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Chapter 246 Book navigation, it is illegal to do false certificates!

Song Shuhang’s person who specializes in dealing with this kind of problem refers to Zhou’s subordinate’s “Tibetan hook”. Zhou Lizheng is coming to Wenzhou City to deal with the car accident that Peas had caused by the car last night. Therefore, Book Air can, by the way, ask him to handle his own tractor…

Then, Book Air came to the position where the tractor rushed out.

Below, Song Dad, Lu Bobo and Lu Tianyou moved Song Shuhang’s box and a barrel of diesel to the side. The three people sat in a row and didn’t know what to talk about.

The tractor behind them is not damaged, thanks to the white sturdy reinforced bodywork…

“Without the rope? Then how do you go down?” Zhao Yaya looked at the terraces that were more than five meters high. This height is difficult for people to think about. And even if it goes on, how do you bring the following Song Dad to them?

At this time, the father of Song below also found the book.

Song Dad cried underneath: “Book Airlines, come so soon? The rope has come over, throw it down!”

“Without, when Yayao called, I was already halfway.” Song Shuhang replied.

“…” Song Dad was speechless for a while.

– Then you ran over? Look at the scene of your old man sitting on the hillside after rolling over the car, and blinking with me?

“Nothing, I will bring you up.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly, his eyes sweeping across the hillside of the terraced fields.

“Don’t mess!” Song Dad shouted.

But his voice just fell, and Book Air has jumped.

When I saw the book leaping, I stretched my foot in the air and stepped on the bulge of the hillside wall, so as to slow down the speed. Then, the whole person jumped to the first terrace in a monkey-like manner.

Song Dad’s plaque – a hilly terrace fault of more than five meters high, can you jump down and do it yourself, can you still carry us one by one?

My own baby son, can’t read and read silly? Liver hurts!



At this time, Zhao Yaya’s earphones heard the sound of wheat spikes: “Zhao Yaya, is your brother jumping?”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yaya responded.

She looked down, Song Shuhang has jumped again, and climbed to the next layer of terraces.

When did the book aerospace become so agile? Zhao Yaya’s heart is in doubt.

Behind him, the sound of the door opening was opened.

The wheat spike climbed out of the car and came to Zhao Yaya with Arthur.

“Yaya, your brother is quite handsome.” Arthur leaned on the railing and looked at his agile book, smirked.

Zhao Yaya’s mouth is smiling: “Is your eyes not?”

“As long as the long Jun, my eyes, I am a 100% appearance party.” Arthur blinked, then added: “Unfortunately your brother is a young, I never agreed with the young.”

“I also feel that your brother is very close to me!” Sui Sui yelled on one side: “It’s a pity that it is a man. If it is a woman, I will go up to the appointment.”

“You two…have not saved.” Zhao Yaya rolled her eyes.

“Oh.” The wheat spikes made a strange smile.



Zhao Yaya, when they talked, Song Shuhang has fallen to the location of the tractor crash.

Three of Song’s father looked at him and couldn’t smile.

Song Shuhang looked at the three of them and smiled and said: “Come, get ready, I will take you up.”

“How to bring?” Lu Tianyou wondered.

“Come, let me go up to God Bless, don’t struggle.” Song Shuhang said.

“Good.” Lu Tianyou replied.

Then, Book Air reached out and grabbed Lu Tianyou. When Lu Tianyou had not responded, he was already on his shoulder.

“Dry?” Lu Tianyou was awkward – he was a big bear-like big man, and he was picked up by Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang, is it an ant? Is the strength so big?

In addition… Song Shuhang is this ready? Hey, go up?

I am going, really!

I saw Song Shuhang glaring at him and leaping gently – a glimpse of the ghost!

Have you ever seen a guy who is as strong as a man of nine meters and a few bears, and can you gently jump up? Really everyone in this world is the big shark O’Neill. Can you hang a few people and play the blue button?

However, Song Hang was so unreasonable to stare at him, flying fast on the terraced hillside.

Lu Tianyou only feels that his line of sight is constantly rising and rising.

After a while… he has appeared on the mountain road.

Song Shuhang dropped his hand and put him on the ground.

“Up, come up?” Lu Tianyou felt that his mouth was stuck, and he said that it was incomplete.

Not only him, Zhao Yaya and her two friends were equally surprised and wide-eyed.

They stood in the perspective of the onlookers and saw more clearly – Song Shuhang was so stunned by Lu Tianyou, and he was stunned.

It’s just like the master of a martial arts movie, carrying a person can fly on a cliff.

“Book Airlines, are you joining the rock climbing club?” Lu Tianyou shouted.

“Climbing Club? No. You wait a moment, I will go down and bring Lu Bobo and my dad up.” Song Shuhang smiled and said, jump again!

