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Chapter 243 Zhao Yaya: Ah, my uncle?


The walking tractor smoky eruption, followed by a beautiful turn, even without slowing down, went through the corner!

“I saw it, this is a beautiful corner? The drift in the movie is not as handsome as me. This is the technology!” Lao Lu was very shameless – although his hands were sweating.

Talk, the tractor’s front is right, the speed… seems to be getting faster and faster?

Behind him, Lu Tianyou secretly wiped his sweat. From the perspective of the tilt of the body just turned, the speed just now, there are seven or eighty yards, right? Even faster!

This walking tractor is definitely a modified one.

But… Why does Book Air have to be mad at the transformation of a walking tractor?

Or, it has not been popular to modify the luxury car recently, has it turned to popular tractors?

Needless to say, it is really possible. I heard that in a place in China, local tyrants have been tired of luxury cars and have started to play horse-drawn racing!

“Hey? Lao Lu is careful, there seems to be a car in front!” Song dad pointed his eyes and found that after the corner, there were several cars in front of the square!

Closer to the point, Song Dad saw that it was three sports cars.

They are white, blue and red.

Still a sports car!

The speed of the three cars is not slow, and they can hear the roar of the unique sports car when they start.

The road ahead is a long straight road. The speed of the three sports cars is more than one hundred yards?

But the evil thing is that the tractor under their seat is slowly catching up with three sports cars at a steady speed, pulling the distance between the two sides a little bit!

Lu Tianyou finally couldn’t help it: “Have our speed been hundreds of yards?”

“Don’t swear, have you seen a hundred yards of tractor?” Lao Lu reprimanded his son without mercy, how could the tractor run out of a hundred yards?

But as he spoke, Lao Lu’s own voice was low.

Because during the time of speaking, the walking tractor has caught up with the last white sports car!


Booming… suddenly protruding…

The tractor pulled the wind out of the smog, and the huge wheels turned fast, so there was no suspense than the white sports car.

The old Lu mouth is wide open.



In the white sports car.

Mawei girl wheat ears also opened their mouths, she blinked and looked at the dashboard of her sports car – 120 yards speed!

She blinked again and looked at the guy who was overtaking in front of her left.

Four huge wheels, running up, also made a strange noise. This is the hand-held type, with a trailer behind it – a walking tractor.

Moreover, she has a sharp eye and can see a stone in the size of a table in the bucket. A bear-like man sits on the edge of the stone, and a middle-aged man with glasses in his private language.

“Ah?” The ponytail girl was stunned by the wheat spike.

What’s happening here?

The walking tractor carrying huge stones drove her over… and her speed was 120 yards! Is it an illusion?

“Arthur ~ Yaya, am I going to die? I have hallucinations. I saw a smoky walking tractor that overtook me!” Wheat spiked to the headset.

When they were driving three cars, they opened their heads with each other to facilitate conversation and avoid accidents.

In the headset, the two secrets did not return, only the low-pitched voice.

For a long time, the woman in the red sports car, the time of wearing sunglasses, Arthur said in a heavy tone: “I thought that only I was alone. I saw the wheat spike. I saw it in the rearview mirror. This smoky walking tractor drives a bear-like uncle. Oh, I am overtaken!”

Arthur’s girl was talking, and the wind-drawn hand-held tractor’s ‘burst’ had overtaken her car.

At this time, Arthur’s girl’s speed is about 125 yards.



“There are more than two sports cars.” Song Daddy swallowed his mouth – at this time, who would have to believe that this tractor has only three or forty yards per hour, that is, sand!

“If I didn’t guess wrong, has this tractor of Shuhang been transformed?” Lu Tianyou said.

“How is it possible!” Lao Lu Gaosheng in front replied: “You don’t know the principle of the engine. Like the structure of a walking tractor, it will run to 60 yards if you die. Unless you give it a Ferrari engine. Go up! But you also saw that the engine of this tractor has not been modified, it is hand-cranked!”

Dad said yes, the tractor will be remodeled, and the engine will limit the speed! Lu Tianyou is silent.

But in this case, why can this tractor support a speed of more than 100 yards? Will the white and red sports cars that are flying in the next two cars be easily overtaken?

At this time, the walking tractor under his seat was moving towards the blue sports car in the forefront. With the speed of the current tractor, surpassing the blue sports car, it seems to be only a matter of time.

This car, will not be like the Transformers ‘Autobot’ in the movie, can it be transformed with ‘fire?’



At this time, Zhao Yaya was looking through the rearview mirror for the singular tractor.

