Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 986 There's another group of people

No one dared to disturb her. Time passed by, and after a quarter of an hour, Qin Yingling moved.

“I see.”

However, her voice was heavy, as if she had discovered something bad.

Mu Bingyun frowned: “But what’s wrong?”

“Miss Mu, where the magical orchid is located is above the head of the dragon. If we pick it in the past, it will definitely attract the attention of the other party. From my observation, the dragon is awake now, and the sleeping dragon’s body is not There will be a little bit of ups and downs. And, looking at its appearance, it seems to be about to evolve into a true dragon, and it is currently very short of precious elixir and food.”

The magical orchid is a god-level fifth-grade elixir, and it is already a very precious elixir for Shenxiaotian. Therefore, the Jiaolong will never allow anyone to take it away, and even if they pass by, it is likely to become the food of the Jiaolong.

Including the ferocious monsters below, most of which are food for dragons.

Mu Bingyun fell silent, it would be impossible for them to leave. So, the magic orchid, they have to get, this flower is not only useful for the task, but also useful for them.

“How many in total?”

“I found two trees, each with thirty-six flowers.”

“So, there are seventy-two in total.”

Qin Yingling said what she saw, “Also, I also found that next to the magical orchid, there is a tree covered with golden-yellow fruits, and it exudes a very unusual aura. I suspect that its grade may be Reached the sixth-grade **** level.”

Now, even Lin Xiao couldn’t help but move.

“This should be what Jiaolong deliberately let people outside see it?” Wu Yun’s eyes paused, “From a python into a Jiaolong, and then from a Jiaolong into a real dragon, it can be seen that the other party has some skills. Among the pure dragon family, a little This kind of guy is also not welcome. Anyone who has such an existence is very repelled by the dragon family.”

Mu Bingyun remembered Ao Zhuoxing’s arrogant appearance, always boasting that he was a golden five-clawed golden dragon, so he knew how much the dragon family attached great importance to bloodline.

Jiaolong is indeed cunning and is not very popular with pure races.

“Miss Wu, I think, let’s go, that Jiaolong has the fifth rank of the **** king, and the people here are not enough to see it!” Zhu Chunfeng was already scared and his legs trembled. If these people died, wouldn’t he want to Follow along to the funeral?

Although he also likes all kinds of babies, he is more afraid of death!

Of course, no one answered Zhu Chunfeng’s words.

“We think of a way, it’s a pity to give up like this.” Mu Bingyun said at this time, “We have been here for a few months, and this trip to the Bamboo Forest is the fastest way to improve our strength. A Flood Dragon is also full of treasures, different from the Silkworm King. If there is a chance, it would be better to hunt it down.”

As soon as these words fell, Zhu Chunfeng couldn’t put his heart back.

The silk and demon pills of the silkworm king are the most precious, and other things are useless at all, and they will become a pool of rotten meat when they die.

However, every part of the dragon can play a role.

Since Jiaolong is preying, they don’t mind anti-predation.

“The situation of Wuyun is special. If you can get the demon pill of Jiaolong, you can also help Wuyun improve his strength.”

Wu Yun actually thinks the same way. Although the ancient beasts are awesome, they can quickly improve their strength. Apart from devouring monsters, it seems that they can only eat heavenly materials and spiritual treasures.

And Mu Bingyun is even more troublesome, he needs to find spiritual medicine to wash his veins first.

“Bingyun is right, since I met the Jiaolong, I don’t want to give up, the monster that is about to become a divine beast, its demon pill will definitely allow me to break through, and the opponent’s strength is in the late third-order **** level, which can allow me to break through to the realm of a priest. above.”

“If you add the magical orchid and the magical fruit tree…” Tao Ran’s eyes flashed with meaning, “Cultivation is to fight against the sky, this young master does not want to miss such an opportunity to cultivate honestly, how many years will it take? If you can get ahead, it’s better to fight hard, what do you guys think?”

Lin Xiao’s heart trembled, in the realm of gods, you still said to fight hard!

“Well, yes.”

Cangyu replied lightly, “Although the monsters in the late third-order **** level are very scary, if I can improve my strength…”

Lin Xiao immediately suppressed what he wanted to say earlier. In the past, the first-order priests were able to deal with the middle-stage monsters of the third-order god-level. Now there is a dragon that is almost the late third-order god-level.

“Young Master Cang, you have to think carefully. The silkworm king was only in the cave before and couldn’t use it. Coupled with the weakness of the silkworm king, you can take advantage of it. However, what is in front of you is the dragon!”

Lin Xiao couldn’t help persuading him at this time.

It’s not that he is afraid of death, but that Jiaolong should be considered a top-level monster among monsters, and its combat power is quite powerful.

“Miss Mu, you have to persuade Young Master Cang, you can gradually improve your strength…”

Mu Bingyun raised his eyes, “We didn’t say we would deal with it directly.”

Lin Xiao opened his mouth wide and thought, what do you mean?

“Miss Qin, have they come?”

Qin Yingling nodded: “Come on.”

Mu Bingyun smiled: “In front of interests, few people can sit still.”

“There are two powerful **** kings from Zidianzong. Qin Fan is a first-rank **** king, and the other is a second-rank **** king. With such strength, they can hold down that dragon for a while.” Hearing her indifferent words, Lin Xiao became surprisingly quiet.

“Purple Electric Sect??”

At this time, Wu Yun said with a smile: “I wish Chunfeng can discover this place, it doesn’t mean that others can’t find it, so when we first saw Qin Fan, we guessed that he must not just come to deal with us, he must have got some news. already.”

“So, I asked Miss Qin to pay attention, and found that Qin Fan and others were indeed coming, but they were not in our direction, and it was not the same way.”

“Although they were able to discover this place, they didn’t know that there was a flood dragon underground.” Wu Yun smiled, and that smile was a little gloomy.

Seeing that Zhu Chunfeng and Lin Xiao were both shocked and fearful.

“What does Miss Wu mean, when they go down to disturb the dragon, we will go over and take things along?”

“Naturally, but it’s hard to take things, I’m afraid we have to fight Jiaolong. Since someone helps us beat Jiaolong first, it’s not a miss if we can not miss it.”

Lin Xiao swallowed his saliva, but he did not persuade him any longer.

Two powerful people in the realm of gods and kings will definitely attract the attention of Jiaolong. Lin Xiao thought to himself, in this case, Jiaolong would definitely prefer to eat powerful ones, and he would definitely dislike him.


At this time, Qin Yingling frowned, “In addition to the people from Zidianzong, there is another group of people.”

“It seems… there are also two strong **** kings inside, and their strength is not low, they should be in the third rank of **** kings.”

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