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Chapter 251 Absolutely forbidden!

“Haha, I just accidentally twisted my waist, just a little while.” Song Shuhang laughed twice, and after sitting, he carefully clenched the onion. At the same time, the stone with the big fist may be the ‘Enlighting Stone’ into the pocket.

Zhao Yaya also asked casually. After that, she started the sports car and drove to Song Shuhang: “Yes, is your tractor helping people get it?”

She didn’t get off the car just now, and her sight was just that she couldn’t see the tractor that burned into scrap iron, and the traces of the scene explosion, so I had this question.

“Hahaha, there was a small accident after the tractor. But nothing, I called my friend for help later.” Song Shuhang continued to laugh twice.

“Oh.” Zhao Yaya nodded. “Book Air, have you changed a lot recently? When I went to see you in June, you didn’t seem to be so tall. And your agile monkey-like skill, which Learned?”

She has too many questions to ask Song Shuhang, whether it is Song Shuhang and Song Daddy, Lao Lu, who climbed easily from the hillside, and the tractor that can survive the sports car…

But relative to the tractor, she is better at where Song Songhang comes from?

“Hey, when my sister came to see me in June, I didn’t always insist on exercising! Unconsciously, the physique became very good.” Song Shuhang laughed and said: “In addition, one of my time during this time. A good friend sent me a good thing, and the effect is good. After I got home, I let you try it too.”

He said that ‘Lingmai Bicha’, since he met Zhao Yaya, he took the opportunity to send her a copy.

“Good thing?” Zhao Yaya’s mouth rose and asked: “And, what is your tractor?”

Song Shuhang knew that everyone would ask this question. He had already thought about the answer: “The tractor is strengthened. The specific reinforcement process is confidential, because the enhanced technology belongs to my friend. Without him. Agree, I am not good at saying this method.”

Zhao Yaya nodded and said: “Oh, what the aunt said, the friend who has been sleeping since you brought it back?”

“It’s him.” When Song Shuhang remembered the white lord who was still retreating, his heart was a little embarrassed.

He is very worried now, what if the whites are closed and closed, and suddenly the desert is transformed? – I hope that my family’s luck is not so bad.

At the same time, he will soon find the peas and the little monk back.

At the very least, let the peas give your room a defensive enchantment. Don’t let the white deserts of the whites leak out.

By the way, I have already arrived in Wenzhou City, first give a phone call to Peas.

So Song Shuhang took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

This time, Peas’s phone was quickly connected.

“Hey, hello, is it a book friend?” The other party came not because of the sound of peas, but the ‘Tiensian hook’ that was specially troublesome for the peas.

“Hey, is the same brother, peas?” Song Shuhang asked.

“He just went to the hemorrhoids surgeon with the little monk fruit, so I put the phone in my hands for a while. I looked at them outside the door.” Zhou sighed with a deep sigh.

At noon today, when he had just handled the traffic accident with Peas, Peas called him again with a phone call.

I thought it was an important thing, but when he arrived at the peas, he learned that he was going to accompany the young monk to the hospital for hemorrhoid surgery. The reason was that the young monk was too young to go to the hospital to have an adult. , signature, registration.

Zhou Lizhen is really laughing and laughing.

Song Shuhang comforted: “Zhou Lie brother has worked hard.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Li sighed again and again, said: “Doudou said that the little monk’s hemorrhoids need to be treated again tomorrow. Then wait around tomorrow afternoon, I will send them to the book and friends. What?”

“Working hard!” Song Shuhang replied.

In this way, he does not have to pick up the little monk and the beanie.

“Not hard, this is what I should do.” Zhou Yihehe smiled, and finally lowered the voice, muttered to himself with the sound that Song Shuhang could hear: “Actually, my brother, I want to have a holiday occasionally. It’s a week, wow…”

“No problem, Zhou Lie. After you send the beans to me, this time, I promise not to let it get into trouble for a week.” Song Shuhang assured.

“Thank you! Book Air, thank you!” Zhou?

“You’re welcome, in fact… Zhou is away from my brother, I have just had a small accident here. The tractor that Song Bai came back from now accidentally rushed out of the road and got into the ravine. When you come over, I want to ask You help deal with the scene of the accident, and you don’t bother with the two masters.” Song Shuhang is embarrassed to say – he has troubled Zhou from the brothers.

“Song Bai? Oh, white predecessor. No problem, I will deal with you when I get to you.” Zhou Yixiong should bear it.

“That’s so settled, goodbye, Zhou away from the brother.” Song Shuhang secretly sighed.

