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Chapter 249 I did not expect you to force me to use this trick!

As a three-hundred-year-old onion H, she is naturally sensitive to Tiandibao, more acute than human monks!

So she flew to the explosion.

Her cultivation is low, but after all, she is a fairy who has lived for three hundred years, and the speed is not slow.

Soon she came to the vicinity of the explosion.

I saw a human monk who looked young in the center of the explosion, holding a black stone in his hand. The young human monk also has a faint defensive layer.

“Human monks?” Onion finally stopped and carefully avoided aside. After the nine-light monk incident, she had an instinctive fear of human monks.



When Song Shuhang grabbed the black gems, the body could not help but change!

From the moment his finger touched the black gem, there was a strange force pouring from the black gem into his body.

This power is not the power of blood, non-infuriating, non-spiritual, does not belong to the power of the cultivation system, but it can affect the monks.

Song Shuhang has spent a lot of good luck with Bai Zun in the past month. The third 窍 窍 窍 原 has almost accumulated enough, just want to move, just wait for an opportunity to break through.

When this force on the black gem that does not belong to the comprehension system floods into his body, it directly affects his ‘窍穴’ checkpoint.

Subsequently, this force actually began to weaken the bottleneck of the nose.

The bottleneck of the monk’s ‘snot’ can be seen as a thick iron gate. The monk needs to constantly accumulate the power of blood in the acupoint. When the gas is full and overflows, it is forcibly opened by the force of blood. This door.

Now, under the influence of the strange power of this black gem, the thick iron gate of the original bottleneck has been weakened, from the iron gate to the wooden door… In the end, it has even become a paper door!

Gently hit it into a smashed paper door!

Not to be missed!

Song Shuhang found out a ‘blood blood Dan’ that he carried with him. Zhang took it orally. Subsequently, his body shape moved up and down on the terraced hillside.

With the “Junzi Wanlixing” body method to cooperate with the “King Kong Foundation Boxing Method”, and then with “Do not move the Golden Body” as an aid, through the practice of cultivation, adjust the power of blood in your body.

After that, all the extra blood is continuously injected into the third 窍 窍 nose.

The spirits in the heart, after sensing the behavior of Song Shuhang, actively countered the power of a pure blood, and merged into Song Shuhang’s snot, adding a force to break through the acupoints.

After the implementation of the “Basic Golden Boxing Method” of Sancha, the blood and blood in the nose was accumulated enough and began to overflow.

It was difficult to break through the ‘acupoint bottleneck’, but this moment was easily broken.

The third acupoint, nose, open!

A cool breath was sucked into the nose by Song Shuhang.

When the first aunt’s heart is opened, it is really building the foundation and stepping into the ranks of the monks.

The second acupoint, after the eyelids are opened, can increase the eyes of the monk and dynamic vision.

The opening of the snot can also greatly increase the sense of smell of the monk.

However, after visual enhancement, there are many benefits. After the smell is enhanced, there are a lot of troubles.

At least until the monk’s strength reaches the realm of the three qualities, he is not free to manipulate his own scent ability. At this time, if there is a ‘bad scented pill’ that falls next to Song Shuhang, the stench will be enhanced by a hundredfold, a thousand times, or even Ten thousand times. Enough to make Song Shuhang directly stunned in the past.

Of course, the benefits are also many. In addition to the enhancement of the sense of smell… After the snot is opened, the breath of the monk will inhale the ‘Aura’ that is free from the heavens and the earth, and part of it will be turned into the nose and part of it into the body to strengthen itself. Physical strength.

That is to say, after the snot is opened, every breath is practicing!

This feeling is awesome!

The only fly in the ointment is that Song Shuhang did not awaken the ‘snot talent.’ But no hurry, there are mouths and ears, and there is a chance to open another talent.

Open your eyes, Song Shuhang greedily take a deep breath, want to breathe in more ‘Aura’ between heaven and earth!

next moment……

“Voice… good smell!” Song Shuhang retched, the smell in the nose was mixed with the burnt smell of the tractor after the explosion.

At this point, he felt as if his nose was close to the smelly smell, and he took a deep breath.

The nose has a lot of benefits, but there are a lot of inconvenient places.

Song Shuhang sighed.

He licked the black jewel in his hand. At this time, he is almost certain that this black stone is no doubt that the white prince and Huangshan Zhenjun mentioned the ‘the extraterrestrial stone.”

Just stay at the edge of the stone at this time, you can feel the bottleneck of the body is easy to break. Not only that, but when looking at the stone, Song Shuhang found that there was a lot of messy information in his mind.

This information, he can not describe them in words, is a kind of realization.

After these insights entered their minds, he found that he had deepened his understanding of the Basic Golden Boxing Method, The Gentleman Miles, The Immortal Jin Gang, and The My Meditations.