As the distance between the two sides got closer, she rubbed her eyes hard.

Then she screamed out loud: “Ah!”

“Are you overtaken? Yaya?” asked the wheat ear.

“No, it’s still a little overtaken.” Zhao Yaya replied – the problem is not this, the problem is the uncle who drives!

The uncle Zhao Yaya is old and mature.

It’s not Lu Biebo who often came to Songshang’s home since childhood!

When I was a child, I saw many times. Even when she grew up, she went to the bookstore to play less time, and she often met with Lu Bobo.

I remember that Lu Bobo and Uncle Song are the real ‘Great Friends,’ and there are no limits for the two to damage each other.

If you change to other friends, you will have to pay off the other side.

However, Uncle Song and Lu Bieber are obviously different, and the two lose damage, but the relationship has always been unbreakable.

Lu Bobo’s opening is a hand-held tractor of Shenma brand, this speed…

Zhao Yaya took a quick look at her own speed – 140 yards, this is the highest speed she can bear, and she will not dare to squat.

But Lu Bobo’s hand-held tractor was steadily crushing and caught up with her at a uniform speed. This is at least 150 yards faster?

Sudden procession…

It was over… It was overtaken by Lu Bobo’s walking tractor.

What happened to the world?

Then, Zhao Yaya saw another person in the tractor’s hanging bucket.

The private man with glasses is handsome and looks younger than the real age.

“Oh… Song Uncle!” Zhao Yaya screamed out.

“Hey, hey?” The strange voice of her two friends came from the headset.

“The man who helped the tractor and the glasses in the back bucket knows me.” Zhao Yaya twitched and screamed, “I am my uncle, the father of Song Shuhang, the brother of me and you mentioned. The uncle who drove me too.” I know, my uncle’s friend Lu Bobo.”

“Oh oh, Song Shuhang, is that brother who wants to introduce the wheat ear to him as a female ticket?” Arthur girl smirked.

The wheat spikes smiled and said: “Don’t, people like you are always Arthur’s sister, we are still lily.”

“Hey, Xiao Nizi is going to die, but the sister is going to open the 3,000 male harem, no time to spend your lily.” Fashion girl Arthur shouted.

“Oh, okay, let’s accelerate a little, catch up with the tractor. People are very interested in that tractor now.” Wheat Sui smiled: “In addition, there is a U-shaped big turn in front, that turning hand The tractor must be slowed down! Then, Yaya, you must introduce the uncle and uncle to know us.”

The fashion girl Arthur also replied: “The hand-held tractor of more than 150 yards, the sister has seen it for the first time.”

Zhao Yaya nodded silently – anyway, let’s talk to my uncle’s car first!


Therefore, on the path leading to the Niutou Mountain on the Whale Road, there is a figure flying fast.

It is Song Shuhang.

The walking tractor can be as fast as 150 yards. He can’t worry about Song Dad and Lu Bobo after the drink. They say that the white predecessors have posted a defensive array of strengthened bodies on the car. However, Song Shuhang is not sure whether the defensive array can be protected by the people on the car.

So, he ran out behind him.

Unfortunately, Lv Tianyou’s car keys have not been left, otherwise driving the car, spelling can still shorten the distance between the two sides.

Moreover, the evil thing is that there is no taxi stopping along the way. What is this like?

So in the end, Song Shuhang only chased after his own legs – this time, he really hopes that he can fly the sword. At the speed of Yu Jian’s flight, it’s a matter of minutes to catch up.

At the foot, “The Gentleman Miles” is played by him to the extreme, and the faster he runs.

This is how the gentleman is doing the same. The more you run, the longer you travel, the deeper your understanding of the practice and the faster you move.

In the end, his figure was swept into a shadow. From the beginning of about 5 seconds, about 100 meters, all the way up. His body shape is a shadow, not much slower than the car.

At the same time, he fingered the French seal and applied the ‘branding method’!

In the tractor, there is a black leather box. The box contained money, medicinal herbs and knives.

On the knives, Song Shuhang used the ‘spiritual branding’ transmitted by the three-day brother to leave a mark on the knife. Now, he can use the ‘branding method’ to determine the location of the knives to lock the coordinates of Song Dad.

“Going to the driveway of Niutou Mountain? I remember that the mountain road could not be opened.” Song Shuhang smiled.

This road, but there are many U-shaped big turns!

The only thing that makes people feel a little more secure is that after the mountain road has been changed, there are many protective measures, especially the road sections with large corners, which are made very wide.

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