they were sitting on the ground and fell asleep, and moved themselves to the side of the White Supreme to sleep?

At this time, Song Shuhang looked down… Then he found that his chest and white lord had a golden thread connected.

At the same time, the blue, white, black, and gold lines of his body are scattered in all directions, all in one direction. It doesn’t disappear like a dream in the spurt of the void.

“The golden line represents the relationship between me and the white lord? Then, the more than 20 golden lines on my body represent the predecessors of the Jiuzhou No. 1 group that I have contacted with?” Song Shuhang muttered.

Then, those blue lines stretched out and were connected throughout the room.

“The blue line represents the relationship of the family?” Song Shuhang guessed.

So what do those white lines represent?

Finally, his gaze fell on the line of pink.

The pink line was first connected to the ‘green onion’ in the pocket, and then it was refracted and stretched all the way to the sky.

Song Shuhang reached out and tried to touch the pink line lightly.

“Ah, forget that these lines can’t be touched.” Song Shuhang secretly said.

But when he thought about it, he felt his hand… touched the pink line!


When he touched the pink line, there was another sore in his eyes. It seems that there is a force to withdraw from his eyes… It is not the power that belongs to him, but it is only for some reason.

After this power was withdrawn, the lines of the sky in Song Shuhang’s eyes disappeared.

When these lines disappeared, Song Shuhang’s mind faintly emerged along the pink line all the way, where there was a huge, gorgeous island.

That is a spectacular city of the sky!

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