If you perform these exercises again, I believe that I have evolved more changes.

“Seeking in the rich and the rich?” Looking at the tragic scene of the explosion around, Song Shuhang muttered.

The ‘the rock stone’ that had fallen from the sky was aimed at the people of the cloud.

And is this explosion a disaster for yourself? And the harvest is this ‘Enlightenment Stone’?


“Breakthrough? The jewel is broken when it is squeezed?” The onion eyes are brightening – if she can get the jewel, she dreams of a scene of rapid breakthrough.

Be sure to get this black stone that is not slippery.

At the same time, she began to estimate.

“This little human monk has just opened his nose… and I have been boiled for decades. And, I have been practicing for three hundred years. Can win!” After the onion was thought in his mind I feel that it is no problem to hang this human monk.

What’s more, Song Shuhang’s ‘甲符’ energy consumption is exhausted, and the defense of the A symbol disappears.

good chance! </>

Onion fine carefully approached Song Shuhang.

After approaching a certain distance, she was violently violent, her hands were pointed, and a set of “Tianlong Temple Basic Fingering” was attacked by Song Shuhang.

Refers to the sword, stabbed a few large points behind Song Shuhang, one point can make Song Shuhang unable to act. Then she can happily **** the black stone.

“Well come!” But at this time, Song Shuhang did not follow the routine, and sipped a sigh of relief. He slammed his fists without mercy. The ‘basic boxing 壹’ was like a heavy artillery, rushing toward the coming.

In fact, the book has long been found that someone is secretly approaching him – after the nose is opened, he smells sensitive.

And this figure that is close to him, though always cautious, but this guy does not understand the convergence. Far away, Song Shuhang smelled the thick onion on the other side!



Onion did not expect Song Shuhang to react so quickly – she actually had no combat experience. The first time ‘Art Cheng went down the mountain’ three hundred years ago, he met a nine-light monk.

It was only closed a year ago and it was just released.

In the battle, she is a big rookie, and she is better than Song Shuhang.

Seeing Song Shuhang’s fist, she bit her teeth and even used the ‘Tianlongsi’s basic fingering’ to collide with Song Shuhang’s fist.

The **** is dexterous, with points and thorns as the mainstay.

The boxing method is stressful, and the power of the front is hardest.

Onion is completely stronger than the enemy.

When the fists collided, Song Shuhang only felt that the power of the three eyes of the heart, the eyes and the nose were all integrated, and they were fully displayed and drenched.

The onion was caught by a boxing…falling to the ground.



Song Shuhang stared at the onion on the ground and subconsciously blurted out: “It’s weak!”

Weak, weak, weak!

The three words are constantly echoing in the mind of the onion.

Suddenly, she was angry.

“Little monk, you are looking for a dead end!”

At the same time, there was a tyrannical force in her body that surged, and that power even affected the space of this small piece of space. There was a cold wind facing Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang’s pores are all upside down. He has been exposed to similar forces. He has experienced similar power from Peas – it is a demon!

“Afraid, human monk.” Onion is cold and cold: “This demon has been practicing the big demon for three hundred years, and you dare to resist me, it is a dead end!”

Have you cultivated a big demon for three hundred years?

To be honest, Song Shuhang was really shocked. The demon power of the other person is not a fake. This huge demon power looks really scary!

“If you don’t want to die, just hand over the stone in your hand. Today, the demon is in a good mood and can spare you a little life.” The onion demon bites his teeth.

Song Shuhang did not answer, he took a deep breath…

He used to suspect that he had a problem. When he was assassinated by the subordinates of the altar, although he was inevitably afraid, the whole person felt old and irritated.

Now, his irritation has recurred.

“If you want to take the stone, you can take it with your skill!” Song Shuhang reached out and quickly painted the Lei Fu with his qi and blood.

Then he sipped: “The palm of your hand!”


The palm of your hand, the thunder burst!



When Onion saw the song thunder in the hands of Song Shuhang, he was shocked: “I am going!”

When is the palm of your hand, can you use even a small monk?

This time, I played big again.

Because she is a sultry person, although she is pregnant for three hundred years, but what she really cultivates is the practice of Buddhism.

The demon power of her body is only used by scary people and cannot be used at all.

Hey, you said that she hasn’t been practicing in the monster organization for a long time?

Yes, she learned a little trick of how to ‘accumulate the demon power’, and the pottery ‘the two hundred skills that the goblin must survive to survive.’

Other crickets have not learned, and even a basic demon method will not.



“I didn’t expect that after hundreds of years, you have to force me to make this move.” Onion Jing stared at the palm of the hand in Song Shuhang’s hand, cold and cold.

The next moment, she decisively cast a skill – not to beat the five hundred ways that human monks surrender!

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