Fashion girl Arthur blinked and said to Zhao Yaya: “Yaya, give me your brother’s mobile phone number!”

Zhao Yaya: “…”


When Song Shuhang jumped again, Lao Lu and Song Dad were kneeling under the tractor’s driver’s seat and were picking up a pile of documents.

Song Dad and Lao Lu saw that Book Air really could sneak up Lu Tianyou and climb back to the mountain road.

Then, the two men looked carefully on the side of the tractor to see if anything was left.

Then they saw the pile of documents.

Lao Lu flashed to the waist and stood on one side. Song Dad knelt down and took out all the documents and handed them to Lao Lu.

“It is the vehicle driving license, how is this so much?” Lao Lu took these driving licenses and opened them.

I am going, it’s awful!

These cars on the driving license, various styles, what Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, all kinds of sports cars; BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi are more than a few styles; behind the public, Buick, various models Line up to keep up. Oh, there is a driving license for a tractor…

More than 30 vehicles driving license!

But these are not the main points. The point is that the names of the ‘Song Shuhang’ are filled in the ‘Everyone’ column of the vehicles on these licenses.

“Old Song, is your family ready to drive?” Lao Lu asked curiously.

Song Dad shook his head.

“Then, what’s the matter?” Lao Lu looked at the documents carefully and looked exactly the same as the real driving license. Even the license number has it.

The two men looked at each other and their eyes were worried.

“Is it a false certificate?” Song Dad whispered.

No way, how do you let Song Dad believe that the driving licenses in front of him are true?

More than 30 cars, and most of them are luxury cars, tens of millions of prices!

Even if Song Shuhang is lucky, he has won hundreds of millions of prizes and can’t buy so many cars!

If someone wants to say, maybe it is Song Shuhang’s own money to buy a car? Song Dad is definitely a slap in the face – daydreaming? When you are a printing machine?

“If you want to come and think, the possibility of false certificates is the greatest.” Lao Lu replied, but he did not dare to say death – because there is a tractor around him that can be turned to 150 yards!

Maybe, what is the means for the Song family?



“Dad, Lu Bobo, what are you doing? Prepare, who will go up first!” At this time, Song Shuhang came to them.

Then, Book Air saw the pile of driving licenses in the hands of Song Dad and Lu Bobo.

– Trouble, I forgot to take it back before these driving licenses.

Song Shuhang smashed his temples with force, how can he explain to Dad?

Interpretation 1: “Dad, these cars are actually a friend of mine. But his identity card did not come down, so the car will be hung in my name!”

This is the big truth of the heart… But, for you, Song Dad, would you believe?

Interpretation 2: “Dad, your son suddenly made a big hair today, so he is ready to buy a luxury car. Then a luxury car feels not enough, so buy a bunch of open to play! Open a car, throw a car!”

This is a lie…but, Song Dad still can’t believe it!

And if the Song Daddy really believes, it is definitely not a book. Make a big profit, all the money to buy a luxury car? crazy?

When the book was entangled, Song Dad spoke first. He said with a heavy heart: “Book Airlines, listen to Dad and persuade. It is illegal to do fake documents! Go to jail!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

False certificate?

Oh, this is a good excuse.

His eyes lit up, haha ​​smiled and replied: “Ha ha ha, Dad, this is actually not a false certificate. This is a prop! Movie props! This semester because the course is relatively easy, so I participated in a film club at school. This is not, in the summer we are going to write a story, make a homemade movie, a network of funny dramas. I want to play a local character in it, these driving licenses are all props prepared by members of the theater department. !”

“Props? It turns out that.” Song Dad and Lao Lu looked awkwardly.

Although this answer always feels a little far-fetched, but at the moment… it should be the closest to the actual answer.

“Ha ha ha, that book, after waiting for your movie to be filmed, be sure to give Dad the first time to look at it!” Song Dad happily patted his son’s shoulder.

“Sure, sure.” Song Shuhang laughed.

“But even if it is a prop, you can’t do it so realistically, it’s easy to break the law. Pay attention to it later.” Song Dad said again.

“Understood, I must talk to the members of the prop group.” Song Shuhang tried to keep a smile.

Song Dad nodded with satisfaction.

Suddenly, he remembered what it was like, and his eyes asked brightly: “Yes… Book your movie, can you make it out before the end of the year? Think about it, if you are in the New Year, we will have a family to invite friends to come together. When I get together, if I take out the small movie you played, it must be fun!”

Song Dad, who likes to show off, has another episode!

“Ah?” Song Shuhang opened his mouth – came out years ago?

I’m slumbering, I’ve been lying, I’m from a movie club, how can I make a movie?

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