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Chapter 237 City will play, I only speak for myself

Song Shuhang felt that people’s eyes were old and glaring along the way – that is a must!

No matter who they are, when they see their tractors and drivers, they will be involuntarily paying attention.

The first is the white lord who drives the tractor – this is like a fairy from the painting, a beautiful mess. When people see the White Savior, they all want to brush all the words about ‘beautiful, handsome, and beautiful’ in their minds to the white buddies! If this is not the case, it is simply not enough to describe the beauty of the White Supreme.

But it was such a handsome man, but he was excited, his hands were clutching the tractor’s armrests, and his body was swaying with the rhythm of the tractor.

At the side of Bai Zun, Song Shuhang is also a handsome college student with a childish look on his face. At this time, the whole person was shrunk on the side of the White Supreme – because the handrail tractor actually had only one driver’s seat in front, and Song Shuhang had to shrink into a small piece, which was obviously pitiful.

The tractor ‘has banged…the spurt…’ started, and a string of black smoke emerged.

This style of painting, I don’t know what it’s like to be twisted!

“White predecessors, is it good to have an invisible spell?” Song Shuhang turned his head and said to the very white Bai Zun who played.

He really can’t stand the eyes of everyone. Those eyes are like thousands of arrows shooting at him, making him uncomfortable.

“Ah? Oh! I didn’t use stealth spells, I forgot.” White Zun was embarrassed to laugh, then he turned the tractor and turned into a corner of no one.

After confirming that no one is looking at the tractor again, the white sage took an A4 paper from his pocket and took a shot on the tractor seat.

By activating the above array, the tractor can enter stealth mode.

Song Shuhang’s small face could not help but look like it. The white sage is ready?

Yes, the White Supreme is ready. In his hands, there are now several rune characters that are portrayed on A4 paper, all of which are disposable consumables—there are so many cars in the garage, and of course he is more prepared. Otherwise, every time you drive out, you must engrave the array method, how much trouble?

“This is an invisible array. When you get to your home, you tear it off, and our drag machine will not be invisible.” Bai Zun said.

[I would rather be invisible to the door! ] Song Shuhang’s heart is dark.

Then, the White Lord took out four A4 papers: “This is a rune that reduces the weight of the car, this is a rune that reduces the resistance of the car, and one is tripled, and the last one is sturdy. The body. With these four runes, even the tractor can drive up to 150 yards, and it will not cause too much damage to the body.”

Song Shuhang silently attached the four A4 papers to the tractor.

The white predecessors made a snap, activated all the formations, reopened the walking tractor, and went to the Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Center with joy.

Booming and banging…

The tractor ran fast on the road, not too long, the speed has exceeded hundreds of yards.

Along the way, the white predecessors rely on super high car skills, constantly overtaking, the speed is also faster and faster – sometimes when there is a large pile of cars blocking the road in front, the white lord can still shoot the body: “traction! ”

Then the tractor vacated, like a high-rising warhorse, crossed the obstacles in front and continued to run joyfully.

This is not the usual way of playing cards!



Behind the tractor, inside a silver car.

“Hey? Husband, I seem to hear the sound of the tractor passing by us?” The young woman driving the car wondered.

The husband sitting in the co-pilot position pointed to the front and was surprised and shouted: “Oh, sell 嘎, hell. What is that?”

I saw a group of black smoke rising from the far side of their silver car, and there was the noise of the bang, the bang, and the sudden movement of the tractor under the black smoke.

The smoky speed is very fast, even on this crowded road, it can open hundreds of yards.

“Is it a ghost car?” The young woman shuddered. “For example, a long time ago, a tractor driver who died on this road, resentment, often drove his own tractor. Running on this road?”

“…” The husband sighed and sighed, and decided in his heart – for some time, he could no longer allow his wife to watch those weird movies and novels.

A similar scene occurs in many vehicles on this road.

Almost all the drivers along the way heard the roar of the tractor passing by, and the kind of black smoke from the tractor.

Some people even smell the smell of the tractor exhaust.

——Bai Zunren only remembers to hide the tractor today, but did not give the tractor a sense of elimination and elimination of the smell.

Because the white lord feels… a person invisible is very boring, and it’s fast, just like a night out!

There must be a spectator, others’ surprises, and the motivation of the driver.

However, this matter, Song Shuhang did not know.

He thought that this time, as before, the tractor was invisible, and it could silence and anti-detect.


Booming and banging… suddenly protruding.

The tractor quickly opened to the Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Center.