After the book was hanged up, Zhao Yaya casually asked: “The friend who handled the tractor in your mouth?”

“Well, it is him. At the time of the accident, he will help to deal with the recovery, and trouble him.” Song Shuhang was embarrassed to laugh.


the other side.

Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Center.

Xiao Li finally woke up from a coma. When he woke up, he slammed up from the bed and his muscles were tight!

Huh? Why should I get so nervous from the bed? Xiao Li’s teacher looked confused.

Then he saw a circle of people sitting by his bed, a flight instructor of Catherine and five or six aviation schools.

At this time, they were all huddled in this small staff lounge, staring at the little Li teacher with the eyes of the giant panda.

Katherine smiled at Xiao Li with a big smile: “Xiao Li, you wake up at all.”

When she saw her smile, Xiao Li’s teacher’s face was slightly hot—Catherine, a Western beauty, but the goddess of the Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Center is the favorite object of many flight instructors, including Xiao Li’s instructors.

“Talking about Xiao Li, what happened between you and the two local tyrants in the past two days, where did the local tyrants take you to play?” asked a flight instructor who could not wait to speak out.

“Local, take me where to play?” Xiao Li’s teacher looked confused, he frowned and recalled, but his memory was strangely broken.

His last memory was to climb the helicopter with two local tyrants. But after that, the memory is gone.

Seeing the eyes that colleagues expected, Xiao Li’s teacher felt that something was wrong, and asked: “What happened during the time I left?”

“You don’t know?” A flight instructor looked at Xiao Li with surprise and took out a video that had already been prepared: “This is a video of the old American League space return bin from the universe safely back to the ground.”

In the video, two people wearing spacesuits sat in the chair.

On the side, I can hear the cheers of the masses: “Akuro, Akuro!”

In the video, one of the astronauts opened their helmets, revealing a big bald head and waving their hands to the crowd.

Then the crowd cheered again: “Anthony, Anthony!”

Anthony? This name seems to have an impression. Xiao Li’s teacher’s brow wrinkles more tightly. Why do you feel sore when you think of this name, just like all kinds of cruel punishments?

The second astronaut in the video failed to open his helmet.

After a while, with the help of the staff, the helmet was finally opened.

Under the space suit, a shocked oriental man’s face was revealed!

In reality, Xiao Li’s instructor is stunned – isn’t this Tema not me?

“Is this me?” asked Xiao Li, a teacher.

“You ask us? We still want to ask you.” Catherine and a faculty member asked.

“Why didn’t I have any memory at all? Damn, I seem to have lost my memory.” Xiao Li slammed his temple.

Katherine and the flight instructors looked at each other.

Xiao Li’s appearance does not seem to be loaded… Does he seem to have lost his memory?

“Damn, Anthony…Anthony. I am, what is Anthony?” Xiao Li’s teacher gnawed his teeth.

When he finished this sentence, he felt that he had a second sentence in his throat. He blurted out without thinking through the brain: “What kind of ghost is Xiaobai?!”

“Xiaobai? Isn’t that the ‘Song Bai’ in the two local tyrants?” Catherine immediately grabbed the ‘White Supreme Master’s information handed over to him by Huang Shanzheng and handed it to the teacher of Xiao Li. .

“Song Bai? Song Bai?” Xiao Li’s instructor used his index finger to push his own temple and wrestle with his memories.

“Anthony, Anthony… Xiaobai, Xiaobai… Song Bai, Song Bai?”

In the mind, there seems to be some fragments that have been excavated from the memory of Xiao Li’s instructors, but those fragments are too fragmentary, and he can’t piece together these memories.

White horse… Right, there is desert… Green shirt, young lang… and boxing method? Then, it’s so painful, it’s being smashed! !

Xiao Li’s teacher suddenly shed tears.

“Hey? Strange, why am I crying?” Xiao Li’s teacher confuses the tears in his eyes—but how can I wipe it off. Tears are like the opening of the small faucet, and they continue to flow down, and they can’t stop.

“Strange, why do you feel so sad? Why do you cry at all?” Xiao Li said strangely.

Around, Catherine and the flight instructor stared at Xiao Li – they had an instinct. Xiao Li seems to have experienced a very sad story.


Zhao Yaya’s sports car stopped at the door of the book carrier.

“Go, go upstairs, my uncle is waiting for you to save the field.” Zhao Yaya laughed.

“Come on!” The book hangs the onion in his hand and presses down the voice to threaten: “Remember, don’t show the original shape after arriving at my house. Don’t let anyone discover that it is a goblin. Otherwise… don’t blame me. You are welcome!”

The body of the onion was shaking and was scared…

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