When Song Shuhang arrived, he greeted Katherine of the aviation school and said that he would send Xiao Li’s instructor back today. However, today he is not ready to learn the plane. He wants to go home and return to Jiangnan University City. When will he continue to come back to study the plane.

Katherine naturally promised it.

The days when Xiao Li returned to the TV from the universe caused the curiosity of many flight instructors at the aviation school. Many faculty members want to know what happened to Xiao Li after taking two faculty members to make a plane turn.

Coming to the aviation school, Song Shuhang put away a few pieces of A4 paper depicting the array.

The tractor emerges from the invisible state and then enters the aviation school.

“Hey, Miss Catherine, we are here.” Song Shuhang made another phone call.

Soon, Katherine ushered in from the aviation school…

Soon, Catherine’s face froze…

She stared at the tractor in front of her eyes and the expression of ‘I am very embarrassed’, and was driving the white lord of the tractor. There is also Song Shuhang who has shrunk into a group to talk to him.

Katherine slammed her eyes and took a deep breath.

——How do you say it? At this moment, her thoughts are… sister, the world of rich people is really not understood by ordinary people. She once again refreshed the concept of the word ‘city to play’.

When the ordinary people are still walking, the people who will play in the city have already riding bicycles; when ordinary people ride bicycles, the city will already play a small car; when ordinary people drive a car, the people who will play in the city have already opened. The plane is over; when the ordinary people fly the plane, the people who will play in the city have already opened the tractor…

What is needed is to be different, not to take the usual path – I only speak for myself, the city will play.

“Mr. Song Shuhang has worked hard, Xiao Li teacher?” Catherine showed a perfect professional smile.

“In the back, Mr. Xiao Li fell asleep not long ago.” Song Shuhang leaped from the tractor and came to the back of the tractor and smashed Xiao Li.

Behind Katherine, she ran out of two big men and took Xiao Li from Song Shuhang.

“Small Li teacher, is he okay?” Catherine asked curiously – she especially wanted to know how Xiao Li’s faculty ran to the old spaceship and returned to the warehouse. What happened to Xiao Li’s instructor these days? ?

“Nothing, he is awesome.” Song Shuhang laughed. When Xiao Li’s teacher came back from the United States, he was treated by Zhou’s brother. Not only did all the injuries recover, but the body was stronger.

Today, the White Supreme has healed him with spiritual power. Needless to say, it is definitely a harvest. Because Song Shuhang himself, because of the treatment of Bai Zun, the body strength has increased a bit.

“We are rushing back. If you have other questions, you can ask him if you wake up after you wake up. Then we will leave first. After I return to the Jiangnan area, I will contact Miss Catherine to learn other models. Song Shuhang smiled and waved.

“Okay, no problem.” Catherine replied – anyway, after Xiao Li’s instructor woke up, he knew everything.

Song Shuhang climbed up the tractor again.

White Zun is a beautiful girl.

The tractor started with a sudden outburst, and the head turned to Wenzhou’s hometown of Wenzhou.


At this moment, Wenzhou City, Beluga Whale Road.

At the entrance of Song Shuhang’s hometown, a brand new BMW Seven-Series light car is parked outside Song Shuhang’s home.

Subsequently, a tall man like a bear was drilled from the back seat. He was about fifty years old, but because of his physical strength, he looked much smaller than his actual age.

This is the old friend of Song Dad’s decades, Lao Lu.

“God, take out the gift that Dad gave to Lao Song, wow hahaha.” After Lao Lu got out of the car, he moved his body and gave a high-pitched laugh.

At this time, Lao Lu’s whole person was so desperate that he would walk away with a penguin.

In the car, a man of the same size, such as a bear strong man, got off and looked like a young version of Lao Lu.

This is the son of Lao Lu, Lu Tianyou. It seems to be in his thirties – but in fact, he is only two years older than Song Shuhang.

At this time, Lu Tianyou looked at him with a smile. He himself did not want to accompany the old man to the bookstore to show off, but he could not grind his old man.

Lu Tianyou opened the trunk of the BMW car and took a statue of a bronze statue. The statue was wrapped in a red cloth and I couldn’t see what it looked like.

“Come here, come on. I have no choice but to wait and see what the old Songs are eating. In order to make this tone, I have been at home for a whole year.” Lao Lu wow haha ​​laughed The red light was smashed up to the Song Shuhang home.

Lv Tianyou sighed heavily and wiped his face with his hand.

I always feel that my old man is so shameful.

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